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Flash Marriage: Slow Down Mister

Chapter926 Retribution

When Leyla realized, rushed to the crowded place, this remote place gave Leyla a sense of crisis, let her some panic. The journey was uneventful, and just as she was about to walk to the hot spot, a hand reached out from somewhere and a hand slashed Leyla in the neck. Before any reaction, Leyla only felt a darkness in front of her eyes, and then she lost consciousness. Archie, after this period of adjustment, also began to gradually accept the fact that he could not walk. Stay at home peacefully to recuperate and consider this next step. He thought being at home was the safest place to be, but he was wrong. Archie said he wanted to have a quiet time for a while, just him. So Archie's father placed him in a secluded estate of the Webb Family and assigned two nannies to feed, clothe and house him. On this day, several men in black visited Archie's place and came in and went straight to Archie's bedroom without saying a word. Seeing these people, Archie was terrified, his thoughts went back to the moment when his legs were broken some days ago, his eyes were full of fear, he had just recuperated his body, why would he encounter this kind of thing? Before you have time to shout, the three are already directly in front of Archie, a palm down, Archie fell limply to the ground. After waking up leisurely, Archie subconsciously touched his sore neck and realized with a jolt that he had been kidnapped. Looking around, I found myself in an abandoned warehouse. Archie was very worried and shouted loudly a few times, but only heard the echoes of the warehouse itself. He gave up, how could there be anyone else in this deserted place. Since the last experience, Archie seems to have looked away from what, for life and death is not very important. He waited quietly, wanting to see what his kidnappers were up to. That's when Archie realized he had a man lying next to him, and on closer inspection he froze

"You guys, were you sent by Brayden?" Thinking about everything she had done to Dolly, Leyla was in a complete panic. "I advise you not to do anything, I am the James Family's daughter, if you treat me like this, I will sue you!" "Miss Leyla, I have to say you are still too naive, first of all you don't know who we are, and even if you could guess, what could you do? Where is the evidence? This you can rest assured, we are not going to let anyone find a bit of evidence, hahaha!" The leader laughed in triumph, looking at Leyla with a look of vengeful pleasure. "No, I beg you not to do this!" Leyla's eyes were tearing up, she was really scared

. "You guys let me go, I can give you money, as much as you want!" "Pay us? Trying to buy us off again like you bought off the killer?"The leader sneered, "You might be disappointed this time, we are not something you can buy with a few bucks. ""How do you guys know I did that thing?"They actually even know that they bought the killers, they obviously did not participate in the whole process ah!"If you want to have no idea unless you have already done it! Miss James, you have to be clear, all this happened today, you asked for it. "Looking at the snake woman in front of them is about to be punished, the three of them have a strong feeling of pleasure in their hearts. "The cycle of karma! Brothers, do it. "Without further ado with Leyla, the leader gave the final order. The two remaining men took the order and walked slowly toward Leyla. Leyla sobbed and begged, "I was wrong, I'll never dare to do it again!"Silk three people closed the door of the warehouse directly and walked out. "Open the door! Open the door!"Leyla ran to the warehouse door, shouting loudly and pounding on it. Finding it all in vain, Leyla sat down in despair, huddled in a corner and shivering. Archie has been coldly watching all this, when knowing the real purpose of his kidnappers, Archie instead not nervous, and even vaguely a little pleased. What one has dreamed of doing will be accomplished in this way, and I have to say that fate is really amazing. After having a relationship with Leyla, then the power one wants, the wealth, perhaps all can be regained. Now all Archie has to do is just wait patiently for the medicine to kick in