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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha

Chapter 13

13. The House In The Countryside KIARA When the first rays of dawn began to appear , that instinct that I had been following through the night , suddenly vanished . My wolf fell silent and I suddenly felt all alone . I was exhausted from the running as well . Should I stop and take a small break ? Maybe it was better if I did , but I wont be for long , Kataleya was out there and I needed to find her . I wondered if Alejandro found out that I had left already … I’m sure he probably tried calling at some point … I shifted and dropped to my knees in exhaustion . I opened my bag , pulling out some sweatpants and a crop top , putting them on quickly before sitting back , feeling the pain in my legs and arms . Goddess … Kataleya . I hope she was ok , wherever she was … I would never be able to forgive myself if something happened to her . Please let her be safe …. Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query I stared at the sky , my heart clenching with worry as I tried to compose myself . The distant whimper of my wolf in my head told me she was still upset . We are going to find her , ok ? I told my wolf , although I knew I wouldn’t get an answer . I ripped open a granola bar and bit into it a s I took out my phone and switched it on . The shattered screen was still working , for now , I hoped it would make do for a while . I sighed seeing the thirty – seven miss calls . Oh fuck . Three from Alejandro … Twenty from Dad … Goddess , Dad , relax .. Four from Raven , two from Rayhan , three from Darien and five from Liam . I sighed , so the entire population knew I had vanished … I looked at my messages , my heart thudding at the single message from Alejandro . ‘ I asked you for one thing . One fucking thing : To stay the fuck safe . Seriously Kia ? Just upping and leaving like that ? I had half a mind to ask Ri to fucking find you , call me when you see this . ASAFP . ‘ I closed my eyes . He was pissed , as I expected him to be … I needed to call him … I skimmed through the other messages , Dad and Liam were stressing out like it was the end of the world . Dad was incredibly pissed off as well , also warning me that Alejandro was furious and he fucking should be . Was I sixteen or something ? These men were being ridiculous , I understood their point , but I was not an incapable woman who was going to sit at home whilst my daughter was out there . I’m sure I could help find her . The more of us looking the better . My own irritation and restlessness were flaring up and before I could even do anything else , Dad’s incoming call came again and I sighed , answering it . ” Hel- ” ” Kiara , why did you leave ? Why was your phone off all night ?! What if something happened ?! You and your mother do not fucking listen- ” ” DAD ! ” I cut him off . ” Calm down ! I’m fine , and I can’t really answer in wolf form , can 1 ? I think you and Alejandro forget that I am not a child anymore . I’m capable enough to help look for Kataleya and I’m sure the more people looking , the better . Please understand that . ” ” We know that , but we also know that even Alejandro wasn’t able to deter these wolves when he has taken down hundreds of wolves single – handedly in his teens ! These wolves are something else Kiara and nothing to be taken lightly ! ” Dad growled . I frowned , I knew that … ” Dad , I’m not stupid . ” ” Kiara , you were the one who found these notes , don’t you think Alejandro is worried that just like Dante is cursed , that something may happen to you ? ” Ok I didn’t think of that … but I was fine . ” Dad , she’s my daughter ! I am not going t o sleep on a bed not knowing how she is doing ! She must be terrified ; how do you expect me to just sit at home ? Please Dad , let’s not do this . ” I almost pleaded , unable to hide the pain in my voice . He sighed heavily in defeat . ” I understand , but we were on it , we are going to get our Kataleya back . Where are you ? ” ” I was following my instincts , you know how I’ve always been able to sense this stuff , what if I am able to find her ? I’m not that far out from your pack . Just south . I said quietly .  ” That in itself makes me think we all may be on to something , we got news that there were some odd occurrences near Oxford . If you’re heading south , stay that way . Maybe we are close . ”  My heart leapt at his word , any clue or sighting was hope . ” Understood . ” ” ” Kiara . Wait for Alejandro though . ” My heart was pounding with hope and when I cut the call , I quickly dialled Alejandro’s . His phone rang , and after a few moments , he answered . ” Let me speak . ” I said before he could even answer . ” Please . ” ” Do I have a fucking choice ? You’ll just hang up and continue doing whatever the fuck you want if I don’t . ” I winced at the anger in his voice , it hurt having that rage directed at me , I couldn’t deny that . But we weren’t going to agree , and I didn’t want to argue , this was about our daughter , and I was going to help find her . ” So then just listen . ” I said stubbornly , resulting in a murderous growl ripping through the phone . I exhaled slowly , trying to stay calm . ” I am not far from Oxford , I’ll join you there , but if you even think about sending me home … I won’t listen Alejandro . ” I heard him sigh in irritation , and when h e spoke , frustration was clear in his tone . ” Fine . ” He replied through gritted teeth . ” I’m heading towards Oxford now . I’ll meet you there . ” I replied quietly . It huft so much , realised how angry he was at me , but I couldn’t voice what I was feeling inside . This pain of having her away from me was killing me . I just wish h e could understand how hard it was being a mother and unable to do anything for our daughter and not even knowing how she was . Was she fed ? Was she safe ? ” How far are you ? ” He asked me , his voice as cold and emotionless as it was when he spoke to others . ” Not too far . I should be there in a few hours .  ” Hmm . The silence between us was so tense and painful , it wasn’t like us . But right now , w e had different mindsets , and there’s nothing that I could say would change his anger or make him realise how I felt . ” I’ll see you soon . ” I whispered softly . I hung up . My heart was aching as I stared down at my shattered phone screen , sighing heavily . I better get up and head out , Alejandro was waiting for me . Replacing everything in my bag , I shifted and began running once again , not caring for the pain in my body as I ran . Determination fuelled me as I made my way through the forest and towards . Oxford . Kataleya , I’m coming for you , my angel . An hour had passed since I had been travelling , and then suddenly that instinct that had filled me returned once again . I tensed . Could something be here ? I looked around , scanning the area . On one side , there were hills and bushes , along with many trees scattered to one side . We were i n the countryside . To the right were some fields of farms . My wolf was restless after being silent for so long , telling me to go forward , and I did , my heart thrumming with panic and anticipation . Was Kataleya close ? After a good fifteen minutes , I became confused . There was nothing out of the ordinary here . I slowly continued on my way , my eyes darting around , my senses o n alert . I sniffed the air , my ears perking , trying to pick up on anything that was out of the ordinary . Was there perhaps a cavern or something ? Slowly observing the ground , I tried to pick up any footprints , any track marks that would give me a clue to what was around here . It was after a good fifteen minutes when I saw the paw prints on the ground . Faint , but they were there . My heart beating erratically , was I onto something ? I padded along slowly . Taking note of every inch , every millimetre of the ground . My heart began thumping fast as I realised that they were becoming more and more frequent , clear signs that wolves had definitely been here . The size o f the paw prints belonged to no ordinary wolf , but werewolves with big paws and claws . From what I knew , there was no pack around here , and it was clear these paw prints had tried to be covered up ; if I hadn’t been observing carefully , I would have missed them . After another twenty minutes there was still nothing , but my intuition was becoming stronger . I paused wondering if should call Alejandro , but what if I was something ? What if it was just a false alarm and I called him away from . somewhere closer to Kataleya ? I’ll keep searching for a bit longer and take it from there , a I was about to lose hope as I was taken out of the forest and towards open countryside , feeling unsure if I should continue or not , about to turn away , when I saw it . It was nothing out of the ordinary , just one of several similar places I had just passed , but something about it gave me the chills . It was a large country home with grey walls , it was huge . Many trees surrounded the actual building beyond the gates , black iron gates with sharp spears and barbed wire at the top that was clearly made to keep trespassers out . The entire property was surrounded by these metal fences . I couldn’t sense anything or anyone around . However , my wolf kept telling me to go forward , urging me to and so I listened . Could this actually be where she was being kept ? Just the thought that I may be close made my heart leap in excitement . I looked beyond the gates and in the distance , past the bushes and treés , I could see the huge house , or should I say manor . There was n o life or light in the windows , not an animal nor person in the surrounding gardens . But still , I felt like I should go check it out . How do I get in ? Do I just see if there’s any broken part in it and just sneak in ? Sounded like a plan . Let’s do this ! Something at the back of my mind told m e that I should stop , shift , and let Alejandro know where I was first . But the stronger part of me that was telling me to keep on going forward , something that told me that my daughter was here , and I couldn’t ignore that voice . Still … for Kataleya , just in case she was there , I should tell Alejandro . I quickly shifted , taking the phone out and sent a quick message . ‘ I’m at this location , I feel as if there’s something here , I thought I’ll let you know before I check it out . I don’t know if I’m even on to something , but I have this feeling that she’s here . ‘ I text before sharing my location . Putting the phone on silent I slipped it back into my bag and shifted into my wolf once more . I broke into a run , rushing around the premises , keeping alert just in case there was anyone out here , because if they were even here , there would be some security . My eyes darted around , searching for a way in , but there wasn’t any . I frowned , and then I knew what I was going to do . Jump the wall … I looked up at the huge iron fences . They were at least twenty feet high . If I got caught on one , it wouldn’t be pretty … Then Kia , you just got to make sure you aren’t impaled on it . I began to back away , putting space between me and the deadly wall that promised to kill me . With my bag in my mouth , I took a deep breath of determination and broke into a run , running towards the huge metal wall of spears , before I leapt into the air , my purple aura blazing around me , as I , launched myself over the wall . Fuck ! I reigned my aura in , my heart thumping knowing anyone could have sensed my ability . I felt the spears graze the underside of my belly , making me growl internally . Agonising pain tore through me , and I bit back a whimper , it was more than what a normal cut should have been . The agony was far more than a normal wound , for a second I couldn’t breathe and I grunted , there had to be some sort of poison on those spears . I landed on the other side on my feet , hissing slightly as I dropped my bag . Fuck this hurt . I glanced around quickly , hoping that nobody saw me before I quickly shifted back . I took out an oversize hoodie and the second pair of sweatpants that I had , examining my stomach , before I pulled them on . The cuts were quite bad , but I couldn’t smell any poison or anything . Fuck . What was this ? I quickly rummaged in my bag and took out one of the antidote vials . I wasn’t sure if the spikes had contained silver or wolfsbane , but I was not going to risk it . Goddess . I downed the vial quickly and put the empty bottle back in my bag before picking it up . Walking towards the country house silently . I made sure to stick to the sides , keeping hidden by the bushes and trees that lined the property . There was still no one coming for me … maybe I had been wrong , otherwise , I should have been attacked by now . My wolf was calm once again too . Too calm … I couldn’t even sense her emotions . How strange . I took my phone out , wondering if Alejandro had seen my message . ” That’s risky Kia , wait for us . I’ll be there i n fifteen . ‘ 1 frowned but nodded , he wasn’t wrong , I needed to be careful . ‘ Okay . I’m on the property though , I’ll hide . ‘ I texted back . By the looks of it , the property was lived in . I could see that clearly from the way the house was well kept and clear marks of footprints covered the ground . I kept to the shadows , trying to find the best place to lay low when I felt that same ominous aura behind me that I had felt when Delsanra had performed that spell on Dante . My heart thumped in my chest , and I spun around quickly , tossing my phone into the bushes . But before I could even see or take in anything else , something grabbed my throat . Pain seared through me as if I was being burned to death . A shriek left my lips at the pain that hammered at my entire body . Pure agony was ripping through me . It was an excruciating pain that made my head and my body scream for reprieve . What … I can handle pain usually … This … Whatever was holding onto me was like poison and death itself . I felt my energy being drained from me as I struggled to free myself with everything I had , but it was futile . My attacker was unseen as it slammed me against a tree , but it was there , and I could feel its darkness and power . I couldn’t breathe . I couldn’t ….. I clawed at the invisible hands that squeezed my neck . I could see the blood that was dripping down my neck , and smell it in the air . Goddess … Kataleya . Fuck no . I couldn’t let this happen . I had to be strong for her . Summoning everything I had , with a burst of energy , my eyes blazed purple . I was not weak ! I was not going to succumb to this . With strength that I did not even know I still had , I pushed whatever was holding me away from me , my aura swirling around me like a shield . ” Do not mess with me . ” I growled venomously . The dark entity that I couldn’t see pressed against my barriers , and I heard it hiss as i t moved away . So , whatever it was , it couldn’t go against my barrier … Good , because I was not here to lose . Not when m y daughter was close . Just when I thought that I might win this round , loud growls erupted in the air , and I spun around , just as six blazing urban reddish – brown wolves lunged at me , with their eyes glowing like burning embers . I couldn’t even move out of the way . The impact knocked me to the ground , two of them biting into me viciously . I kicked them off , my anger flaring up . ” I demand to speak to the Crimson King ! ” I growled ferociously . The command in m y voice emanated throughout the area , and I saw the hesitation in the wolves as they exchanged looks . So , I was correct . This was the home of the Crimson King . Which meant Kataleya was here . She was here and I was going to find her . Mama’s coming baby girl , just hold out till we got you . The wolves watched me carefully as I got t o my feet , my aura still swirling around m e . As much as I wanted to rip them all to pieces for everything they had done , I knew I wouldn’t win , the bites in my thigh and hip were painful but nothing was as bad as the aftereffect of the unseen entity . I didn’t move , hoping they understood I was waiting for their reply . I had a feeling they were conversing with one another from the way they were looking at each other , until one of them shifted into a man with pale skin and flaming red hair . His eyes held such a coldness , that they didn’t seem … human . ” So , the Queen has come to get her pup , all alone . ” His voice was as bitter and cold as the rest of him , filled with disgust and hatred towards me . He had an accent … Spanish ? Well , the feeling was mutual . ” Yes , I’m here for my pup and I will not leave without her . As for anyone who has hurt her , I will unleash hell . Now show me to your king , who seems to want something from us . Let’s see what this debt is regarding . ” One of the other men who had shifted now had my bag and even though I tried t o reach out through the link , either Alejandro was too far out , or something was blocking me from communicating with him , because all I could feel was the block . I just prayed he got my location notification and that my phone didn’t break completely . It was obvious whatever that thing earlier was didn’t care about the phone … Was it the Djinn ? I shuddered inwardly at the very thought . I had to play this safe , even it meant stalling for time , we just needed to get Kataleya out . I just needed my baby girl safe … Previous Chapter Next Chapter