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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Sylvia followed Odell into the dining room. The dining table had already been laid out with a sumptuous meal. Odell did not sit down immediately. Instead, he walked over to Sylvia as if to help her sit on the dining chair. At this, Sylvia quickly pulled herself up by her right leg. She did not want his help, much less have him touch her. However, in the next moment, a strong arm wrapped itself around her waist. Odell immediately carried her onto the chair at the table

Tara spat venomously, “Useless b*tch, just get lost right now!” The maid quickly turned and ran off. Just then, Tara’s phone suddenly rang. Once she saw who was calling, she quickly closed her bedroom door before answering the call

. Through the phone, Melanie’s voice could be heard asking, “ Tara, so many days have passed now. Has Master Carter divorced Sylvia Ross yet?” Tara was immediately reminded of what had happened that morning. That b*tch, Sylvia, had already had one of her legs broken because of Odell, yet she still dared to taunt and threaten her! Tara answered in annoyance, “Odell broke one of her legs but they’re still together