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Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Chapter 22 She Must Have Hooked Up With Many Men

The door of the car swung open. Long legs stretched out of the driver-side seat, and then a man with a big, black umbrella came out of the car. The way that he held the umbrella partly obscured his face, but he was very tall. The girls around Adeline started excitedly whispering among themselves. "Look at that tall, handsome man. Do you think he's here to pick up his girlfriend?" "I guess so. Oh, why do all the good ones already belong to someone?" Adeline couldn't help recalling that time when she got stranded at work because of a storm. She called Brendan to ask him to pick her up. The Clemons Group wasn't far from her place of work, but Brendan ignored all her calls, Adeline imagined that if he had picked up, he would've just snapped at her and said, "Adeline, don't waste my time on unimportant things.” Gradually, she developed the habit of not relying on him. Because she knew that he would never let her rely on him. When she was with him or around him, she became quieter and quieter and more and more sensible. Looking at the scene in front of her, Adeline couldn't help feeling a bit envious. A girl who was cherished by her loved one was really blessed. Adeline wondered who the lucky girl was to have such a considerate and thoughtful boyfriend. She raised her arms and hugged herself, hoping to warm herself up. At this moment, someone stood over her, casting a shadow on her. She looked up and was shocked to see Rodger's familiar and handsome face. "Rodger? What are you doing here?" Adeline blurted out. It was raining heavily. She thought that as the boss of the company, Rodger had already gotten in his car and gone home. Adeline was wearing thin clothes. Rodger had prepared a blanket for her and draped it on her shoulders. Then, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and held her close, as if to share some of his warmth to her. "[ already left for the day, but on my way home, it started pouring. I was worried that you didn't have an umbrella with you, so I came back to pick you up. You can't make it home safely in this kind of weather.” As he spoke, Rodger opened the passenger-side door for her and carefully guided her into the car. It was warm and comfortable inside Rodger's car. They were safe from the heavy rain. Looking out the window, Adeline felt like she was in another world. She savored the warmth that was beginning to melt away the ice in her bones. When she sneezed, Rodger hurriedly handed her a paper cup. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Drink this. Be careful not to catch a cold. I know you don't really like coffee, so I got Chai tea for you.” After saying that, he gently stroked her hair. Then, he gunned the engine and started driving. Holding the cup in her hand, Adeline looked at the blanket on her body. She couldn't help feeling moved. It just felt so good to be loved. Heavy traffic was to be expected on rainy days. And Rodger was thankful because the delay gave him more time with Adeline. It took them two hours to drive from the office to Adeline's apartment. Adeline took off the blanket and said goodbye to Rodger. Rodger watched as Adeline made her way to her apartment. He didn't leave until he was sure that she was safely home. His lips curled into a smile. There was no hurry. Adeline was still working in his company. As long as they got to see each other every day, he would win her heart sooner or later. Seeing Adeline entered the apartment building, Rodger finally went home. Coincidentally, Tiffany was parked nearby and happened to see Adeline coming out of a luxury car. She stared at the scene before her with wide eyes. She felt like she had just uncovered a terrible secret. Brendan had been ignoring her lately. And of course it was all because of Adeline. What other reason could Brendan possibly have for treating her so coldly? Tiffany was confident in her own charm. She firmly believed that as long as Brendan and Adeline got divorced, Brendan would definitely change his mind and fall in love with her again. Tiffany quickly took out her mobile phone and started taking photos of Adeline and the luxury car. After that, she sent the photos to a private detective. Seeing the information that the private detective had sent back to her, Tiffany sneered. "I wonder how you'll explain this to Brendan this time,” Tiffany murmured triumphantly. As soon as Adeline opened the door of the apartment, Myah rushed over to her. "Addie!" She squealed excitedly, "Did you get home in Rodger's car? Why did he drive you home? Are you two dating?" Still holding her keys, Adeline flashed Myah a helpless look. "What are you talking about? You know that Brendan and I haven't divorced yet, and I'm not really interested in having another relationship right now." After all, she had been with Brendan for three years and was just about to get out of their marriage. It was difficult for her to completely forget him and move on in such a short time. Now she even had a fear of entering a new relationship. eeling a little disappointed, Myah pulled her to sit on the sofa and said anxiously, "Rodger is a good person, Addie. He's different from other rich men. He's capable and virtuous, and although many women practically throw themselves at him, he’s never taken advantage of the situation. In fact, he rejects them outright. You're the first woman he's cared about. Are you really not interested in him at all?" Feeling a headache coming on, Adeline rubbed her temples. "Myah, cut it out, okay? I'm not dating Rodger, and I really don't want to." She sighed and added, "Yes, he's a great guy, but... He's not suitable for me." "I don't believe that for a second, Addie. Come on. Tell me the real reason." Myah couldn't help raising her voice. “Tell me why you don't want to be with such a catch like Rodger. Are you still into that scumbag Brendan? Rodger is much better than him, and Rodger actually likes you. The entire world knows that. Why are you denying yourself an opportunity to be happy?" "I know you're only saying this because you want the best for me." Adeline smiled bitterly and continued, "But... Rodger is just a good friend to me.” Rodger was a good man, and that was exactly why she didn't want to lead him on and hurt him. For all intents and purposes, she was still Brendan's legal wife, and more importantly, she was infertile. Rodger was handsome and rich, and he belonged to a wealthy and powerful family. As a member of such a family, he was expected to continue the bloodline by having children. Every rich family needed an heir. Rodger’s family might not mind the fact that he wanted to be with a divorcee, but they would never let him marry a barren woman. If they found out her secret, they would definitely shun her, and then Rodger would find himself in a dilemma. Adeline didn't want to put him through such trouble. Rodger deserved a healthy, cheerful wife. Knowing that Myah wouldn't understand, Adeline didn't say anything more. Too many things had happened today. Exhausted, she stood up and massaged her waist and her lower back. Then, she went to her room. Meanwhile, Brendan was just getting home. Night had just fallen. When he opened the villa's front door, cold air and dead silence greeted him. He glanced at his phone and found that Tiffany was still calling him, although he had been resolutely ignoring all her previous calls. That woman was so relentless. After a while, Tiffany gave up calling him but sent him a message. "Brendan, if you're already living a happy life, then I won't bother you anymore. But Adeline is a slut. She's hooking up with other men while you two are still in the process of getting divorced. It's possible that she's been cheating on you since you got married.” Frowning, he opened the video that Tiffany sent. The picture was a bit distorted by heavy rain. With an umbrella in one hand, Rodger held Adeline close while guiding her to his car. As soon as they were inside the car, Rodger leaned over to Adeline, and from the angle, it looked like they were kissing. More importantly, Brendan spotted the thin tan line around Adeline’s left ring finger. Her wedding ring was no longer there. All of a sudden, memories flooded his head. When their families agreed to marry him and Adeline, Brendan only intended to get their marriage registered. He didn't hold a real wedding or even purchased wedding rings. But to his surprise, Adeline bought a pair of rings herself and gave one of them to him. "Brendan, I got us a pair of wedding rings, and this one is for you. It may not be up to your style, and you may not even want to wear it, but it doesn't matter. I will try my best to make more money and save up so that I can buy a better one for you in the future." She looked at him expectantly and cautiously at the same time with her sparkling eyes. She seemed truly hopeful that he would wear the ring she got for him. However, he tossed the ring into a drawer and forgot about it. But Adeline wore her ring every day. She cherished it as if it was a piece of treasure. Now the ring was gone. She had taken it off. Damn it! Brendan gnashed his teeth together as he stared at his phone. Tiffany kept sending more messages to him. "Brendan, I just feel that she doesn't deserve you. She's still your wife, but she’s already fooling around with another man. She's so shameless!” "She has no respect for you and your marriage. She must have hooked up with many men behind your back." "She doesn't love you at all. Don't you get it? I'm the one who loves you the most.” "Adeline only married you for your money. Now that she no longer needs money, she wants to divorce you. Why do you still want her to be your wife? You should tell her to stay far away from you!" Tiffany's words made Brendan feel sick. Once again, the image of Adeline appeared in his mind. She had a slim figure and a sweet smile that revealed lovely dimples on her face. He used to loathe her so much that he didn't want to look at her, but recalling all the times they spent together, he found himself missing her so dearly. Adeline belonged to him. How could she be so intimate with another man? No, he wouldn't allow such a travesty. Without hesitation, he dialed Adeline’s number. Adeline had just taken a shower and was drying her hair. Suddenly, her phone rang. She took a look at the screen. Brendan? Why was he calling her this late? All of a sudden, she recalled the days when she would sit around and wait for his calls. At that time, when he would finally call her and come home, he would just have sex with her. After that, he would ignore her, and sometimes, he would even kick her out of the bedroom. They had been married for three years, and in all that time, they only slept together when Brendan was in a good mood. Sometimes, Adeline wondered what place she held in his heart. When he needed her, he would condescend to be with her. But when he didn't need her, he would send her away. Now that she didn't want him anymore, he kept reaching out to her. The irony was almost laughable. Thinking of this, Adeline rejected Brendan's call. He could no longer do whatever he wanted to her. She was no longer hopelessly devoted to him. Brendan's face darkened. He couldn't believe that Adeline just deliberately declined his call. He called her again immediately. Adeline hung up again and then turned off her phone. Then, she went to bed. Brendan listened to the voice prompt that told him the number he'd dialed couldn't be reached. Then, he said through gritted teeth, "How dare you ignore me, Adeline?”