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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha

Chapter 7

7. The Unravelling Of Hope ALEJANDRO Fear ran through my veins and , although I may be the strongest shifter out here , I felt helpless . Kataleya . She was all I could fucking think of . Remembering the way , the wolf’s teeth were clamped around her tiny body . The blood dripping from his mouth , her blood and the terror in her eyes as they got further and further away . I’d give my fucking life for her safety . Then Kiara’s pain , the way she pushed me away ripped at my heart . I knew she was i n pain , a mother’s reaction after all . She was the perfect mother to our child , not like my own fucking mother , who played dead for years and then came back with her psychotic plans to destroy the world over eight years ago . She sure fucking didn’t care if any of us went down with her . But Kiara , she was firm , fair and affectionate . She loved her pups unconditionally and even then , made time for me . her family , our pack and her friends , as well as for a certain fucker I couldn’t stand . Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query She cared for everyone and did her best to be there for us all . I sped up , the wind rushing through my fur . There was no way I was going to be able to track Kataleya , so instead , we were trying to follow the tracks of the wolves , o r hoping for any speck of blood that left a trail . Many of my men were nowhere assisting , but it was fucking futile . The ground near the river where the fight had occurred was now just a field of ash , not even a body or a drop of blood remained , that just made things fucking harder . ‘ Alpha , Alpha Rayhan is here to help . ” Rayhan ? Kiara must have told them , and I’m guessing his spitfire of a mate must have teleported them here . A reminder that I wasn’t alone . We will find her … ‘ Fill him in on everything , I’m still trying t o scour the entire north side . There’s no fucking paw prints or anything . ‘ ‘ Understood , Alpha . ‘ Fourteen hours had passed but there was still no answer nor clue . I was not going to fucking let them get away with it . The fear that so many fucking hours had passed and what may have happened to her consumed me like fucking poison . I didn’t feel the link break , so she was still alive … that was all I had to fucking hold on to . The exhaustion was catching up to me , but there was still no sign of her , so I couldn’t stop . I had alerted the Alpha’s of the packs that I truly trusted to send their men out , but at the same time , I also didn’t want to put Kataleya in more harm than she already was by telling everyone that my daughter was taken . ‘ Alpha … there’s nothing . They are gone without a trace . ‘ Darien , my Beta’s voice came through the link . ‘ I can’t stop looking . ‘ I whispered back , trying to control the agony in my voice . ‘ Alejandro … look , let’s let everyone know – Put a prize out there for her. Let the word out that you’re willing to give anything to the kidnappers . Surely there must be a reason for this and they must want something . We can contact our business partners in the human world too and make it clear that your daughter is taken . Someone may have seen her . We will find her … ” F The voice of reason that stuck by me even on my darkest days long ago … He was a friend that had been by my side from the fucking start . But I can’t stop searching when she’s out there . ‘ Not yet . ‘ ‘ Al … please . Kiara needs you ; Dante and Luna Delsanra are still unconscious . ‘ I froze in my tracks , my heart thundering , what ? ‘ What the fuck do you mean ? ” 4 Kiara wasn’t able to heal Dante ? ‘ The Hybrid Luna tried to cast a spell to fix whatever was ailing Dante but whatever it was , has spread to her . We told Alpha Rayhan and he did return to check on her before continuing on finding Kataleya . We need to regroup ; I’ll have new men out here scouring the woods . Alpha Liam also wishes to speak to you . H e is currently with his sister at the villa . ‘ Turn my back on her again … Fuck . I tried not to imagine the worst as I closed my eyes . Darien was right , I needed to reach out and have another plan in place rather than just searching blindly . ‘ I’m coming back . ‘ I reached the villa , my heart sinking with every step , I was returning to my queen without our pup . How was I going to face . her ? Darien gave me a bottle of water and some pants , but I refused the water , simply taking the pants . I don’t think I fucking deserve water … I should have fucking listened … I should never have gone so fucking far out . I should have paid attention to what Kia was saying , but it was a tad too fucking late right now . Her scent enveloped me . I closed my eyes , grasping onto it . I would never fucking let on , but I was doing my best not to unravel completely . I needed her ; her comfort , her embrace , her fucking presence . Rayhan’s and Liam’s scents came from the room upstairs , along with Scarlett’s . I adjusted my pants that I had just pulled o n , before I pushed open the door to the room , seeing Kiara sitting on the bed whilst Delsanra and Dante lay upon it . Both looked as grey as death , red veins creeping along their entire bodies . Rayhan sat on the opposite side , holding Delsanra’s hand , his hair shielding his face and I felt another storm of guilt . Because of my fucking mistake , there was another casualty . Scarlett was rocking a sleeping Skyla in her arms gently , whilst Liam stood behind Kiara , arms crossed and a deep frown on his face . They all turned to me when I stepped inside , but my eyes were o n’Kiara’s red puffy ones . She had cried a lot … I’m fucking sorry , Amore … ” Alejandro . ” Liam said , frowning as he gave me a small nod . Kiara stood up , her eyes filled with fresh tears as she looked at me before closing them . I had failed her . ” Nothing ? ” She whispered , her voice trembling . I shook my head as Darien stepped into the room . She came towards me , her hand pressed to her chest . I pulled her against my chest , wrapping my arms around her tightly as she broke into stifled sobs . I rested my head on top of hers , closing my eyes as I inhaled her hazelnut chocolate scent that calmed me . Scarlett sighed , frowning as she looked at me . ” We will find her , Elijah is out there and w e will continue to search , but we need to let every pack know . If this is the doing of another pack or some sort of uprising , then we will surely find an answer . ” ” ” I’m going to do that , I’ll be putting the word out to the humans too . Even if they just see her , I’ll put out a reward . ” I said , my voice hoarse due to the lack of fucking water . ” Offer them a reward they can’t refuse . The Rossi Empire has funds that you are welcome to take . ” Rayhan replied quietly a s he looked up at me . Being the son of the eldest Rossi , he held the majority of the empire . I refused to take more than needed , not to mention he was the main heir to his mother’s entire side of wealth as well . Our eyes met , and I saw the pain in his stormy grey ones . ” I’m sorry that Del got caught up in this shit . ” I murmured quietly . He gave a small shake of his head , kissing his mate’s hand . ” We are family , and I don’t think she’d have been able to sit back and do nothing . #F He replied , trying to hide the emotions i n his voice . ” Don’t beat yourself up over it . ” Ⓡ But it was my fucking fault . Kiara pulled away , taking the water bottle from Darien , unscrewing it and holding it out to me .. ” You need to drink something , and Darien , get him some food . ” She said quietly , her lips trembling . ” Forget food , set up the video call to all members of the council , I’m going to do this shit now . ” F ” Ale ” Not now , Amore Mio , I’m not wasting any more time . It’s been fucking hours since she was taken , I can’t afford to lose any more time . “ I said quietly . Darien hesitated , looking between me and Kiara . ” That was a fucking order by your damn king , move . ” I growled viciously , my aura rolling off me and forcing Darien to submit . I saw Kiara frown , but she said nothing . I walked over to the bed , looking down at the two on it . ” What’s wrong with them ? ” * ” Some sort of curse . ” Liam replied quietly . ” I felt something else in the room when she was thrown against the wall . Those vein – like things travelled from Dante to her . I think anyone who tries to sabotage i t will get affected . ” Kiara whispered . So not only did I need to find Kataleya , 1 needed to find a cure . ” Raihana , I don’t want her to attempt the same shit , but do you think she’ll be able t o find some answers ? ” I asked quietly . ” O r the witches ? They fucking owe us anyway . Tell her to contact them . ” Rayhan nodded , taking his phone out , and I turned to Liam . ” Anything ? Does your intuition tell you anything ? ” I asked . He and Kiara both had a gift of knowing things . One I had blatantly ignored from Kiara … ” Nothing . ” He replied frowning , his eyes , that were always blazing the colour of his wolf , met mine . ” But I’m going to go back out there and keep looking for her . ” ” The letters . ” Kiara whispered . ” There ” were two . ” What did they say ? ” I asked her sharply . She opened her mouth , frowning as she struggled . A few moments passed , and she looked at us hopelessly . ” Kiara … Don’t tell me you’re unable to voice it . ” Liam replied , his eyes narrowing . Kiara nodded , her eyes pooling with tears . I closed my eyes . Fuck . I stepped closer to her , cupping her face , the sparks of the bond rippling through us as I caressed her cheeks with the pads of my thumbs , brushing away the tears that streamed down her cheeks . ” We are going to figure this shit out , ok ? ” I promised with determination , because I fucking swear , anyone fucking involved is going to burn . She nodded and I pulled her close , my lips crashing against hers in a deep , passionate kiss . My arms tightened around her , one hand tangling into her hair as I held her close , needing her , needing this . ‘ I will bring her back to you . ” I kissed her cheeks , the taste of her salty tears mixing with the sweet taste of her mouth that lingered in mine .. ‘ Alpha , everything is ready for you . ” Darien’s voice came through the link . I turned away , not saying anything , and left the room , unable to ignore the pain I felt from Kiara but I had to do this . For Kiara , for Kataleya , for Dante and for Delsanra . I washed my face before grabbing a shirt and then walked into the living room where Darien had set the laptop up for me . The Alpha’s and elders who were part of the council were on the screen , as were two of the high witches of the fucking coven . This may be some shit they could help with . ” King Alejandro . ” Allen , the eldest member of the council , greeted . ” I won’t fucking waste time with greetings . Kataleya , my youngest pup was taken today , precisely fifteen hours ago . M y queen has received two letters , yet she is unable to speak of what she’s fucking read . My son has some sort of curse that even Delsanra Silver , the Luna of the Black Storm pack , was unable to counter . I’m calling a fucking code red , I want every single pack searching for her . Those that are in your area , I expect you to pass the message to those packs as well . I want everyone to find my daughter . I will send a n outline of what exactly went down as soon as this call is fucking over . Put the word out that if my daughter is found , the pack responsible will be given a huge fucking reward . As for the coven , I would hope that someone can come to the location we are at to see if they can give any more insight on what is happening . ”  The Alphas nodded , I could see they knew the seriousness of the situation . ” 1 ” Very well , I personally will come , and I will get in touch with Janaina . ” Magdalene , the high witch of the coven , said emotionlessly . I gave a curt nod . It wasn’t like me to ask for help , but right now I needed to pull out • all the fucking stops I had at my disposal . The witches and werewolves were at peace , we did not like each other much but as the years passed , we began to blend and tolerate one another . I ended the video call and began typing *** the email , pulling up an image of Kataleya I had always kept my pups out of the public eye … This was the first time the entire fucking country was going to see Kataleya Tamia Rossi … I looked at her picture . This one was taken a few weeks ago . Her large innocent eyes stared back at me and I felt that suffocating guilt crush me once again . I should have been able to protect her … Did I do the wrong thing by not going after her ? Did I fucking lose the only chance I had ? Fuck . ” That notice is good , get some rest , I’ll attach her picture and send it off . ” Darien said softly . ” I’m fucking doing it . ” I replied icily . ” Al … ” * ” Go make yourself fucking useful and leave me the fuck alone . ” I growled dangerously , my eyes flashing red . He simply sighed and nodded , leaving the room and shutting the door behind him . I was not going to fucking rest until I have found her , and I would , even if I had to fucking destroy the entire fucking planet i n the process , I would . Moonlight Muse Author ” 1 I want to say thank you to everyone for the incredible support and love this book has gotten already . From tomorrow I’m hoping to return to the usual updating time around 7-8 GMT . I will be posting 1 chapter daily and once a week I’ll be posting 2 ! My chapters will be slightly longer too ! Previous Chapter Next Chapter