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Ex-Husband Not Worthy For Me By Kitty Chapter 126

Chapter 126 On the other end of the phone, Zachary’s face darkened, and he was furious. He wished he could drag Monica over here and teach her a lesson. He really underestimated her. He didn’t know Monica had a worse temper than him. What he did was only answer a phone call without being around her, but she disappeared on purpose and drew a clear line with him. The phone, which was almost deformed in her palm, rang again. Zachary answered it without even looking at it. “Hello,” Zachary said in an extremely cold voice. On the other end of the phone, the smile on Vanessa’s face froze a little, but she quickly regained her composure and said happily, “Zachary, where are you? I’ve been waiting for you at the hotel for a long time. Why haven’t you come over yet? Where are you taking me today? I…” “I don’t have time. Go back to Rover City yourself.” After saying that, Zachary hung up the phone with a gloomy expression. When Mayor Sharp was about to visit Spring City, Vanessa heard that Zachary was here, so she came here with Mayor Sharp. Yesterday’s call was from Mayor Sharp himself. He expressed in a euphemistic way that he came here for exchange of learning, and it was inconvenient for him to take Vanessa around the city. So he hoped that Zachary could help take care of her. Although the Yale family was more powe than most of the government officials in Rover City, they still have to do a favor for the mayor. Otherwise, when Vanessa broke into Zachary’s office in Rover City, she would have been kicked out. The reason why he came to Vanessa yesterday was that he didn’t want Vanessa to know about Monica and then find trouble with Monica. But now, Zachary was particularly unhappy because of the quarrel with Monica. Vanessa appeared at this time, which made Zachary flare up and roar at Vanessa. Since Monica didn’t care about him at all, why should he care about her? On the other side, Vanessa sat on the bed of the presidential suite. She looked sullen and her eyes red with a grievance. She couldn’t believe Zachary had treated her like this. Vanessa quickly made a phone call. As soon as the phone went through, she cried out in grievance, “Dad…” On Monica’s side, after she hung up the phone with Zachary, she suddenly felt aggrieved. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she bit her lips and fought back the tears. Zachary was the first man she had ever had. He was the only man she had ever felt that she wanted to love but couldn’t love, wanted to leave but couldn’t bear to leave. When he became gentle, she could be lost in his indulgence. But when he was overbearing, he could be so unreasonable that he accidentally hurt someone. This time he came back as a consolation, let things go and pretended not to care. In fact, Monica knew that Zachary didn’t believe her about Henry. The reason why he did this was that he wanted to get married. It was not that he wanted to marry Monica. Not at all! Monica grabbed the phone in her hand and turned back to the ward. At noon, the woman in the next bed who spoke to her in the morning seemed to be apologetic. When she went to the canteen to get food, she specially packed one for Monica. Monica was very grateful and asked her how much it was, but the woman waved her hand and said it was her treat. The packed lunch was not worth much. So Monica stopped asking and decided that if she went to the canteen next time, she would buy one for the woman. Halfway through the meal, Monica’s grandpa suddenly had atrial fibrillation, and his detector began to chirp. Monica threw away the lunch box and rushed out of the ward to call the doctor. After the doctor came over, he used the defibrillator to shock Monica’s grandfather. When Monica saw that scene outside the ward, she nearly fainted. She could not help covering her mouth and crying bitterly. It was all her fault. Her grandpa was already in his eighties, but he suffered because of her insensibility Why did she always bring misfortune to the people around her? It used to be her mom, and then it was her grandpa. Could it be that, as Stanley said, her existence was a mistake? Suddenly, a clean handkerchief appeared in front of Monica. The light blue plaid handkerchief exuded a faint scent of men’s cologne. Monica looked up slightly. When she saw who was standing in front of him, she was in a daze for a moment, and then slowly lowered her head, reached out for the handkerchief, and whispered, “Thank you!” “Don’t worry, your grandfather will be fine.” Howar reached out and lifted her up, “Do you want your grandfather to see you like this when he wakes up?” “My grandfather, will he really be okay?” Her eyes were red and swollen from crying, and there were dark circles under her eyes. Her big clear eyes had just been washed by tears, and they were frighteningly bright. She whispered, looking like a deer feeling uncertain and afraid. every time Monica looked different from Howar had ever met. He suddenly understood why Zachary and Berger would fancy her. “You should trust the doctor.” The man’s voice was soft and calm, but surprisingly persuasive. Monica wiped her face and wanted to return the handkerchief to him. Halfway through, she withdrew it, “I’ll give it back to you after I wash it. Thank you.” She then remembered something and said, “Why are you here? Did Zachary ask you to see me?” co “No, there’s something wrong with the company. I came back to deal with it.” Howar said coldly. Looking at the disappointment in her eyes, he moved up the corner of her lips slightly. “Isn’t Cosco International in Spring City? Why…” She came to herself in the middle of the sentence and then became surprised. At that moment, the doctor just finished the first aid and went out to tell her grandpa’s condition, and Monica nodded to Howar and left with the doctor. Behind Monica, Howar looked at her thin back and thought of the document he got this morning. He narrowed his eyes slightly. He took out his phone and opened Contacts. He glanced at the name “Zachary Yale”, but he didn’t end up calling Zachary. From Monica’s tone just now, Zachary should have known what happened with Monica’s grandfather, so he did not have to make an unnecessary move. After dialing his assistant’s number, Howar walked out of the hospital and said, “Go get a nurse. Return the garment processing contract sent over by the Lynn Group. Cancel all cooperation between the Cosco International and Lynn Group.” When Monica came back from the doctor’s office, Howar was no longer there. She didn’t care much, but she felt a little disappointed. The doctor had said that her grandpa was too old, so there would be some accidents during the treatment. But for now, the situation was good, so she didn’t have to worry too much. Sitting beside the bed, Monica took out the birthday present she had prepared but had not given out from her bag, put it in grandpa’s palm, and held his hand tightly. “Grandpa, this is the ring you gave grandma back then. I found it for you. I’m sorry, grandpa, I made you worry about me. How about this? When you wake up, I’ll take you back to Spring City, and let me take care of you.” This time, no matter what, she would take grandpa away.