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Flash Marriage: Slow Down Mister

Chapter 1037 Not really applicable

Skyler raised his little chin proudly: “That's a must. ” Stephen looked at her with a confident look, dumbfounded, said that the man's foot really hard, his shoulder almost all to waste, and I do not know how long it takes for the pain to disappear. Despite the pain in his shoulder, he pretended to be fine and followed Skyler on the stage to watch the other players. Every game that followed was spent in amazement and exclamation of each one, and compared to Stephen's first game, every game that followed was better than ever. Even Stephen had to admit how strong these people were, and as one group passed, Skyler's number got closer and closer, and she swore she really had never been more nervous about any race in her life than she was right now. Stephen found that Skyler, who had been joking and laughing with him, had become quieter and quieter over time as the number approached, as if to give some sense of comfort, and he reached out and took her by the shoulders with force. “Don't be afraid, don't be afraid I'm here!” He said with a voice that contrasted with his juvenile good looks. Skyler naturally broke away from him and went back to his old pattern of scolding you or I won't call you Skyler: "Who's scared? I'm just worried. I'm worried that our game will take too long and affect everyone's lunch and afternoon tea. Besides, you're obviously two months younger than me. Stephen raised his hands in surrender: "OK, whatever you say, sister, is right! Then I'll wish you another great success, little brother. " Skyler pretended to be a long speech and touched his head, and actually deliberately deliberate some: "Well, good, really smart. ” Her opponent is a girl who looks a bit fierce, Skyler at the moment of seeing her immediately have a kind of, her face is full of written is, I do not mess with

the second half of the sentence is actually more like to say to themselves: "Bul you two are also really strange, care for each other is not It’s a normal thing? I can't believe you're so squirmy The words fell on Stephen's cars, he immediately became at a lass, do not know whether it is good to be pleased, or more confused only good, that person, she is the one who has rejected himself ah, and behind her there is a Leon he dogs not even remember what he looks like. He now has a good relationship with her again, at best the best degree of mixing can only be good friends three words, think carefully about his reason for returning to City M this time, it seems that the real goal is Mitchell Group ah. Because of Jaydon's relationstup, he also incidentally destroyed Brayden's company tagether when realizing his plan, only now, he seems to be devialing from his original intention step by slep, afler getting along with Skyler, he surprisingly never thought about these headache-inducing interests, Instead, what he has gained (hese days is a feeling that was not there before He did not quite want to do something to Mitchell Group, in fact, the original meaning is also her

. nothing more than the year's refusal to marry, so he fell not a small shadow. so he wanted lo come back to count the years of grievances to Mitchell Group. Liltle two?! At the moment the term seems to apply only to Skyler and the man called Leon. who he suddenly wanted lo meet. an opponent called Leon, a man who could easily defeat him Stephen without ever meeting him He looked at Skyler, who was attacking and defending from the opposite side of the stage. and became more and more curious aboul what kind of person Leon was. who could make Skyler flash her marriage within three months Leon? He was eager to meet, but to do so without moving. As for the Kirkland Group, although the idea was his, but it was really for Jayden to do, he is not interested in Kirkland Group, Jayden want to do. he will do exactly as he said