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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha

Chapter 10

10. Her Decision KIARA ” This is worse than we thought , isn’t it ? ” ” Demons are rare , and if this was cast by a demon , and I’m sure it was , then finding the one behind it is going to be rather difficult , even for us . ” I closed my eyes , wishing that was not the case . ” Is there no other way ? ” ” Of course there is , finding the one who summoned the demon . If we find him , then we find the rest of the answers .  Magdalene stated , smoothing out the sleeve of her dress . The two women exchanged looks , I knew they were keeping something from me . ” There’s more to it , isn’t there ? Tell me . ” I asked sharply , just as Mom entered . Janaina sighed heavily . ” If anyone else had performed this spell , o r any spell for that matter , trying to lift the curse …. They would have died instantly . The only reason Delsanra survived is because of her demon side . “ Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query Her words made my blood run cold , I felt a s if I had been slapped across the face . Goddess . My heart was thundering erratically , thinking of the consequences of what could have happened . I had called her here ; she could have died … Mom placed her arm around me and for a moment I took comfort in her touch , before I walked over to Delsanra thinking of what could have happened . ” What do you propose ? ” Mom asked them . ” We shall perform a spell to simply bring them to consciousness , however , they will remain cursed . That means hallucinations , weakness , and whatever other side effects there may be . I can’t be fully sure . ” Magdalene said quietly . ” Are they not better off staying unconscious then ? ” Mom asked . ” No , there is a chance they will begin to lose their minds if this continues . Time will run out . We need to make sure the curse is broken before then , but how long that may take ? I am not sure . Whoever is behind this , planned it very carefully . ” Magdalene continued . Janaina sighed , ” Someone strong enough t o summon demons and to have them do their bidding … That’s a first … ” ” We all know what happened the one time our kind tried that ; male demons are extremely hard to capture … to think they made a deal with them . It has to be a Djinn , normal demons are more … childlike , you could say ; they don’t think like humans . Then there are the Djinn . How they managed to get a hold of one however … is beyond me . He must have paid an extremely high price … ” Magdalene murmured . frowning . ” So , is the enemy a witch ? ” I asked , ” We cannot say for sure , but if it is , it is not anyone we know of . Someone of this She replied . calibre … is definitely not from our coven . ” ” I listened to them , my mind made up , I was going to have to find this person . ” They left a message . ” I reached into my pocket , grabbing my shattered phone , and held up the picture of the notepad where I had written the two sentences . Janaina took the phone from me and they both read it , looking thoughtful . ” The Crimson King , I haven’t heard of anyone by the name . We can check if there’s anything we can find on him via magic . For now , let’s perform the spell . ” her hand . Janaina remarked when Magdalene raised M mused . ” Wait … I feel like I may have heard the term somewhere … I will look into it . ” She I nodded , watching both women get to work . Individually they may not be as powerful as Delsanra , who was at a calibre their side . beyond even the most powerful witches , yet it was clear they had experience on With each passing moment as I looked upon the two forms on the bed , their hearts beating fast and those dark angry veins that lining their skin , I knew that I had to do something . I couldn’t just sit here and allow everyone else to be out there .. The two high witches had been at the spell for a while , it took them almost an hour to steady Dante and Delsanra’s heartbeats . I left for a short while to check on Skyla , whilst Mom got the witches some refreshments despite both being in full concentration mode . When Delsanra and Dante’s eyes flew open simultaneously , they blazed red as they looked around . The veins still remained on their bodies , and their skin level . remained ashy , yet their heartbeats were ” Mom ? ” Dante croaked as I rushed to the edge of the magic trigram that was surrounding them . ” Baby , you’re going to be ok . ” I whispered , relief flooding me . I fought back my tears , his eyes met mine , around tensing confusion clear in them as he looked ” They’re coming . ” He croaked . ” Who is ? ” Magdalene asked sharply . ” The Wolves of fire . ” He murmured . I exchanged looks with Mom , turning back to him . His eyes closed and he took a deep breath . Anything Dante said that wasn’t in normal conversation was not something to side – line , his intuition was far stronger than mine or Liam’s . ” I see the boy is special . ” Magdalene said keenly . I did trust her , but I wasn’t completely comfortable with them knowing about my son’s ability . Dante knew I was having twin baby girls when I had first found out I was pregnant . Janaina had given me the amulet that Dante always wore , and she must have seen it , I’m sure she had her assumptions . ” Delsanra . ” I called , turning towards the white – haired beauty , she looked at me and gave a small , weak smile . ” Sorry , I just caused you more work . I messed up and I wasn’t able to help him . ” stroking his hair . She looked at Dante , reaching over and For once , he didn’t blush or pout , instead dark with thought . stared ahead , his face deathly and his eyes ” They won’t be able to do much , but at least they are conscious for now . You are o na short time leash , Queen Kiara . ” ” F Magdalene’s words held the weight of reality in them , if I had any doubt , it was gone . I had to do something .. ” As the Lycan king asked , he wished for some protective spells to be placed around the night walker pack . So without further ado , we should head there , I’m sure it will be safer for you all as well . ” She continued . I nodded . They were right . Returning to the pack would mean better security , and from there I would decide what to do . I kissed Dante’s cheek before giving Delsanra a hug . ” Want to talk to Ahren and Sienna ? ” I asked her softly . Concern filled her eyes and she nodded . ” How long have we been out ? ” ” A day . ” I replied , taking the water bottle from Mom and holding it to her lips as Mom helped Dante drink . ” Not too long . ” She seemed relieved . She was a mother too , and her pups were still so young . ” I will pass the message to Alejandro . ” I said , deciding to reach out to the nearest o four men who formed a chain of communication that reached each wolf that was out there searching . ‘ Let Alejandro know we are returning home with the witches . Julio and Phillip will remain to keep an eye on the villa in case something else odd shows up . Also let him and Rayhan know that Dante and Delsanra are now conscious . ‘ ‘ Understood Luna , that is great news . ” Night had fallen and I had just put Skyla and Dante to bed . Mom would watch them , as much as I didn’t want to leave them , I had to . I had made my decision . Delsanra was here , however , Raihana had brought her pups to see her and to check o n Skyla and Dante . I felt better being at home , in the comfort and safety of our mansion . Alejandro had called at one point to speak to Dante and I had filled him in on everything the witches had said . They had put some protective spells in place before they’d left with a promise to look into the crimson king . It was silent now with everyone having settled down for the night . Mom would sleep in Dante’s room , I was meant to be sleeping with Skyla , however , I would tell Serena before I left and order her to stay with Skyla . I brushed my fingers through Dante’s hair , having slipped a small note under his pillow , letting him know I’ll be back soon . I was about to leave the room when Mom stepped out of the adjoining bathroom . ” 1 nhía I turned as she towelled her vibrant red hair with a navy towel . ” Hmm ? ” She didn’t speak . Her eyes were locked with mine , as if she was peering into my mother , right ? soul . You can’t hide things from your ” Are you heading to bed ? ” She asked after a moment . That was not what she was about to say . ” Yeah , I’m just going to shower and then get some rest . ” I turned the door handle . ” ” hid I looked at her and I knew at that moment she knew I was going to go … I didn’t reply as we stared at each other . I saw her concern and worry too , but mixed in with i t was the conflict of letting it slide .. ” I am not a child , nor am I just a trophy o n my king’s arm … I am a fighter , a queen , and above all , a mother . ” I replied quietly , staring at the handle that I was still holding on to . ” I know , take care of yourself . ” She replied quietly . I didn’t reply , casting her a small smile and leaving the room . I returned to my own , where Skyla was fast asleep . I sat down on my bed , brushing my fingers through her long hair , sighing heavily . I will be back soon . I didn’t want her to get scared , but I needed Kataleya home . ” Mama ? ” She asked sleepily , her eyes fluttering open . ” Darling , I’m here , but I’m going to go find Kat , ok ? ” I whispered , bending down and kissing her forehead . She looked at me , frowning as she took in what I had just said , sleep vanishing from her eyes before she nodded determinedly . ” Ok , Mama . ” She replied . ” Be a good girl for Mama Red , ok ? ” That’s what they called Mom . Skyla had started it off , and even Dante who used to Red . call her grandma , now called her Mama ” I will Mama , I love you . ” She sat up , around her . hugging me tightly as I wrapped my arms ” I love you too baby ; you , Kat , Dante , daddy . ” I kissed her cheek before she lay back down . tomorrow ? ” ” I know Mama …. Will you come home ” I’ll come home when I find Kat ok ?  ” Ok ! Mama is strong . ” I hoped so . I just needed to find my baby . ” Sleep , I will stay here until you fall asleep , ok ? Want me to sing to you ? ” ” Yes , Mama a Disney song please ! Savages ! From Pocahontas ! ” I laughed lightly , only Skyla would choose such a song . I began singing the s song and she joined in with the chorus . ” Savages ! Savages ! ” I don’t think this song was the best choice to make someone go to sleep , but if this was what she wanted , then so be it . She soon settled down as I sang softly despite her choice . 11 ” Mama … those wolves were savages … She murmured drowsily . I frowned , yeah … they were inhumane …. back . I will do what I can , and I will bring her ” I know my love , now sleep …. ” ” Night Mama …. ” She fell asleep , I stood up ready to pack myself a bag and get out of here . I grabbed two outfits , a wireless charging pad and m y phone . I slid my wedding and engagement ring off , placing it on the chest of drawers . Gazing down at them , I felt a pang of pain . Forgive me , Alejandro … I mind linked Serena , asking her to come t o my bedroom . ” Everything ok , Kiara ? ” She asked me when she walked in after a light knock .  ” I need you to stay with Skyla . ” She raised her eyebrows questioningly before her eyes widened in shock as realisation sunk in . ” ” Kiara you aren’t ” Just do as I say , please . Good night , Serena . ” I cut her off , I didn’t want Al to out . take his anger out on her when he found I gave her a small smile , hoping she understood before I left the room , and heading to Alejandro’s office . I needed to grab my staff , then some poisons and antidotes . I walked down the quiet halls , memories of Alejandro chasing the girls down this very hall when they wanted him to play the wolf and they were the little red riding hood twins made me smile . I remember he had actually shifted just to make them happy when they had begged him to . Their shrieks of fear and excitement as he chased them , ever so slowly , although they had run as fast as their little feet could take them , their little red capes flying behind them , it had made them super happy . Soon I hoped we had that back in this home … All five of us together again , safe and happy . I keyed in Alejandro’s office code ; the beep sounded extremely loud in the silent hall . I glanced down the hall knowing that the guards were posted everywhere , sure enough , one of them appeared instantly . Seeing me , he relaxed and I gave a smooth smile . I knew I was going to have to knock one or two out on my way because there was no way Alejandro didn’t tell them to keep an eye on me . I was not going to be a prisoner in my own home . I shut the door behind me , glancing around the office . It was decorated in browns and blacks with a large desk and a chair , sofas stood to the side and shelves lined one wall . His scent lingered here , and my heart clenched , knowing I was going to hurt him by doing this . I just hoped he understood when he calmed down that I had to do this . I walked to the far wall where the huge shelves lined the wall and moving aside a few items , then pressed a certain area of the wall . It popped open , revealing a keypad . Keying in the code , I stepped back as the wall on the left moved slightly . I walked over to it , pushing it wider and stepping inside . The automatic lights came on and I de – activated the alarm system then scanned my fingerprint before the red sensors vanished . I stepped forward , sparing the door to the vault that was on one side a glance , but then I walked down the left side to the room that contained poisons , weapons and antidotes . Although most of this stuff was kept under security at the pack headquarters , we had some at home . I took my metal staff that would become triple its size with a sharp tip on each side if I pressed the button in the middle . I grabbed some antidotes and poisons , along with a few anti – scent sprays and several magic talismans that Delsanra and Raihana had made for us . OK , I think I’m sorted . I filled my bag and returned to his office . Placing the bag down , I sank into his leather chair , picked up a pen and rummaged around for some paper , ready to pen him a note and , promise to stay in touch via phone . I wasn’t sure he’ll even see the note considering he said he wouldn’t be back , but still , just in case … I had snuck away from the mansion with the help of an anti – scent spray , after grabbing some food from the kitchen . I only had to knock one guard unconscious before I shifted , holding my bag in my mouth as I ran into the dark , the urge toy veins . find my little princess rushing through m I’m coming Kataleya … I relaxed my mind , letting the glow of the shining moon sink into my white fur .. Praying that Selene guided me to her , I had nothing in mind , no destination but t o follow my instincts . My wolf was on edge , reeling to go , and I knew she wanted to find our pup just as much as I did . I was heading south and I sped up not stopping . If that’s where I was being guided that’s where I’ll go . It was all I could really follow anyway , and I just prayed it was the right way …. I will find you , my baby . I promise . Previous Chapter Next Chapter