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Chapter 2910

Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2910 Downstairs. Mr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell saw Chester coming down so soon, their faces changed slightly, hoping that Cindy had succeeded and it was a little too fast... “Young master Jewell...” Kaiden noticed that Chester didn’t have a cane and his clothes were messy, so he immediately wanted to rush up to meet him. But the two bodyguards subconsciously wanted to stop him. “Go away.” Kaiden immediately greeted them in the living room. Chester struggled to support himself to the first floor, and asked in a heavy voice, “What are you doing?” Mr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell were taken aback. What does this mean? Did Cindy make a move? If not, why did Chester come down in a hurry and his clothes were still so messy. “Chester...” Mrs. Jewell bravely stepped forward and wanted to help Chester. As a result, Chester pushed her away. if it wasn’t for Mr. Jewell's hands to support Mrs. Jewell, Mrs. Jewell would most likely be thrown to the ground. “Chester, what are you doing? you dare to be rough with your mother.” Mr. Jewell said but he guessed that Cindy might not succeed. He quickly made a decision in his heart, grabbed the broom on the side and smashed it towards Chester.. “Be careful.” Kaiden rushed over to protect Chester and grabbed the falling broom. ‘What are you doing? beat me up.” Mr. Jewell gritted his teeth. He had to keep this evil beast tonight, even if he didn’t eat it softly, then if it was hard, he couldn’t believe that he couldn’t send Chester to Cindy’s bed. “You dare to move and try.” Kaiden suddenly drew his gun. The house was silent. None of the bodyguards in the house, including Mr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell, dared to move. Who didn’t know that Kaiden used to mix in Southeast Asia, that area was full of drug lords. His hands were really bloody, and his marksmanship was extremely accurate. Mr. Jewell trembled all over, “Chester, how dare you get someone to bring a gun? Why, do you want to kill me and your mother? Come on.” “Bang.” Kaiden hit the floor with a shot, his eyes were scarlet, “Don’t force me.” “If he dares to take a step, he will be killed immediately.” Chester stared at Mr. jEWELL darkly, “Anyway, didn’t you just say that I am cold-blooded? I am a person who can absorb all the nutrition of my twin brother when I am in my mother’s womb. lam a person who can do anything. If you don’t believe me, you can try it” Chester walked down slowly step by step . Mr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell were a little scared. The older the person, the more powerful the person who was more afraid of death. “{ thought you guys called me here today because you wanted to get money from me, but I was wrong. I even...underestimated how disgusting you two are.” Chester’s cold eyes Sweeping over Mrs. Jewell, “From the moment I entered the door to the present, all your words of caring for me are all to make me lower my guard. I really don’t understand how there is such a vicious mother like you in the world.” * I don’t, I just...” Mrs. Jewell trembled, “You are always so disobedient and disobedient to your parents, I want you to stay behind.” “Haha, why leave behind? you just want to leave Cindy is firmly tied to your boat, you would rather trust a woman who only wants to suck blood from you, and never care about me.” Chester sneered, “Since you are so ruthless, don’t blame me from now on, I will be merciless in doing things, and you should have lost the glory and wealth of today. Since you are so ignorant of cherishing it, then don’t blame me for taking everything back.” After Chester finished speaking, he braced his body to go to the door. Kaiden protected Chester step by step with a gun and retreated towards the door. “Basta*d, what do you want to do?” Mr. Jewell was so angry that he couldn’t choose what to say, “Just because you are a useless person, you still want to deal with me, so beware of lightning strikes.”