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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 281 A Critical Moment

'A man entered the room? I must find Kasie soon! Room 1206. Where is Room 1206?' Debbie ran in a panic. Soon, she found the room, but the door was locked. "Open the door! Kasie, open the door! Are you in there, Kasie?" She kicked the door several times, but it wouldn't budge. She tried to calm down and kept telling herself, "Debbie, keep cool! Don't panic. " Although she was still unable to get through to Carlos, she could contact his assistant. She pulled out her phone and called Tristan. "There's a hotel in the same building as the tea house. Do you know the hotel's name?" she asked in a hurry. She hadn't paid any attention to the hotel when she had arrived. "Please wait, Mrs. Huo. Zelda, there's a hotel in the same building as the tea house. What's its name? Mrs. Huo, it's called the Cade Hotel. " At that moment, the doors of the lift opened and several security guards stepped out, running towards Debbie. Her heart pounding, she said into the phone quickly, "Have someone give me the key to Room 1206 right away! Hurry up! Kasie is in danger!" "Yes, Mrs. Huo!" Tristan answered quickly. "Miss, is it you who stirred up trouble and beat up our employee?" the head security guard asked in a rough voice. They were about to take Debbie away from there. Debbie took a deep breath and told them in a calm voice, "I'm Carlos Huo's wife, Debbie Nian. My friend is in this room, and she's in danger. Open this door! Now!" "Mrs. Huo?" The guard eyed her from head to toe. "Yes, I know Mrs. Huo's name. But, can you prove that you are Debbie Nian?" 'How can I prove that?' Debbie was losing her patience. She yelled at them, "I didn't bring my ID card. Open this damn door right now! If something bad happens to my friend, my husband will not spare any of you!" She was on the verge of tears, but none of the guards moved. Obviously, they still didn't believe her. She kicked the door again and demanded through gritted teeth, "Open the fucking door! Open it!" The head security guard spoke into his intercom. "Mr. Liu, a lady on the twelfth floor claims to be Mrs. Huo and is asking us to open the door to Room 1206. Please come over and check if she is telling the truth. " Tristan had just called Mr. Liu, the manager of the hotel. The manager immediately told him, "She IS Mrs. Huo! Open the damn door! Quick!" The guard called a cleaning lady over and opened the door with the master key. Debbie barged in first. The light had been switched off and it was pitch dark inside

Huo. ' He couldn't afford to offend Debbie and answered humbly, "Yes, Mrs. What can I do for you?""I have already called the police

. Have your men guard this room and make sure no one takes him away except the police. " She was not going to let Lewis off the hook this time. "Er. " The manager hesitated for a second, and then nodded, "Sure, Mrs. Huo. ""Thank you. " Despite Lewis' pleas, Debbie carried Kasie to the parking lot with the two guards. Debbie wanted to drive the car herself, but Kasie was behaving restlessly in the back seat. She had to give the car keys to one of the guards and sat in the back to take care of Kasie. The guard drove the car to a nearby hospital. Debbie held Kasie in her arms and kept coaxing her, "Kasie, don't worry. We'll arrive at the hospital soon. "Kasie's body was burning, and it made Debbie's heart ache. She swore that she wouldn't let Lewis go even if the Huo family was against it. "Debbie. help me. call. Emmett. " Kasie was unable to resist the fire in her body. She bit her lips so hard that they started bleeding. She then bit her arm to ease the desire. After a moment's hesitation, Debbie called Emmett, who had just gotten off the plane and was on his way to the company. "Emmett, something has happened. Where are you?"Emmett's heart skipped a beat. "What's wrong? Mrs. Huo, are you in any trouble?""It's Kasie. Talk to her yourself. "Debbie put her phone near Kasie's ear. With all her strength, Kasie managed to say, "Emmett. I'm not feeling so well. "Her weak voice broke Emmett's heart. "What happened? Where are you, Kasie? I'm coming to you. I just got off the plane. "But Kasie collapsed again. Debbie grabbed the phone and told Emmett, "Someone drugged her. I'm taking her to the hospital. "