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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2185

Chapter 2185 Since David repaid the 500 billion L Dollars debt for Pebbles, the two of them were well-known on the trading street in Sole. Moreover, it was evident how strong David was. These businessmen and bosses all wanted to please him, so they would find him as soon as they had something good. While earning money, they could simultaneously make David remember them. Of course, David was open to all sellers. He would take the lavish points that were delivered to his door. Beanie was kind of like David's housekeeper now and she would take care of his daily life. She was supposed to go back after selling the Silver Flood Dragon. However, when she contacted the head of the Nacht family, she told him about what happened at Demon Ridge and David the big shot. In the end, both the Nacht family's head and Beanie believed that this opportunity to rely on someone powerful could not be missed If she left, she might never see him again The Nacht family wanted to find a strong backer and David was undoubtedly the best choice. Besides, if Beanie stayed with David, he would not sit idly by if the Nacht family was in trouble. With that, Beanie transferred the money from selling the Silver Flood Dragon and Beast Crystal to the head of the Nacht family to solve the economic crisis first. Then, she stayed in Sole with complete peace of mind. She would do David's chores for him and help him deal with the trivial matters in life. Due to this, it would not be easy for David to drive her away

A small part of them looked rather bizarre and they were obviously different from humans, but they were all in human form. These were alien races living in Leila The aliens who could enter The Spirit Cage did not have a low status. This was because The Spirit Cage was not open to other races except humans without restriction If a foreign race wanted to enter The Spirit Cage, they needed certain qualifications

. Naturally, it was impossible for the bottom-tier races to have this opportunity. "Ms. Nacht!” David called out suddenly. "What do you need?" Beanie hurried forward She had begun to gradually adapt to her identity. She would treat David like her master. The transition from the second in command of the Nacht family to David's servant was quite a big one. The Nacht family was indeed not big in Leila. but it was also one of the top forces on Planet Lucio, Beanie, as the second in command, had a certain authority in the Nacht family. In addition to that, after coming to The Spirit Cage, she was in charge of everything about the Nacht family. Even so, the present change of status was voluntary and what she wished for