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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Looking at Tara’s sour expression, Sylvia added, “ Tara Avery, you’ve done so many things yet Odell still refuses to divorce me. Even if you’re not upset, I’m upset for you. ” The fake smile on Tara’s face disappeared instantly. She glared venomously at Sylvia and spat, “Odell’s just thinks of you as entertainment. Once he grows bored of you, he’ll definitely divorce you and make your life a living hell! ” “You’re right. ” Sylvia laughed lightly. “But he’s unwilling to divorce me now, so he won’t be with you officially. ” “You… You b*tch!” Tara was trembling with rage. She wanted nothing more than to beat Sylvia up, but there were bodyguards everywhere so she could only resist her violent urges

” “A Rubik’s cube?” Odell was stunned for a moment. “Are you talking about the cube that Liam often plays with?” “Yes. ” Odell looked closer at the cube Sylvia was holding before he suddenly thought back to the cube he had stepped on the day before

. He had been angry that he had not realized it, but it had definitely been a finished carving of a Rubik’s cube that had been meant as a gift to Liam. The other carving that had resembled a crown must have also been meant for the children. At the realization, his chest grew tight. Then, he said, “It’ll be lunch time soon, continue carving after you’ve rested a little