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Life at The Top

Chapter 2390

“You. You're talking nonsense! You're making false accusations against me!” Kimbra retreated step by step. He no longer had the earlier arrogance. The reason why he dared to so unscrupulously threaten to divide the Elvis family just now was that Abe chose to stand in the united front with him in addition to having the Rothschilds supporting him. As for the reason just now, it was just for the sake of righteousness. However, a reason was still essential at critical moments even if he needed to make one up at will. Now, the main premise of this reason had been shaken. His “allies” obviously noticed this too, so they distanced themselves from him. At this moment, none of them mentioned the “crime” of the Elvis family. If it were not for these people, he might not be able to get out of the A

Thinking of this, Abe stiffened his neck and argued strongly against Solander who was pressing on every step of the way, “Solander, I really think you need to calm down. Kimbra represents the Kurt family, and they are also an important part Qari's oil industry. You should not do things that make your loved ones hurt your enemies

. Let's put whether Kimbra really did it aside. Even if this video is true, it may be taken out of context. ” However, Abe did not expect that his words could not appease Solander and that Solander's face would become angrier. ‘Old man. you just reminded me! This brat dared to act so recklessly because Kurt is behind him. He even dared to violate the bride of the Elvis family. Then I will make him completely