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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 125 A Business Trip

Nestled in Carlos' arms, Debbie shook her head and murmured, "You didn't wake me up. Hear that buzz? Someone sent messages in group chat. " Debbie was usually a light sleeper, and the person who had awakened her was none other than Jared. He met a girl recently and couldn't stop posting selfies with her in group chat on WeChat. He just wanted to show off. Hearing that, Carlos furrowed his eyebrows and reached out to grab her phone to find out who was to blame. Debbie somewhat unsuccessfully tried to keep her phone away from him. She was wrapped in the sheets, and he could reach across the bed easily. Afraid that Carlos might punish Jared again, Debbie immediately grabbed his hand and said in a charming manner, "Honey, it's no big deal. A friend of mine is overexcited about his S. Baby, I'm still really sleepy, and it's cold in here. Snuggle?" Carlos realized she was covering for someone, so he went along with it. He curled his lips, got onto the bed and lay down beside his wife. He felt really uncomfortable now. He thought about taking a look at her phone, but somehow it didn't seem worth the effort. Debbie rested her head on his arm and wrapped her arm around his waist. A satisfied smile found its way to her face. "It's Sunday, but you worked all day. You must be tired. " Debbie reached out her hand and stroked his face, concern showing in her eyes. Carlos grabbed her hand and put it inside the warm quilt. "No, not really. Close your eyes and get some rest. You have a yoga class tomorrow morning. " The yoga class started early the next morning, so Debbie needed to get up earlier than usual. She liked to sleep late. If she didn't get to sleep now, she wouldn't be awake enough for the class. "Okay. Night, Honey. " She closed her eyes obediently and dozed off in his arms within a couple of minutes. She was tired, and the warm bed was inviting. If she had any dreams, she didn't remember them. The next morning, since Debbie had to head to the college and Carlos had an important meeting, neither of them could drive Tabitha to the airport. So Damon offered to drive her there. Debbie and Tabitha were saying their goodbyes at the gates of the villa when Damon's car pulled up. He greeted them playfully, "Wow, two beautiful ladies! Good morning!" Debbie waved her hand at him. "Morning, Damon. " Tabitha's smile grew wider when she saw Damon. "I've been here all this time, and you never came by. " Damon gave Tabitha a hug and clutched his chest melodramatically. "Tabitha, you wound me. I heard you came to Y City, so I took the red-eye to get here. At least I can drive you to the airport. You know I wouldn't be able to eat or sleep if I didn't see you at least once. " Tabitha shook her head and sighed, "You silver-tongued devil. No wonder you had so many girlfriends. " "Shhh!" Damon raised his index finger and put it against his lips. In a low voice, he added, "I have a fiancee now. I'm a respectable man. We don't talk about that anymore

" Back then, Debbie had eaten plate after plate of dessert for more than half an hour without stopping once, which amazed Carlos. 'What? Cruiser? Wait. I remember now

. ' Debbie snapped, "Leave me alone about that! It was all Jared's fault. Once we got on board, he went after two girls and left me alone. I couldn't do anything but eat. " Then she remembered how Carlos had treated her back then. "Wait a minute. How dare you mention the cruiser! You ordered your men to throw me overboard!" Debbie said through gritted teeth. "You should've told me who you were back then!" Carlos defended himself. He felt so lucky right now that Debbie could swim. Otherwise, he would not be living a happy life now. He was grateful that she was in his life, and that she wanted to stay with him. "So it was my fault you didn't recognize your own wife?""It was my fault, Honey. I'm really sorry. I swear I won't do stupid things in the future. " Anxiousness could be heard in his tone. Debbie accepted his apology and said, "Okay! I forgive you—this time. " She wasn't hurt by the incident, but she was still humiliated. "So should I say thank you?""Of course. But since we're family, don't be so polite. Haha. " Standing under a big tree, Debbie raised her head to look at the sun streaming through the leaves and flashed a big smile. Family. For the first time, the word meant a lot to Carlos. "Will you miss me?""Of course, Honey. "Raymond Grand Hotel was a five-star hotel. Even driving up to it, you could see the 10 acres of blooming gardens, not to mention the gazebo and fish pond. And of course it had a richly appointed lounge and restaurant. The wealthy and shameless rubbed elbows here. As darkness fell outside, luxurious cars stopped in front of the hotel gates one after another. Men and women in designer threads entered the hotel. The Kasee Group had booked the entire hotel for its fiftieth anniversary. More than 1, 000 guests could be seen everywhere—in the main hall, in the garden, etc. While the CEO of the Kasee Group made an opening speech in the main hall, the PR team responsible for receiving the guests waited at the hotel gates. The team leader raised her wrist to check the time. The dinner had already been going on for about seven minutes, but their special guests hadn't arrived yet. Their boss had specifically instructed them to treat the two guests with utmost respect. The next moment, a red Pagani sports car raced along and stopped abruptly before the gates. When she saw the car, the team leader realized the guests had arrived. It must be Emmett of the ZL Group and their mystery guest. With a big smile, she led her companions forward to greet them. The girl in the driver's seat was none other than Debbie. Her head almost bumped into the steering wheel when the car stopped. But she was late, and she didn't want to be any later than this. The man in the passenger seat was in the same situation. His heart rate skyrocketed. He patted his chest to calm himself down and said, "Alright! Here at last!"