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Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 2895

Chapter 2895 Chester: “Charity, are you going to chase me?” Chester didn’t panic, but smiled and teased Lisa’s chin with his fingers, making Lisa “giggle”, not to mention how cute. Seeing Lisa smiling so happily at Chester, she seemed to be very acquainted with Chester in just one day. Charity was very upset, she hugged her daughter and turned to the other side, ‘Don’t touch my daughter.” “Okay, I’m going to tell you about some aspects of your mother's condition at first.” Chester said leisurely, “Something to say, I can't say it in front of her, I’m afraid she will be embarrassed.” Charity immediately became nervous when she heard this, “It was my fault just now. Chester was stunned for two seconds, but he could understand that in this world, only Charity who felt the most guilt. After all, Charity took over Mrs. Robbins's daughter’s body, Eliza. Charity will do her best to take care of Mrs. Robbins. “Your mother didn’t have a physical examination in the past years. She has a lot of problems in gynecology. Go for treatment as soon as possible. It's better to have a comprehensive physical examination or something.” Charity was stunned. After the physical examination, and after she arrived in the capital, she was in a car accident and then pregnant. She never expected to go to the physical examination, and Mrs. Robbins would never tell her if she was uncomfortable, for fear that she would worry about it. Charity: “My mother doesn’t have cervical cancer...” Chester: “I shouldn't, but I took her pulse, and there must be a serious problem with the cervix. If this kind of thing is not treated as soon as possible, it will easily cause cervical cancer. I've seen too many things like this in the hospital, most of which are the older generation who didn’t have this awareness and were reluctant to pay. I didn’t say it just now, because I was afraid that she would be embarrassed by the elderly, after all, she is an elder, and I am a man.” “... Thank you.” Charity’s mood was very complicated, and her voice couldn't help softening, “I'll take my mother to the hospital tomorrow.” Chester: “Let me say hello to the dean, and go for a direct examination, and the result will be faster.” Charity originally wanted to refuse, but after hearing the last sentence, she nodded, “I thought you were just a surgeon's book. It's amazing, I didn’t expect to take the pulse.” Chester never felt proud of his career, but now he heard her praise, and inexplicably became proud, “I first studied medicine, and later I have a thorough knowledge of surgery and internal medicine, you don't believe me that I have more than a dozen medical certificates in my hands.” Charity thought for a while, “Since it’s so powerful, why don’t you go back to the hospital to work, don’t waste yourself.” “You want me to go back to work in the hospital?” Chester was startled, looking at Chester with burning eyes. Charity was stunned for a while, then rolled her eyes at him, “It's none of my business whether you go to the hospital or not.” Chester touched his nose depressedly. In the kitchen, Mrs. Robbins secretly glanced at Charity and Chester, who had been outside for two days, and was overjoyed. As long as two people are willing to chat, there was still hope. The next day. Charity didn’t go to the company, so she took Mrs. Robbins to the hospital for a physical examination. ‘What are you doing for a medical examination?” Mrs. Robbins suddenly became nervous, “Didn't Chester tell you something yesterday?” “No, he just told me that you should go for a medical examination every year at your age, and Also I didn’t expect you to look healthy and find so many problems. I'm too derelict as a daughter, so don't worry about doing a physical examination.” Mrs. Robbins’s heart was soft and messed up, “It’s still my daughter’s filial piety, when your father still disliked it. You’re a girl, you see, I’m going to enjoy myself first.”