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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Chapter 2341

Chapter 2341(Finale) Amidst the laughter of the guests on stage, the two smoothly exchanged rings and then kissed each other. There was a round of applause from the stage as the priest announced that the ceremony was complete and the two were officially husband and wife! It was not until this moment that Zachary finally breathed a sigh of relief, revealing a bright smile and holding on to Charlotte. And Charlotte was so excited in his arms that she burst into tears! Three weddings, two times there were accidents, the first time something happened to her, the second time something happened to him, this time, it finally went smoothly. They finally became legally married. It’s a commonplace thing, but it took them a lot of hard work to get it, but that’s why they treasure this hard-earned happiness! On the stage, Danrique and Francesca looked at the pair and could not help but glance at each other, both of them feeling a lot of emotions in their hearts. Perhaps it was seeing others stay together even through hardships that makde them know how to cherish and understand the meaning of happiness better. Danrique held Francesca’s hand tightly and whispered in her ear, “Go back and let’s get married too. ” “Marriage is fine, but can we not get so many people?” Francesca looked around and frowned slightly, “I think getting married is our own business, it’s fine for us to hold a wedding as a family!” “No problem, it’s your call!” Danrique kissed her hair, seeing Zachary cast a gratifying glance, he also returned a gesture of thanks. Well, this brother-in-law deserved a lot of credit for being able to coax his wife this time! When the wedding was over, Ben greeted the guests and they dined on the open lawn. Zachary and Charlotte went to greet the other guests first and then accompanied Danrique’s family. It was hard to get together, and the six children went off to play off to the side in a frenzy. The six children went off to play on the side of the lawn

“In just a few months, you’ve become much more humane, and you’re speaking with humor. ” Zachary looked at him appreciatively. “That’s how it is when you spend a lot of time with children

. ” Danrique smiled a little helplessly, “Those three little children in my house are not at all weaker than their mommy’s fighting power, one is enough for me to suffer, and now there are three more, tossing me around so much that I-I have no more hostility!” “Hahahaha, good thing, good thing. ” The two men were laughing happily, on the other side, Francesca and Charlotte looked back at them, Francesca muttered, “What are these two men talking about? Laughing so happily. ” “Probably talking about us!” Charlotte said with a smile, “When men are with men, they either talk about business or women!” “Talking about us is fine, if we talk about other women, I’ll castrate him!” Francesca blurted out. Charlotte let out a “pfft” laugh. “Charlotte, what are you laughing at? Are you stupid because you think I’m not gentle enough?” Francesca asked in a hurry. “No, it’s quite good, that’s how you can cure my brother!” “Hey, hey, that’s. ” The two laughed heartily too, looking at the children in the distance, chasing playfully, their eyes like this winter sunshine, full of warmth. Maybe, happiness was so simple! They believed that the happiness of Zachary and Charlotte, Danrique and Francesca, would continue on forever. -The End-