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King Alejandro The Return Of Her Cold Hearted Alpha

Chapter 9

The High Witches KIARA I hadn’t been able to sleep properly . Both Alejandro and I had tossed and turned . The sun hadn’t even risen but I sat up , picking up the pad and forcing myself to write the second message . I was halfway through it when Alejandro woke up . We had barely slept , although we had been trying to sleep for the last four hours . How could we sleep when our baby girl was somewhere ? All alone . I knew he wanted to get back out there to look for our pup . His arm was around me , his hand over mine as I wrote the words , painstakingly slow . The sparks of his touch were like the comfort of warmth on a winter day . He didn’t speak , simply placing a few comforting kisses on my neck and shoulder . ‘ A debt must always be repaid , by blood or by life . ‘ I had done it ! I gasped , dropping the pen . Alejandro instantly grabbed some napkins from the tray of left – over food from last night and dabbed them gently over my bleeding hand , then over the paper that was smeared with blood . ” This person’s got some fucking problem  with me … “ Join Telegram Group For Fast update and Novel Query A debt ? What are they going on about ? ” I closed my eyes , leaning against his shoulder . My intuition was doing nothing to help , I hated this . ” I don’t know , but it could be fucking decades old . The witches should be here soon , and I need to make the recording to put out there for the kidnappers ‘ demands before they get here . ” He said quietly . I nodded and he gave me a deep kiss before we both got up , ready to face the day and find answers . He left first after washing and dressing . I washed my face and brushed my teeth , rummaging through the suitcase I had grabbed from the other room last night , pulling on some shorts and an oversized top . I didn’t want to wear any of this top . I didn’t want tocar any of this colourful crap but it was all I had brought along . Who would have thought our family trip for the girls ‘ birthday would end like this ? How had Kataleya spent the night ? My stomach twisted and I felt sick with worry . She was out there … I had just left the room , carrying the tray o f leftovers from last night , when Mom stepped out of Skyla’s room , although it wasn’t even dawn yet . It seemed I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep . ” Kia . ” She smiled softly at me and came over , running her fingers through my hair . Oh yeah … I hadn’t combed it … ” We are going to find her . ” She said , determination blazing in her sage green eyes . I nodded as she took the tray from me . ” I know . ” ” Sky is asleep , I’ll keep an eye on her . ” ” Thank you … I’m just going to go check o n Dante and Del . ” She nodded , and we both went our separate ways . I knocked lightly on the door , but heard no reply , I slowly opened the door to see the bathroom door was shut and the shower was on . Both Delsanra and Dante lay there in the same state as yesterday . I sat on the bed , placing my hands on their chests as I poured my healing into them , still nothing I sighed , staring down at Dante with sadness in my eyes . The bathroom door opened and Rayhan stepped out , wearing only his pants and a towel around his shoulders . ” Seems like everyone’s up early . ” He said , pulling on his shirt . I nodded and pointed to the wardrobe . ” Alejandro has some clothes in there if you need anything . ” I stood up , looking down at the two . ” Was there any change a t night ? ” ” Nothing at all . ” ” I sighed heavily , feeling restless , I needed to make myself useful . ” Have you asked Maria about the kids ? ” I asked , feeling another flash of guilt rush through me . He nodded . ” They’re fine , Ri’s gone down . They’ll be alright . ” ” Thanks . ” I sighed . ” I’ll leave you to it , have breakfast before you head out . ” He nodded and I left the room , heading downstairs . I paused at the open archway t o the sitting area , Alejandro was seated there , his face emotionless and cold as he looked directly at the laptop screen . Darien was standing to the side , out of view of the camera .  … all means . If it’s revenge or a debt , then I’m who you want . Whatever your fucking demand is , I’m ready to accept it . Just make sure the child is unharmed .. Money , power , or if I’m your fucking goal , the word and I’m yours . ” say  His face was emotionless , his eyes hard and cold . If I didn’t know him better , one would think he wasn’t really bothered about the loss of his child , or that he didn’t have a heart . Despite the fact that his words said otherwise , his cold and uncaring demeanour remained . H ” I’ll await your demand . He switched it off and ran a hand through his hair before taking out a cigarette and lighting it . His eyes met mine and I gave him a small forced smile before heading t o the kitchen where Mom and Serena , Darien’s mate , who must have come sometime last night , were making breakfast . ” Kia . ” She said , brushing back a strand of her blonde hair and hugging me tightly . ” Serena … ” I hugged her back , not saying anything , before pulling away and began helping . I knew the men were leaving soon . Liam had already gone and I wanted to go too … I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing . I took a plate to the lounge , where Alejandro was at the open patio doors smoking . Using a phone with the other hand , a frown on his face . ” Baby . ” He glanced at me , and I raised the plate in a gesture for him to eat . ” I’m not hung ” For Kataleya . ” That stopped him , and he o come with you , I want to search for her too . ” took á slice of toast , biting into it . ” I want t ” No. We can’t risk it , if something happens to you- ” ” Al , she’s my daughter too . I can’t just sit by when I’m worried for you , for everyone , and above all , for my baby girl . ” ” No. I’m not risking it . ” ” Al … I want to go . ” I pleaded , feeling a sting of pain at his blatant refusal . ” And I fucking said no , I’m not having someone else I love out there . ” ” Excuse me ? Rayhan is out there ! Is this because I’m a woman , so I should stay holed up inside ? ” I exclaimed . Didn’t he get that I can’t just stay still and do nothing ? ” Think of it however the fuck you want . You are not leaving this villa . ” His tone was cold and final , and when his piercing black eyes met mine , I knew he wasn’t going to budge . His words stung and I pressed my lips together . ” I am strong and I am not going to sit by and let my daughter suffer whilst I play the helpless , worried , mother ! ” I snapped , my irritation brimming over the surface .  ” Kiara . This is about fucking playing safe .. He said quietly , glancing at the open archway , but I didn’t care who heard . ” I am not going to play safe when my daughter is out there ! ” My voice shook and my vision blurred . ” You will . ” My eyes flashed as I glared at him through my tears . I was a queen and I was not going to back down . ” Kia … ” He put his phone away , reaching for me , but I stepped out of his reach , shaking my head . ” What about you ? Don’t you think that it hurts me too , knowing that you might be sacrificing yourself ?! Do you see me complaining ? ” ” I’m her father- ” ” And I’m her mother ! ” I cried as he grabbed hold of my arms . ” I know Amore Mio , and you always fucking will be , but I need to do this for m y family . For me to be fucking sane out there , I need to know that the rest of you are safe . ” He said coldly , despite his voice remaining quiet , one hand forcing my chin up to look at him . I refused to , staring past his head . ” We aren’t safe here either . For goddess’s sake Alejandro , they were here ! They placed those letters ! I am a blessed wolf , I’m the queen , and above all , I’m her mother ! I can’t just sit back and do nothing ! ” His eyes flashed red , his brows furrowing . ” I fucking know , but it’s safer here than out there . Besides , the witches are coming and I need you here . ” ” They won’t be here forever . ” I replied . ” We are not doing this , you ain’t fucking going . ”  I ripped free from his hold , glaring at him . Kia…. ” Whatever . ” I shook my head , turning and storming out of the room , not caring for the men and few women who were ready to leave with Alejandro . I am not going to just sit here and do absolutely fuck all ! ” Kiara . ” Mom’s voice broke me out of my rage and I knew she had heard the argument . ” I don’t agree with him , but he has a point . He won’t be able to focus knowing you are out there . ” W ” That’s not my problem . ” I whispered , brushing past her , my heart clenching with pain at my own harsh words . ” Kiara ! ” Mom called but I refused to look or listen to anyone when Skyla’s little voice called me . ” Mama ? ” I turned , my heart breaking at the sight of her sorrow – filled face . ” Darling . ” I whispered , rushing up the stairs . I hugged her tightly . ” Mama , Kataleya … ” She whispered . ” We are going to find her . ” I reassured her , trying to hide my own tears .  ” And bring her home . I fucking promise . ” Alejandro’s voice came from behind me . I tensed , feeling guilt fill me as he crouched down , placing a hand on my back , his other arm wrapping around Skyla and my shoulder . He kissed her forehead before looking at me . ” Forgive me , Amore Mio … ” He leant over , claiming my lips in a passionate deep kiss . I kissed him back slowly , looking up at him as he moved away , brushing away a stray tear from my cheek before he stood up and took the steps down three at a time . I will give them three hours , if there’s nothing , then I was going to go and no one was going to stop me from looking for my daughter . He stopped at the door , and turning , his gaze met mine . ‘ I love you , Amore Mio. ‘ ‘ I love you too . ” He gave me one of his sexy smirks before he disappeared just as the sun began to rise outside . ” Sky , Kia , how about some breakfast ? “ Mom asked . I nodded , lifting Skyla up . ” Mama , I’m not a baby . ” She whispered , and I frowned , concerned at her words . ” I know baby , but can’t I carry you ? ” I asked her as she led the way down the stairs . ” No. I’m a big girl , I’m going to be strong , like Kataleya . ” She whispered , her eyes saddening . ” You are both strong . ” I gave her hand a gentle squeeze , following Mom into the kitchen . ” Will Dante wake up ? I promise I won’t call him a dumb dumb again ? ” Skyla asked , climbing onto one of the bar stools as Serena placed a plate of food in front of her . ” He will . ” I said smiling gently at her , taking a seat , but refusing the plate of breakfast Serena offered me , instead just picking up the mug of mocha Mom had passed me . ” Now eat up so you can get dressed and watch some TV . ” I was very aware of Julio and several guards situated inside of the house , all on alert . Once Serena took Skyla to get her dressed , Mom turned to me , concern clear on her gorgeous face . ” You know , Alejandro will do his best . ” # 1 ” I know , Mom , but I can use my abilities too . ” ” Liam’s there . He is intuitive too . Keep faith Kia and trust in them . ” 11 ” Mom , if it were you , would you just sit home ? ” I asked , frowning . The sunlight bathed the counter , and if one didn’t know better , they would never think there was so much conflict and trouble within the walls of this villa . She looked down before giving me a small , faint smile and shaking her head . ” No , but from a wiser person’s point of view , don’t be reckless . ” ” You’re contradicting yourself , Mom . ” ” But please , listen to him . ” She persisted . ” I’m giving him time . ” I said quietly . I turned towards the window , feeling the witch’s approach , Mom hadn’t sensed them . ” They’re here . “ Mom looked up sharply , her heart skipping a beat , and I knew she was hoping that the witches had some answers to what was happening to Dante and Delsanra . I left the kitchen , hurrying t o the front door and pulled it open , looking at the two older women who stood before me . ” High Witch Magdalene , High Witch Janaina . ” I lowered my head slightly in respect and both women did the same to m e . Janaina had once been a lone witch , it was when Rayhan found his mate Delsanra that we ended up being at peace with the witches . Janaina was Delsanra’s paternal aunt , although she didn’t really like to talk about it . She was also the one who gave me the necklace that Dante now wore to conceal his aura . “ Would you like a drink or shall we head upstairs ? ” I asked . ” Let’s not waste time . ” Magdalene said , waving her hand and the door shut behind them . She observed the guards around the hall as I led the way upstairs . ” What exactly happened ? ” Janaina asked , and I swiftly filled them in on what , I knew ; how Delsanra’s spell seemed to backfire and the ominous feeling I had felt in the room . ” A presence ? ” She asked sharply as I opened the door to the bedroom . ” Yes , I definitely felt like there was something here . ” I admitted , my eyes falling to the two on the bed , the red veins covering their entire skin . Magdalene sucked in a breath whilst Janaina frowned deeply . ” They are cursed . ” Magdalene stated , the moment she looked down at the sleeping duo . ” It was a natural mistake for Delsanra Silver to make …. Her ability of darkness and fire … if you use the wrong magic against a curse , it only strengthens i t . Her nor Serafina would be able to break this curse , for it is only fuelled by the element of fire . ” ” Then can you help ? ” I asked . She paused and sighed . ” We need the talisman where the curse was cast upon .In this case , it may have been a weapon or something , whatever made contact with the prince . ” ” Alejandro said a wolf attacked him and h e killed that wolf . ” I added , looking down a t Dante , whose skin looked grey . ” Then it’s a loss … The only one who can break it , is the caster . ” Janaina murmured . ” So , until then , what can we do ? ” ” We could t try to see if we can at least ease  the effect of it , maybe to the point of bringing them to consciousness . Magdalene muttered , placing a finger on Delsanra’s forehead . She frowned and I felt power emanate from her . She jerked back suddenly , almost as if she had been burned , clutching her hand . ” Odd … ” ” What is it ? ” ” This is not the doing of any witch or necromancer . ” Magdalene said , in a hushed tone . ” Then what is it ? ” I asked , fear filling me . ” A demon . ” But from the look on both their almost emotionless faces , I knew there was a lot more to it than that , and something told m e it was not going to be good … Previous Chapter Next Chapter