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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha

Chapter 15

15. The Second Clash ALEJANDRO I was waiting for Kiara to show up when I heard my phone beep and knew it was her by the notification tone . I looked down at my phone , frowning when I clicked on the message . Reading her message , I opened the map , zooming in on her shared location . I texted her quickly , waiting for her reply before I mind linked the others . I needed to get to her location now . ‘ Get everyone close enough to the location I’m forwarding now , head here and wait for my arrival . ‘ I forwarded the message before shifting and running off towards the location . I hadn’t gotten far , when pain wrapped around me and I gripped my throat . My eyes blazing red as my aura raged around me . Kiara was hurt ! ‘ Kiara’s in danger ! Eight miles northeast o f Oxford ! Move ! ‘ I growled through the link . Hold on , Amore Mio … I’m coming . I had a fucking thousand questions running through my mind ? The pain in m y body lingered , meaning she was injured . Fuck . Did she find something ? The guilt that the last time we talked we had argued rushed through me , I fucking regretted it . I’m coming , Amore Mio … and I’m fucking going to kill the one who hurt you … ‘ Drake , I need a witch . Can you find out if Raihana can port over to me ? Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query I just need her for barriers . I’m not risking her like Del . ‘ ‘ Understood Alpha . ‘ Silence fell before Drake mind linked me again after a short while . ‘ Alpha , Luna Raihana said she didn’t need the disclaimer , and she’ll see you in a few … ‘ I was sure Raihana probably said that in a much more fucking colourful manner . I came to a stop . Looking around , it was just open fields for miles … Where the fuck was Kiara ? I shifted back , scanning the ground as I tried to keep my aura suppressed , not wanting to be discovered . I knew many of my men were approaching , those who were in this area would be here soon . I kept to the trees , despite them being pretty scarce . I could see some country homes , so I walked forward , trying to find the exact location . We were close … But where was she ? I felt the presence of a witch behind me , her scent hitting me , and I knew before I even turned that Raihana had ported . She was dressed in a mini dress that I wouldn’t actually call a fucking dress and ridiculously high heels . ” I’m here . ” ” Yeah , looking like a fucking flamingo . What are you , a neon light to give away our location ? ” ” Oh , I know I’m glowing , thanks . But I mean , I really think everyone will notice a pink flamingo compared to the terrifying furry beast standing by her side , right ? ” She smirked at me , twirling a strand of her hair . I gave her a withering glare . ” I’m not even in fucking Lycan form . ” You were . Anyway , I can lower the illusion . ” ” Don’t push against it , I don’t want you messing with a fucking Djinns power . ” I warned . I knew what the witches had said would happen if it was anyone other than Del that had tried that spell … They would have been fucking dead . ” Don’t worry , Del used a spell to withdraw the poison from Dante’s body … I won’t be doing that , I’ll just be breaking something . ” She said quietly , as if she knew what was on my mind . I gave a curt nod , just as more of our men reached us , including Elijah and Damon . Raihana took a deep breath , ready to cast the spell . ” Just … take it easy . ” I warned her . ” Just make it visible , I’ll break through myself . ” She gave me a small smile . ” Relax , I’ll be fine . ” I didn’t reply , but I wouldn’t risk her life . Just how I was fucking worried about the two who were inside this place . I really hoped that Kataleya was here … Fuck , 1 needed them safe . She chanted a spell , and after a few moments , it was as if an entire veil was being lifted from our eyes . A huge country house surrounded by tall black gates topped with spikes appeared . I could see the haze like shield around it , but it didn’t feel like normal magic … ” Uncle … Be careful … Whatever that is … it’s ‘ dark … ” ” I’ve got this . ” Liam’s voice came from behind us . I turned as Liam and Rayhan appeared , both in sweatpants , and clearly , they had run fast . Raihana crossed her arms and I glared at a few male wolves , daring them to look at her . Fucking idiots . I glanced ahead , hoping Kiara was ok . The pain I had felt was still there , and the worry that gnawed inside of me was keeping me on edge Liam’s aura surged around him , as he strode towards the barrier . Similar to Kiara’s purple one , his was blue , like flames reaching high into the sky . His magnetic blue eyes looked almost shimmery . The moment he barrelled into the wall , Raihana whispered a spell , a dazzling bolt of fire heading straight above Liam’s head and hitting the shield . The impact of both forces made the barrier flash and tremble . I glared at her for disobeying me . Did these fucking women not know how to obey orders ? ” Once more , Raihana . ” Rayhan commanded , his sharp eyes on the barrier . ” And this time we just fucking push through . ” I said , shifting and letting out a menacing growl as Raihana and Liam struck the barrier once more . I saw the thin crack appear and I charged forward , ramming straight into the wall . Burning heat , that’s what it felt like . My entire fucking body was on fire . I pushed through , exhaling when we penetrated through , followed by Liam , Rayhan , and the rest as the barrier disappeared . ” Raihana , stay with me . ” It was the last thing I heard Elijah say before the growls o f wolves filled the air from both sides . But theirs were running away , save a few who came to meet us head – on . It was odd seeing every wolf the exact same colour , a s if they were all exactly the same , from their scent , to their size and also the colour of their eyes too . I frowned , seeing the haze that surrounded the far side of the house , as if masking something ahead . Was that fucker here ? Suddenly , the entire house went up in fucking flames . Kiara and Kat ! ‘ Follow the wolves , I’m going to go find Kiara ! ‘ I shouted through the link to my men and to the Alphas present . Hopefully , my baby girl was here . I just fucking hope so . I ran ahead . As much as I wanted to fucking rip the bastard behind this to shreds , I needed to find my girls first . I just prayed that this time no one slipped out of my hold . ‘ Ask Raihana if there’s anything she can d o to make sure that they don’t take Kat or Kiara . ‘ I told my men , hoping whoever was closest to her would pass the message . ‘ She’s casting a blood cage , anyone from the Rossi bloodline won’t be able to leave the premises … just in case they try to take Kataleya , there’s nothing she can do about Kiara . ‘ ” That’s fine . ‘ I’d find them . ‘ Kiara ! ‘ I called through the link . I ripped the front doors off the hinges , walking straight into the blazing fire . ” Daddy ! ” My heart skipped a fucking beat as my eyes fell on my little girl , my emotions overwhelming me for a second . Thank fuck she was alive , despite the bruises on her face , she was alive . What had she been through ? Despite that thought eating up at me , I was so fucking relieved to have finally found her.   I frowned realising she was trying to tug something from the ground . My stomach twisted as I realised it was Kiara’s arm , she was stuck under a beam that was on fire . I was in front of them in a flash , pulling the beam off of her . But the sight before m e was not one I was expecting , nor one I ever wanted to see . Her forehead along her hairline was cut , blood seeping out of i t . Her entire head of hair was full of blood as if someone had tried to carve the top of her skull right off . Fuck … ” Mama’s hurt . ” Kat whimpered as I wrapped my arm around her . Unable to reply in Lycan form . I lifted Kiara tenderly into my arms . My queen … Fuck … Slowly wrapping my arm around her tightly , I didn’t want to shake her too much , she was clearly in bad fucking shape . Her heartbeat was faint too . With the other I lifted Kataleya , tucking her against my chest , shielding her from the flames . Safe . They were going to be ok . I was never going to let this happen again … and whoever was behind this would surely pay . I jumped back as a huge chunk of the house caved , before climbing over it and getting out of this fucking place . Once upon a time , I would have had the enemy in my hands right now , but now I had a family that came first , one I needed t o make sure would be safe .. I looked around , scanning the grounds . There weren’t many of the enemy wolves left . I saw Liam tear the head of one right off before his gaze snapped to me , falling o n his sister . He’d have my back … His grey wolf lowered his head to me and I ran through the remainder of the enemies and the fire that had spread out into the grounds , spotting Raihana easily in her disturbingly pink clothes as she blasted wolves away , killing a few as she stood there , her power rising behind her . I shifted the moment I was close to her , looking for a place where I could place Kiara down safely . ” Raihana ! “ She turned , her black hair blowing in her face . She ran over as I placed Kiara gently on the floor behind a tree , away from the chaos . My gaze fell to the side of her neck . Fuck , it looked like someone really had tried to cut open her fucking skull . I didn’t let go of Kataleya , making sure she didn’t look at Kiara as Raihana crouched down by Kiara . #f 11 ” Goddess … ” She murmured in horror . Move away .. Despite not wanting to let go of Kiara , I knew I had to . I crouched down , my arms around our little girl , pressing my lips to Kiara’s softly . Strong sparks coursed through me , reassuring me that she was o k and I forced myself away . We couldn’t waste time . ” Is Mama going to be ok ? ” Kataleya whimpered . I nodded , kissing her forehead . FF ” She is going to be just fine , you all are . I looked down at her , brushing her hair off her face . I was so fucking glad she was ok . We just needed to find the answers for Danté and Del … I knew we were on a short time schedule , but at least we were fucking together . I hugged her tightly and she wrapped her arms around me tightly a s she began sobbing into my shoulder . I caressed her hair , inhaling her soft scent . My anger growing when I saw the bruises on her arms . ” I got you angel , no one’s going to fucking touch you again . ” I growled venomously . ‘ Keep one or two of those fuckers alive , knock them unconscious , I want them for questioning . ‘ I commanded through the link . I watched Raihana heal Kiara . It was clear i t was taking longer than normal . Raihana was brushing the sweat from her own brow and I could see the wound along Kiara’s neck was healing extremely slowly . I frowned , now taking in the rest of her injuries . There were marks around her neck , a clear handprint with long fingers literally imprinted around her neck I clenched my jaw . Oh when I find you all , even hell will seem like fucking heaven when I’m done … ” Daddy , will Enrique be ok ? ” Kataleya brought me out of my thoughts , and 1 furrowed my brow . ” Enrique ? ” She looked up at me and I brushed her tears away . I fucking hated my baby girl crying , and I didn’t even know the extent o f what she had been through yet . ” Yes , the horrible Alpha’s son , Enrique was nice to me . “ She whispered , now staring at the burning house . I looked at her sharply , she had seen the fucking shit head … ” His father probably took him . ” I said coldly . He had a fucking son , yet he could harm other pups …. ” But Daddy , he hurt him too . ” She whispered , the anguish in her eyes and the way she said ‘ he hurt him too … # What had that thing done to my daughter ? And his own son ? He was a fucking sick bastard who needed to be fucking castrated and fucking skinned alive , then doused in wolfsbane . ” I’m sure he’ll be ok . ” I said quietly , seeing the sadness in Kataleya’s eyes , I sighed . ” When I find him , I’ll make sure the kid is ok , how old was he ? ” ” I don’t know Daddy , he looked a little older than Dante . ” She said sadly , resting her head on my shoulder . Who the fuck was this guy and where did h e come from ? The fight was over . We had two enemy wolves in our hold , and a few of my men had gone to see if they could find out where the rest had escaped to , but it seemed magic or whatever you call the shit that djinn could fucking do , was at work . They had simply vanished . I turned my attention back to Kiara , wanting to go over to her but staying fucking patient as Raihana did what she needed to . When she finally sat back , the blood was slowing down , yet the cut remained . ” Sorry Uncle , it’s the best I can do . ! Raihana whispered , and I realised she was shaking . ” We’ll get her home . You fucking ok ? ” I asked . She nodded , as Rayhan came over to support his sister whilst I looked down at my mate . Fuck , Amore Mio … You should have waited outside of the territory for me … I placed Kataleya down , lifting my mate into my arms before scooping Kataleya back up . Elijah was by my side , adjusting some basketball shorts as he looked at his daughter and granddaughter . ” Come on , Kataleya , I’ll carry you , ok ? ” ” Ok , Grandpapa . ” She whispered , holding her arms out to him . He smiled taking her from me , and although I didn’t want to let her go , I knew she was safe with him . He kissed her forehead and cheek , giving her a small smile . Despite his gaze flickering to Kiara , he kept his emotions under control . I knew he wanted to ask about her , to know what happened , but even I fucking didn’t know and I don’t think stressing Kataleya out with all the fucking questions was going to be a wise move . ” I want squad seven and eleven of my pack to stay behind and scour this fucking area , see if there’s anything you can find here and put that fucking fire out . There might be some clues inside . As for the rest of the Alphas who have helped , I’m grateful for it . Let’s move out . ” 11 The rest obeyed my command , I looked down at the woman in my arms . Her heart was steady now and I could tell she was simply asleep , but I couldn’t wait for her t o be fully healed and back to her usual self . The so – called fucking Crimson King clearly had issues with me , yet it felt like h e was playing a game , one that he was drawing out purposely . I was not going to let him pull me into this fucking cat and mouse game of his . If he wanted to play a proper game , then it was high fucking time he learned how it felt to be the hunted . Previous Chapter Next Chapter