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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha

Chapter 8

8. Their Pain KIARA ” ” Leave him . ” I glanced at Rayhan as I was about to lift Dante from the bed ..  ” You need to sleep too . He shook his head , ” I can’t sleep anyway . Leave him here , I’ll 1 watch over them both .. Our eyes met and I nodded , feeling terrible . ” I’m so sorry , Ray . ” I whispered . He shook his head , giving me a small smile that didn’t take away the emotions i n his eyes that were riddled with worry and pain . ” We’re family and we stick together . You need to stop apologising . ” He said , caressing Delsanra’s snowy white hair . ” She’s a fighter , they both are … ” I nodded as I kissed Dante’s forehead . How much pain was he in ? Was he going t o be ok ? I looked over at Delsanra , caressing her hair for a moment . She had two little pups , Ahren and Sienna . Goddess , they needed their mother . TF ” Kiara ? ” Rayhan’s voice snapped me out o f my thoughts , and he raised an eyebrow .. They’ll be ok . ” I nodded , unable to say anything , feeling absolutely devastated . I had to fix this . I had to get Kataleya back Liam had gone to see if he could track anything , whilst Darien and Alejandro were working on putting the word out there . Mom was with Skyla and Dad was out there doing what he could too . Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query Only I was doing nothing … Kataleya … I stepped into the room , placing down the suitcase I had brought from the other room onto the floor of this room , that Dante had once occupied , switching the light on and walked to the adjoining bathroom whilst trying to control the tears from spilling down my cheeks . I looked in the mirror , the words on the letters screaming in my head . I had to get them on paper somehow . What if I tried to write them ? I splashed water on my face before returning to the bedroom and rummaging in Dante’s things before I finally found his sketchbook and his pencil case . Taking it over to the bed , I sat down , opened it up to a blank page and took a deep breath . Pay the debt …. I placed the pencil on the paper , my heart beating as I used all my willpower to try to write the words . Jarring pain rushed up m y arm , but I didn’t stop , I was a blessed wolf and I was not going to let anything hinder me . I looked out at the glowing moon and let m y aura surge around me , drawing power from the moon itself . I am not weak . I will not bend to whatever this was . P … a … y … I gritted my teeth as I continued , splintering pain tearing up my arm , but I needed to get it on paper . The … debt … I could taste coppery blood in my mouth a s I continued . My entire body was shaking by the time I managed the message on the first letter , my vision darkening asl wiped the blood that trickled out of the corner of my mouth . My hand was stinging and it looked raw , my skin peeling as if it had been scraped against a grater . Goddess , what was this ? The next line … A … debt …. The pen fell from my hand , searing pain making my vision darken , just as the door burst open . ” Kiara ! ” I looked up as Alejandro caught me before I almost tumbled to the ground , the sparks from his touch were all that I could focus on , the pain began to dissipate a little . ” Read it . ” I whispered , staring into his blazing red orbs . He didn’t let go of me , holding me close as he grabbed the book . ” Pay the debt by the blood of the beast and yield to the crimson king ? ” He tossed the book down , grabbing my hand as my vision darkened . ” Hold on Amore Mio , fuck I need you . ” His words made my heart pound and I clutched onto his shirt . ” I’m ok . ” I whispered , despite how exhausted I felt . ” You’re fucking bleeding . ” He growled , lifting me up . He carried me to the bathroom and placed me in the shower as he began to undress me gently yet swiftly . I watched him through my blurry vision , even now he kept his walls up , blocking off his emotions from me , something we rarely ever did … It hurt knowing he was hiding his pain from me , but I had pushed him to that … ” Have you eaten ? ” I whispered . He didn’t reply , just simply nodded . He hadn’t . ” I know you well enough to know when you’re lying . ” I scolded him lightly , staring at him under the spotlights of the bathroom . ” I don’t have an appetite . ” He responded , examining my hand , before he ran his tongue along it , sending my stomach into knots . Alpha saliva had healing properties that increased the rate of healing . He placed a gentle kiss on my palm before letting go o f me carefully as if worried I’d fall . I stepped back , leaning against the wall as h e undressed and stepped into the shower with me , switching it on . A downfall of cold water hit me and I gasped , clinging to him . He wrapped his arms around me , shielding me from the cold water before it soon warmed up . I didn’t move away ; my heart was aching and his embrace was comforting . ” We will find her , right ? ” I whispered , staring up into his eyes . He nodded , his wet black locks falling in front of his forehead , I reached up with m y raw – looking hand that was slowly healing and brushed the strands back . ” I can’t live without her . ” I know I was putting pressure on him , but it was all I had , I needed her , and he was my only hope . ” I know , Amore Mio … and I will fucking make sure we find her . ” He murmured , kissing me deeply . Sparks coursed through me , yet there was nothing sensual about this kiss . It was deep , raw , and a silent promise that he’d d o his best . I just hoped it was enough … Once we had showered , I mind linked Darien to get someone to bring food upstairs . Alejandro was sitting on the bed i n nothing but sweatpants , looking as handsome as ever . He was smoking a cigarette as he looked at the message in the book . Just when I had put on a nightgown , I was mind linked by one of our men . ‘ Luna , the food . ” ‘ Coming . ‘ I pulled open the door and reached for the tray . My hand was pretty much healed but just looked very raw and was tender to touch . He lowered his head to me and I thanked him before he closed the door for me . Alejandro looked up , frowning when h e saw the tray . He stood up and came over , taking it from me . ” I told you I wasn’t hungry , have you eaten yourself ? ” ” Mom made me . ” I replied , taking a seat opposite him as he placed the tray down , clenching his jaw . We both fell silent and I knew he was thinking about our little princess . ” Do you think they’ll hurt her ? ” I whispered , my chest tightening . ” If they want something , I would hope not . ” He replied , his hand balling into a fist . ” I pray to Selene that you are correct . ” I looked down , forking up some pasta and raising it to his lips . ” Eat , because we need you to keep your strength up , to find her . ” I encouraged softly . His brows furrowed as he took the bite , and I scooped some more up . We didn’t need to speak but the pain that weighed down upon us was only getting stronger , with each passing minute it became harder : I knew my baby girl was out there . Alone . Had she eaten ? Was she alone ? Were they treating her humanely ? ” I’ve issued out a search for her as well as reaching out to the human world , you never know where she may show up . ” He said as he drank some water . I could tell eating was hard for him , and I didn’t blame him . ” I’m also going to make a video to put out there on the dark web and let it circulate , if they want me , then I’m willing to trade places . As much as that hurt to know , for our baby girl , I knew we were both ready to make any sacrifice necessary . He picked up the notepad again and frowned . ” I’m sure I’m the fucking beast they’re speaking of … But who the fuck is the crimson king ? That’s who I need to find . ” He murmured . I nodded . ” What about the attacks that have been occurring ? Could it be linked ? ” He shook his head , placing the notepad down and looked at me thoughtfully . ” I doubt it , these wolves that ambushed us were not normal , or nothing I’ve seen before anyway . Whatever they are … it’s something we’ve never encountered before . ” His words left an ominous feeling in the air and we both fell silent . Putting aside the tray , he pulled me into his arms . Neither of us would be able to sleep tonight , not when we knew our daughter was out there … facing goddess knows what , utterly alone . KATALEYA I’m scared , I want Mama and Daddy . I looked around the dark room , it was cold and it smelled horrible . I’m so scared . My stomach was bleeding too , and it hurt . The bad wolf had bit into me . Why wasn’t Daddy coming ? Why was I here alone ? I wrapped my arms around my legs , crying softly into my knees . Mama … please come , Mama … I don’t want to be here … The sound of the key scraping in the lock made : my heart thunder with fear . Please go away . The screech of the metal door swinging open followed . I clamped my hands over my mouth , trying my best not to cry . I didn’t want them to get angry like earlier when I started crying , Tears blurred my vision as a tall man with a dangerous feeling coming from him , stepped into view . I’m scared , Mama … Daddy …. His footsteps echoed on the metal steps , ringing in the room , as I began to tremble . This man was more bad than the other one from earlier , I could sense it from him . He was very tall , maybe taller than Daddy … he was really big too . He fixed his suit jacket and just that move made me whimper . He was going to hurt me … I quickly got to my feet , looking up at him , his cold reddish – brown eyes stared down at me as if he was looking at something filthy . I pressed my lips together , being brave just like Skyla and Dante . His face was scary , more than half of it was burned . I’m scared … This man was important , I knew that much . ” Sir , may I go home ? ” I whispered , my voice shaking despite trying my best to speak politely . He tilted his head , looking me over . ” They got the wrong fucking one … “ ” He hissed , his voice was scary too and I whimpered in fear , backing away . He walked towards me and I flinched the moment his gloved hand twisted into my hair . It was hurting . Tears began tumbling down my cheeks as he scoffed . ” A fucking useless pup . ” He hissed . He talked a bit differently too . Was he from somewhere far away ? ” I’m sorry . ” I whispered as he pushed me to the ground . ” Fuck this ! I don’t need this ! She doesn’t even have anything special !  I rolled up into a ball , protecting my head as he kicked me once more before he turned and stormed up the stairs , leaving me alone in the dark room . I sobbed quietly , daring not to move from my position . Will you find me , Daddy ? Moonlight Muse Author # Thank you for reading , please do drop a gem if you enjoyed this chapter ! Also a kind reminder to always be polite to each other , let’s keep the negativity away from the comments so everyone can enjoy reading and discussing.. Previous Chapter Next Chapter