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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Chapter 31

Chapter 31  Odell squinted and hugged her tightly in his arms.   Tara sobbed. “Odell, can we have another baby?”  Odell furrowed his brows. “Your body is not ready now. Let’s talk about it when you get better. ”  She simply sobbed in silence as a reply.   He tapped her back and said, “Tara, once Grandmother gives me the green light, I’ll marry you right away. ”  “Mm-hmm. ” Tara hummed a reply. She lay in his arms and stared in the direction where Sylvia walked off. There was a hint of anxiety and anger in her eyes.   Sylvia must be using her children to get close to Odell.   ‘That bitch! I should have made sure that she stayed dead back then!”  After Sylvia reached home, she received a call from Isabel.   She blurted out everything she heard from Tara after Sylvia left

  The next morning, Sylvia arrived at the studio like usual.   Everyone in the studio worked a flexible schedule, so she was usually the first to arrive. However, when she arrived today, she noticed the others were already there, and they were well-dressed

.   She was surprised at her colleagues, and so were they at her.   Betty, who she was rather close to, came to her and said, “Sylvia, why didn’t you dress up for the occasion?”  Curious, Sylvia asked, “What occasion?”  “Didn’t you see the message from the chat group last night? The boss is back, and he’s visiting the studio today. ”  Sylvia was slightly stunned before she hummed a reply. She thought it was an important event, but it was just the boss returning.   Noticing her nonchalance, Betty moved closer to her and whispered, “I heard our boss is still a bachelor. Even James and the guys dressed up, so why the frumpish look?”  Sylvia smiled and answered, “I have two kids, Betty. ”  Aside from having no intention of finding another man, even if there was an eligible bachelor attracted to her, he would probably leave after knowing she had two kids.   Betty obviously did not remember her children. The surprise on her face lasted for a moment before she switched the topic to the boss’s personality and so on. She told Sylvia to present herself before the boss when she got the chance  Everyone in the studio was interviewed by the boss himself as part of the recruitment process, except for Sylvia who had been interviewed by the veterans instead