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Flash Marriage: Slow Down Mister

Chapter927 The next good show

Finally, after some time, Leyla, who was huddled in a corner, slowly walked towards Archie. "FUCK, you two keep a good watch here while I go over there for some air! What a chore this is. " The man viciously removed the large mask covering his face and it was Leon. Leon was screaming about this hard job he had found for himself. I thought this was a good job that was intense and exciting, but I didn't expect it to be so torturous. "I wouldn't do this job if I didn't want to punish Leyla with my own hands and take revenge for the boss and the boss's wife!" Leon muttered discontentedly. An hour later, Leon was called back by his men and said it was over. At the word Leon rushed back. At this time Leyla has already been dressed, eyes staring blankly into the distance, now she only feels a million thoughts, want to die of the heart. Archie, on the other hand, was sitting there with a calm face, wondering what he was thinking. "Both of you, since you're all done, we'll go back, here are your two cell phones, each call someone to take you back. " Leon re-masked and flirted with the two men. Hearing Leon's voice, Leyla's eyes were filled with intense hatred and she cursed through gritted teeth, "I won't let you go, you must die a good death!" "I can understand how you feel, but we're really not to blame for this, haven't you always done this to others, and now that you've tasted this, you should be happy. " Leon's voice was full of gloating. "Just a reminder to you two, it's not over yet, get ready to move on to the good stuff

This video Leyla also watched, see themselves in the video crazy to shameless look, Leyla themselves feel blushing. Leyla panicked, the video came out, how can she meet people in the future? When the James Family's daughter is exposed for such a shameless act, how will people in the community laugh at her? Just when Leyla was at a loss for words, Archie's phone call came. Once she saw that the caller ID was Archie, Leyla angrily picked up the phone

. "What more do you want? Haven't you done enough to me, Archie, you bastard!" Leyla shouted hoarsely, unable to hold back her pain. It's over! Your life is over!"Leyla, I don't want to see something like this happen, but since it has happened, I won't mind you, I love you, I will be responsible for you, let's get married!"Archie's words were full of deep emotion, as if he didn't care about Leyla's past. "You're dreaming! Archie, I won't marry you even if I die! You're dead to me!"For Archie's deep feelings, Leyla does not appreciate, viciously dropped a sentence, Leyla did not give Archie any chance to speak, straightforwardly hung up the phone. Archie on the other end of the phone laughed coldly: "Bitch, you're like this and you still want to pretend to me, see how I'll fix you then!"Archie was not impressed by Leyla's rejection. He knew that Leyla would end up marrying herself, because no one would want to marry a woman who was so hurtful. When the time comes, all your insults to me, I will return them intact, no, double. Archie thought silently. After hanging up the phone, Leyla looked at the phone for a long time, she really didn't know what she should do. Finally, she thought of her father, Evan. Only he, can use the use of his power and prestige to minimize the negative effects of this matter. When the time comes, you will go to a place where no one knows you, marry and have children, and never do anything to reckon with others again!