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He's My Ruthless Billionaire


Robert’s POV I was devastated. She was leaving me. I was hurting… but I am not hopeless, Hailey. That kiss, made me realize how I need you. Not for a kiss, Hailey, I want you to be here with me. You are the one who always gave me strength. I want you in my good and my bad. You are the one who made me a good man. You are the only one who made me happy, made me alive. Without you, I am nothing. I know you wanna restart. So why can’t I? I won’t let you go, no I will not. I checked my time. There was still half an hour to her flight. I ran towards the airport and found her almost boarding the plane. I dragged her out of the queue and she gasped looking at me. Alex and her mom were already inside the plane. “What are you doing here!?” “I don’t want you to go. Please… stay” She looked at me as tears welled up in her eyes. “You still don’t know the reason…” What is it, Hailey? Why can’t you be with me? “Hailey…” “Let me go” she started going, but I pulled her, and her hand rested on my chest as her face came very close to me. “I love you, Hailey. Stay” She looked shocked as she processed the information. “R-Really?” “Hell, Hailey yes! I love you—” “Sir, you need to get out” some officer interrupted me and then dragged me out. Hailey was still not replying and I had lost hope now. I was sitting in the police station because they were blaming me for delaying their flight. After all, I took out a ‘client’. I sighed and apologized, I got up. But they stopped me. “You are not stopping me for this!” I said irritated. “Yes, we wouldn’t. But a woman filed a harassment report” My face paled and my heartbeat raced. Harassment Report? Hailey? I was heartbroken and so, I decided to accept it. “Charge me, then” They nodded. “Just a minute” they left. I was harassing you, Hailey? I-I can’t believe this. I waited for like five minutes and the officers returned. “What is your name?” they questioned. “Robert—” “What is happening?” My eyes snapped towards the door as I saw Hailey. “Mam, you filed this—” “That was a mistake, I will compensate for this. I am sorry” The officer looked irritated, but let go. “you should go out now!” he almost yelled. We went out and I looked down. “You thought I would?” she questioned me. “I… I don’t know. But why did you do that?” “To stop you?” She looked at me. “About what you said…” she stopped. “Is it true?” “Yes, it is! Hailey… I-I…” “Say it” she took a step towards me. “I… I love you” She smiled and joined our lips. I didn’t expect this at all, but I was so happy right now. I kissed her back, making sure that I don’t ruin anything again. “I thought you were friends!” we heard a voice and turned around to find her mom. I was undoubtedly embarrassed but Hailey was blushing like crazy. “Not anymore, mom” she replied and I looked at her. “I am tired of boys proposing girls, Robert” she took my hand. “Will you marry me?” I was too happy to react. After all this… she wanna marry me? “I…I” “Don’t reject me” she winked. “I… I will, of