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Mommy Super Cool Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Provocation The familiar joke managed to amuse the guests and made everyone laugh, thereby lightening up the atmosphere. “Come on, everyone! Let’s have a toast!” Gianna raised her glass, but Silas snatched her glass again and stared at Brian to imply something. “There is no use regretting things that were meant to happen. Anyway, Gianna has drunk more than enough, so I’ll drink on her behalf.” Nonetheless, Brian only stayed still and glared at Silas who wasn’t bothered at all as he continued what he had been doing No one else dared to mess with Silas anymore as they finished the ceremony without a hitch. Soon, Silas approached a waiter and ordered some tea for Oliver. “Here. You should feel better after drinking this.” Meanwhile, Gianna took a peek at those sitting around the table, feeling a little embarrassed as she didn’t know how to turn them down. Therefore, she decided to drink the tea without much hesitation. On the other hand, Kate noticed Melanie leaning forward to Landon, seemingly whispering something to him. In the next moment, she was seen leaning even closer to the man with a bashful Took on her face, thus Kate couldn’t help but think they were flirting with each other. Instantly, Kate was overwhelmed by depression, so she decided to walk away to the restroom to have some solitude. However, it wasn’t long until Melanie came in as well. Deep down, Kate didn’t really like this lady, not only because she was Landon’s girlfriend, but also she knew they wouldn’t get along with each other well. After all, it was easy for two women with clashing natures to fly into a rage as soon as either of them said the wrong word. Nonetheless, Melanie was deemed to be a honey-tongued lady who was good at winning a man’s heart by flirting. On the other hand, Kate was the total opposite as she was impulsive and ill-tempered. She would even get physical at times when she found herself at odds with someone. Therefore, it was understandable why Melanie’s meek nature would be the preferred type by men to her headstrong character. *Are you alright, Katie?” Melanie caringly asked when she saw Kate standing near the basin top. “I’m fine.” Kate shook her head. “You don’t look so good. I guess you must’ve probably drunk a little more than you can handle,” Melanie worriedly replied with a pair of furrowed brows. “It’s no big deal. My cheeks flush every time I drink,” said Kate who was deliberately touching her face. In a caring manner, Melanie gave her a piece of advice, “You need to stop drinking then. Men aren’t going to like how you look right now.” Her words made Kate knit her eyebrows. “What does that have to do with drinking? Look at Gianna. Men like her even though she drinks. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so everyone is entitled to his own feelings and opinions.” Frustrated, Kate turned around and headed toward the exit, but soon heard Melanie sniggering. “I don’t know how the others feel, but I do know how Landon feels.” Kate didn’t want to listen to her nonsense, but it seemed that she wasn’t in control of her own legs as she stopped in her tracks and looked back in curiosity. At this time, Melanie was seen fixing her makeup with lipstick in front of the mirror for a while. After that, she placed her lipstick back into her purse and turned around slowly, winking at her in mischief. “I’m his cup of tea, the type that he likes. We usually do it three to four times every night until I beg him to stop. His performance in bed is the best I’ve ever seen.” Melanie added with a smile, “Landon told me he is not interested in any other woman because only I can turn him on. So, don’t you think he is crazy over me?” Melanie’s words made Kate’s blood boil with anger as she was now certain that this was an attempt to provoke her. With a glacial expression, she said, “I don’t know whether he likes you, but I do know that you’re disgusting and shameless.”