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Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 848

Chapter 848 Preparation of Betrothal Gifts “Say yes! Say yes!" “Kiss! Kiss! Muah!” Joining in on the fun, Alexia and Irvin shouted loudly from afar. “Nonsense!” Jamie rolled his eyes at them awkwardly with fidgeting hands. “Enough of this, Narissa. You can fight with your boyfriend all you want, but don't toy with me.” “Who's toying with you?” Narissa replied loudly in a stern tone. “I'm serious about this. Jamie, I like you, and I want to be with you. Can you give me a chance?” “Y- Y-You... What kind of woman confesses to a man?” Shocked, Jamie started to stutter. “A woman like me will do. So, is it a yes?” Narissa tried to humble herself with an expectant gaze, unexpectedly adding another feel to her strong front. ‘I... L..” Not able to squeeze out a sentence, Jamie rolled his eyes around before suddenly shouting and pointing behind Narissa. “Look! A UFO!" Subconsciously, Narissa turned around. Yet, except seeing Elise and the others, the sky was all clear. Instead, Jamie, who saw that she was distracted, ran away as fast as he could. When she turned around, she only saw Jamie’s back disappearing around the corner. ‘Jamie Keller!” Narissa stomped her foot out of anger. “You coward! You can run, but I'll chase you to the ends of the earth! I will catch you one day!” Before she confessed, she was already mentally prepared to be rejected. Of course, if Jamie had said yes, it would have been the best outcome. Yet, who knew that he would come up with a third outcome? Sadly, this was the person she fancied, so she could only hold it in. Elise, who was laughing at this hilarious scene, loudly teased her, “You can do it! I believe in you!” “We believe in you too, Godmother! Haha...” Alexia joined in on the fun. Blushing, Narissa walked back to them. “Don't you laugh!” ‘I'm not!” Alexia covered her mouth, but she could not hide her upturned mouth and eyes. Finding this amusing, Narissa said, “Just laugh. Don’t hold it in.” With a snicker, Alexia eventually laughed loudly. “You are my only godmother. You're meant to be with my godfather anyway. He'll return soon enough. Don't worry.” ‘Finally, some music to my ears.” Narissa patted her head gently. Just as they were about to head back into the house, a gray van slowly pulled up. The car door opened and a man alighted from the vehicle. Although the man looked young, he had slicked-back hair and a long coat with gold-framed glasses, as if he was trying to hide his age and look mature. The moment Mimi saw him, she ran over and hugged him. “Brother! Sob...” She then cried sadly while nobody knew what was on her mind. Irvin, who saw this, had a solemn expression. Kneeling down, the man hugged Mimi, allowing her to cry for a while before holding her hands to stand up. He then looked at Elise. “You must be Miss White. I'm Mimi's older brother.” The man had a pensive expression. “It must have been hard on you, having to take care of her.” ‘It's nothing. Mimi has been very obedient, so I didn’t have to do much.” Elise had seen him in photos before, so she did not doubt his identity. “Actually, I came back a few days ago, but I was busy dealing with family affairs. Now that those issues have been settled, I plan to bring Mimi back with me this time. We'll be migrating abroad for good,” the man briefly stated his intentions. Elise was understanding. “It’s natural for a family to want to be together. I believe everything will get better.” The man gave a subtle nod before uttering to Mimi softly, “Mimi, shall we go home now?" “Yes.” Mimi nodded. “Thank you so much for all you've done.” After the man bade his farewell, he held Mimi's hand while walking to the car. After getting into the car, Mimi jumped down again and ran up to Irvin before taking off the necklace she had been wearing all this time and gave it to him. ‘Irvin, don’t forget about me. I will look for you again." Before he could react, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran off. Seeing the car drive off, Irvin gripped the necklace in his hand tightly in a daze. Even until the car was gone, he was still looking in that direction absentmindedly. Now that there was a chance for revenge, Narissa teased him on purpose. “Oh my. What's wrong, Irvin? Are you sad that your wife is gone?” As Irvin snapped back to reality, he silently headed back into the villa with a melancholic look. ‘I guess he really is sad.” With a sly face, Narissa lightly prodded Elise using her elbow. “Looks like you’ll be preparing that bridal gift sooner than you expected.” On the first day of school, the White siblings were assigned to F class. The first lesson was Literature and they had to learn a poem. Although it was the appropriate difficulty level for Alexia, it was far too easy for Irvin as he did not even bother to pay attention. Instead, he was secretly sifting through calculus contents Finally, the class ended where Irvin stretched his body before intending to bring Alexia out for a walk to relax. The moment they stood up, they saw a chubby male student sitting in a weird position. He had a bare foot on the chair while he placed his hands beside his legs, mumbling something. “Hey.” Irvin frowned. “What are you doing?” The chubby boy heard him and turned around without moving his limbs. Breathing in, he looked at him innocently. “Are you calling me?” ‘Isn't that obvious?” Irvin looked at him haughtily. “Who permitted you to take your shoes off in class?” “I'm sorry for that. Haha. When I'm finished with this math question, I’ll put them on immediately.” The child looked like an honest person. Irvin found his breathing restricted as he was taken aback by his response. What a weird one. “My math is excellent. Do you want me to teach you?” Alexia was very enthusiastic, “Sure.” “No,” Irvin interrupted them stoically before putting all the newly issued school books onto her desk. With a mountain of books in between them, Alexia and the chubby kid lost the chance to communicate. This satisfied Irvin. This kid must have touched his feet with his hands. You want to approach my sister? In a million years. Not thinking too deeply into it, the kid put his legs down and saw the calculus book on Irvin's desk. “Calculus? I know about that. My mom does that everytime she goes to the beauty salon. When she calculates that she filled her coupon card, she exchanges it for gifts!” “Are you illiterate?” The student on the right in glasses commented, “This is calculus. It’s like a lower version of calculate. It's like microorganisms.” “Oh.” The chubby kid believed it. “Shut up!” Irvin could not take it anymore as he put the book under the table. “Are both of your brains filled with glue?” “You talk just like my father. He always says that my brain is full of water.” The kid laughed happily, not getting angry at all “You fool. Your father is insulting you!” the kid in glasses said this sternly.