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His Lovely Obsession

Chapter 91 Special Chapter

She felt her eyes became damp again as she remembered how her husband loved carrying Elliot during his baptism, Her half-sister Heather and Blake's youngest child. She felt that Nick was excited to have another baby but sadly, because she had a uruterine fibroid she had a surgery, she was told by doctors that she can't get pregnant again. Her in-laws said that it was okay because they have Amara and that was more than enough. But deep inside she was jealous of Heather and Blake. They had twin daughters and now a baby boy. She also had become very insecure because she was so scared that Nick would find another woman who could give him another child. She was still lucky that her husband was very patient with her. He never got tired of explaining why he was late sometimes and he would always tell her where he was and he was going and who his companions were. *** It was Nick's father's birthday. Heather, Blake , Eve and Lance who were newlyweds were at the party. The children were with their nannies in her in-law's playroom for Amara. She couldn't help grit her teeth because she was jealous of Billy's cousin who seemed to couldn't take her eyes off her husband. "Stacey are you okay?" asked Heather. She was sitting on a table with her, Eve and Vivien. They were a few feet from Nick and his companies. "I think Billy's cousin Faye should be chat with us women instead of being with the men. Is she one of the boys or what? I don't like how she behaves. Look at her! She seemed to want to flirt with our husbands especially with Nick! " she was clenching her hands on her lap as she witnessed how the woman laughed happily with what her husband said. She didn't notice that the three women with her exchanged looks. They knew that she had become more jealous. They have given her advice a lot of times including Nick's mom. They were aware of what she was going through. Eve cleared her throat. "Girlfriend maybe she still feel a bit shy with us. It's our first time to meet her. And who wouldn't feel giddy if you were surrounded with good-looking men like our husbands ?" she joked with a light laugh. "She is just being friendly. Stay cool. You are lovelier than her, no need to be insecure " came Vivien's smiling voice. "I don't like it! If it's fine with you seeing her talk flirtatiously with your husbands then it's not okay with me! " she got her phone and instead of going to them she would just text him. She didn't want to make a scene because it was her father-in-law's birthday. She sent him a message. If you don't stop flirting with that woman, I am going home! She leaned on the chair she waited for him to check his phone. But a few minutes had passed he didn't get his cell phone in his pocket. She gnashed her teeth. She knew he heard his message alert tone . He was busy chatting with Faye. His back was on her but she saw the movement of his shoulders so he knew he was laughing. Looked like he was having so much fun chatting with B