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Chapter 2909

Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2909 Pushing aside the bedroom that Chester once lived in, the furnishings inside were exactly the same as before. He hadn’t been back for so long, and there's no dust. When Chester went in, a cold and dry heat surged up from his body. When he took out a set of clothes from the closet, took off his shirt, and exposed his skin, the heat was still not cut an inch, but it became more and more intense. As a doctor, Chester knew what was wrong with him. Obviously, when he came in, he was already very cautious. It should be the water he drank... No wonder the food was so busy today, Chester really thought that his parents were getting old, their taste disorders were disordered, and the more they ate, the saltier they became. It’s just that Chester thought about the thousands of reasons why his parents had tried everything to call him, but he didn’t expect them to do it for him. What was this for. “Chester...” The door was suddenly pushed open, and Cindy, who was wearing a suspender, walked in sexy from the outside. She was barefoot and perfume on her body... Chester only glanced at her, and felt that the flames on his body were burning more and more fiercely. The Cindy in front of him was like a tempting fruit in his eyes, which made him want to rush to it irrationally. “Chester, I finally waited until you came back. Do you know how much I have missed you over the past year...” Cindy walked over and rushed towards Chester. But soon, Chester ducked to the side, leaving Cindy stunned. She was not discouraged, but pulled down the shoulder straps one by one, and soon, there was no inch of it Chester's breathing suddenly became rapid, his eyes were red, “Is my parents arranging this play for you today?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Chester, why are you hiding? I know you’re suffering.” Cindy rushed towards him again, “Did you sleep with few women before? You haven’t slept with a woman for so long. I must have held it in for a long time, and I will take good care of you tonight.” “Get out.” Chester pushed Cindy away roughly. Although his whole body was uncomfortable, but everything in his body was rejecting Cindy, “Cindy, I've been back to Australia for a while, and I haven't settled with you yet, so it’s better for you to come to your door first.” This time, Chester was really offended, and he pointed at Cindy with his crutch, “I gave you everything today. It’s yours, and I brought you to the capital. All these years, for the sake of my parents, I have made you smooth sailing and fueled your greedy ambitions. Cindy, I will take back everything you have now. “ After Chester finished speaking, he hurried to the door. However, he was still missing a leg, and Cindy soon caught up and entangled him. “Chester, I'm not the Cindy you used to be, and you're not the Chester I used to be.” Cindy snatched his crutch hard, threw it aside, and chuckled, “Actually, being with me won't do you any harm. You can return to Jewell’s house again, and I will still transfuse your mother’s blood, what's so good about that Eliza, she’s not an actress, she’s like me. When I'm pregnant with your child, I'll be the justifiable Mrs. Jewell.” After finishing speaking, Cindy didn’t care so much, and pulled Chester's clothes hard. But she ignored Chester’s leg, even though Chester was out of control, that leg was still made by machine, even when Chip’s leg was lifted up to kick someone, it was stronger than his other leg. Cindy was caught off guard. She was kicked a few meters away and fell to the ground. She was so painful that she couldn’t get up even after a while. “'m not prepared, do you think I'll come here?” Chester was furious, and he didn’t bother to use his crutches, and limped downstairs.