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Ex-Husband, Not Worthy For Me By Kitty

Ex-Husband Not Worthy For Me By Kitty Chapter 162

Chapter 162 “If you come one second later, I’ll really be beaten to death,” Monica pouted and rarely acted like a spoiled child. “Who dares to hurt the person under my protection?” Zachary said coolly, and when he keenly noticed that she was standing on one foot, his face darkened, “Are you hurt?” His voice was not loud, but it was enough for everyone around him to hear, and the cold aura around him was enough for everyone around him to feel. Monica did not deny it, she nodded obediently and moved on tiptoe, “He kicked me, and the previous wound seems to have split open again.” Her shin was scratched in the supermarket and had just been bandaged in the hospital. Although Stanley’s foot hadn’t hit the wound directly, it was so close to the wound that she had fall to the ground in pain. “Mr. Leif, haven’t Monica said to call the police?” Zachary bent over, picked up the woman, and put her on the chair next to her, then carefully rolled up her trouser legs, revealing her fair skin. “Mr. Yale, this is actually a misunderstanding. We…” As soon as Harlan saw Zachary’s attitude, he understood everything and was hurried to explain. Zachary gave Harlan a cold glance with a faint smile on his handsome face, “Misunderstanding? My Monica is hurt like this, how dare you tell me it was a misunderstanding?” Monica blushed involuntarily when she heard him say “My Monica.” “…” “According to you, if I’ve stabbed you and told you that I stabbed the wrong guy, then you’ll forgive me?” Although the man’s hypothesis was not appropriate, in the southwest region, everyone had to be polite to Zachary. Naturally, everyone would do everything he asked. “Miss Lynn, as you know, this is actually…” Being unable to persuade Zachary, Harlan could only turn to Monica. Unfortunately, Monica was in a fit of anger now, and she would definitely not help him. She simply turned her face away and kept silent. There was no smoke without fire. If Harlan hadn’t hinted him, how could Stanley have such an idea? Zachary walked over and squatted down on one knee in front of her, staring at the gauze on her shin, which was stained with blood, and there was a large bruise not far away. He looked more sullen. “Tell me, how many times had this kind of thing happened?” “Huh?” Monica looked up confusedly and met the man’s dark eyes, unable to understand what did he mean for a moment. Zachary sighed helplessly, “Well, let’s go to the hospital first. Mr. Leif will take care of the rest.” Without giving Monica time to catch up with him, he picked up her and strode out. Stanley, who had not spoken since Zachary appeared, now looked at Harlan pleadingly. “Mr. Moss, what should we do now?” “How can I know?” Harlan said impatiently, wishing Stanley to die now. If it weren’t for Stanley, how could he have gotten into this mess and provoked such a scary man? The doctor stitched up Monica’s wound again, applied medicine and bandaged it, and prescribed some ointment for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, then she was discharged from the hospital. On the way back, Zachary looked at the quiet woman holding the seat belt, couldn’t help but free up a hand to pinch her face. “What are you thinking?” She seemed to be lost in thought every time she was in his car. Monica came back to her senses and turned to the man who was focused on driving, “Why are you there?” “Monica, I’m human as well.” (Of course, I know you’re a human being. Could it be that you are actually a ghost?) “And I need to eat,” he continued. (Therefore, he just happened to be there?) she thought to herself. (That’s right. After he sent me back, he answered the phone and left. He must have gone to a social engagement.) Looking at the man’s handsome and perfect face, Monica couldn’t help but be a little distracted. She had completely fallen out with Stanley today, therefore she had to bring her grandfather to Spring City as soon as possible. She was worried that Stanley would vent his anger on her grandfather when he got back. Although he didn’t dare to hurt her grandpa for real, just a few harsh words could make grandpa angry. A squeal of brakes was sounded. The car suddenly stopped, and Monica, who was in a daze, was thrown forward and pulled back by the seat belt. Looking up, she realized the man’s body was leaning over. His forehead and nose tip gently touched hers, with his eyes were firmly staring at hers, “Where have you gotten so many things to think about?” The man’s warm breath sprayed on her cheeks, smelling refreshing. Monica felt like being bewitched, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed his thin lips. Originally, she had wanted to touch his lips. Just a touch without any reason. However, the man reacted quickly after being surprised. He caught her escaping lips and held the back of her head with his hand to deenen the tice The long kiss almost took all of Monica’s breath away. Zachary didn’t let go of her until she thought she would faint from suffocation. Monica’s fair face blushed from the kiss, she blinked and looked at him innocently. Receiving her accusatory gaze, the man chuckled contentedly, “You hooked me up first. I was just… defending myself!” (What did he say, defending himself?!) “You…” Monica muttered huffily, “You just take my kiss for granted.” Looking at her adorable expression, Zachary couldn’t help but reach out to pinch her face again, “Okay, I won’t take it for granted. Come with me to dinner. I’m hungry.” Monica remained to puff up her cheeks and be silent, although she was hungry as well. The meal with Stanley had been obviously tasteless. She had an argument with Stanley before she could eat much. (If Zachary asked anything more when having dinner, how could I answer him?) Monica hadn’t figured out how to answer the man’s question, the car was already parked at the entrance of a reputable Chinese restaurant. It was said that this was the only Chinese restaurant whose dishes were both good in color and taste in Spring City, expensive though. In the private room, Monica studied the menu with her chin in her hand. She cast down her eyes and frowned from time to time. (It’s way too expensive, and simply doesn’t give ordinary people a chance to get in.) she thought. “Why don’t you order? I’ve never been here before, and I don’t know what’s good.” Monica handed the menu to Zachary and left him the choice. Zachary bothered to look at it and passed it directly to the waiter next to him, “Serve all the dishes that are not spicy here. If there’s porridge, serve a bowl of it.” “Okay, please wait for a moment,” the waiter said politely, turned around, and closed the door. Monica bit her lip, took a sip of water, and said tentatively, “Zachary, i…”