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Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 55

Chapter 55  Elizabeth had only liked Tiffany because she was someone whom Matthew loved. Even though she was always gentle and well-behaved, Elizabeth vaguely felt that she didn’t know the girl that well. In other words, it felt as though there was a thin layer concealing Tiffany’s true self. Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query “I-It’s nothing. I was just thinking that you must feel lonely living on your own in the Kings Residence. From now on, I will visit you more often when I have the chance,” she said hypocritically with a gentle smile. “Haha, that would be great. I always feel bored when I’m alone at home… Just as Elizabeth was about to agree to what Tiffany had said, she changed her mind after realizing that Veronica was now her god-granddaughter. If she allowed Tiffany to freely enter and exit the Kings Residence, it would only cause more trouble for Veronica. Therefore, she quickly changed her answer. “However, after being alone for so long, I’m afraid I might not be used to having company. I appreciate your kindness, but you should spend more time with Matthew whenever you’re free. The two of you should go out for walks and movies like what most youngsters do.” “Alright, Grandma.” Tiffany nodded while her heart was full of resignation. She had wanted to go on dates and movies with Matthew, but he wouldn’t give her the chance. In the meantime, Veronica was kidnapped into an ambulance. As soon as she was taken into the ambulance, she kept her cool despite being in danger and quickly glanced at everything that was in the vehicle, but there was nothing that could help her. Bang!  After the door was locked, the four strong men followed her into the ambulance while the ‘attending doctor’ sat in the driver’s seat. While in despair, she felt an endless sense of chilling fear running down her spine. Then, she suddenly saw two syringes on a tray in the ambulance. Veronica’s instinct told her that these were either anesthesia or a type of sleeping agent that were prepared for her. Due to the tight and narrow space within the ambulance, she took the chance and pretended to stagger to the front to grab the syringes since the other men were seated behind her. After that, she carefully looked back at the men behind her before lifting her feet to kick them. Veronica had used almost all of her strength on that one kick, so the man who bore the impact fell directly behind, which caused the rest to all fall with him. There was only a row of seats and although the stretcher had been removed, the space inside the ambulance was still narrow. When the men fell, the others fell with him as well and found it difficult to get up immediately. At that moment, Veronica seized the opportunity and jumped on top of them with the syringes in her hand. She inserted the needle into the bodies of two men and injected the anesthesia as fast as she could. “What the hell is this?” “What are you doing?” “She stole the anesthesia!” “Be careful!” She might have injected the anesthesia into the two men-one on his chest and the other on his thigh, but she didn’t know whether an injection site on these positions would have the desired effect. However, there was one thing she was sure of-the dosage that they prepared for her wasn’t small. “Damn, you b*tch!” The man who was injected went berserk as he pulled Veronica’s hair and stood up to kick her belly. “Ouch…” The kick was so hard that it made her stagger backward and slam onto the back of the ambulance. She then bounced off the wall and kneeled on the ground. “Hiss...”  The pain from both her head and stomach was enough to distort her expression and stop her from moving for a while. “You fucking bitc=”The manat the very front pointed and started to scold her. However, before he could even finish his sentence, he paused abruptly and shook his head vigorously while holding his head. In the end, he fell on the floor. At the same time, the other man beside him collapsed inside the ambulance too. When she saw this scene, Veronica breathed a huge sigh of relief. As expected, that is an excessive amount of dosage!  Although she had fortunately managed to inject the anesthesia into the two men, it had her thinking about the consequences if she was the one who had been injected with it. Would I be dead or assaulted?  “Looks like we’ve underestimated this b*tch.” The two men who were still standing looked at their fallen comrades and spat on the floor before walking toward Veronica with their sleeves rolled up. Veronica was still in pain from the kick to her belly, so she gritted her teeth tightly to keep the pain at bay. With a quick glance, she saw a fire extinguisher placed in the corner. However, the fire extinguisher was behind the two men, which was difficult for her to reach. “W-What do you want? Floch wants you to kidnap me, but he didn’t say that you can kill me!” Now that she trembled in fear, she was standing with difficulty. “Hmph, don’t blame us. We’re just doing this for the money.” With that, the man rushed toward her, but she was able to grab a certain apparatus next to her leg and landed the blow on him. The thing wasn’t heavy, so when the man swung his arm, the item immediately fell onto the floor. The moment he moved his arm, Veronica stepped on the two unconscious men and leaped to the corner behind them. There initially wasn’t much space inside the ambulance, but now that there were two muscular men on the floor, the space had narrowed even more. Veronica was able to dodge the man in the front but not the one behind him. Before she could even retrieve the fire extinguisher, he had already grabbed her hair. A girl’s hair was always an inconvenience, but since most of her long hair was burned in last night’s fire, she only had short hair that reached her neck. While being tightly grabbed, she raised her hand and yanked her hair before making a strong dash forward so that it would slip out of the man’s hand. Veronica then took the chance to grab the fire extinguisher before quickly turning around to smash it heavily on the man’s head. After a bang was heard, there was a little residual sound on the fire extinguisher. Upon seeing the man falling to the floor, the last man standing reached out to snatch the fire extinguisher from her. While she tried her best to struggle, she was no match against his strength. Then, she lifted her foot to kick the man’s crotch. As he groaned painfully, the man immediately released his grip on the fire extinguisher and leaned to the side while covering his crotch. He was in so much pain that his face was now distorted. However, the other man who was assaulted in the head juinped on Veronia thereafter, but she was quick enough to pull the pin and break the seal of the fire extinguisher. As soon as he touched the fire extinguisher, she pressed the button and it began to spray… Since the fire extinguisher was pointed directly at him at the same time he was about to say something, the dry powder that she sprayed all went into his mouth. “Cough... Cough...” Coughing uncontrollably, the man held his neck with both hands and felt extreme discomfort. Then, without any hesitation, Veronica pointed the fire extinguisher at the other guy and sprayed the dry power directly onto his face. The man was so helpless that he squatted down in the corner and threw in the towel. Once everything was taken care of, she leaned against the wall in exhaustion. Not giving herself a chance to catch her breath, she quickly pressed the emergency button to open the door. Looking at the receding scenery and the car behind the ambulance, she threw the fire extinguisher on the ground. Previous Chapter Next Chapter