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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 162 A Fabulous Jared

Carlos' only comment was, "What a good wife!" Two days later, an eight-million-dollar Maserati was delivered to the villa. Debbie realized that Carlos took everything seriously. After that, she made a mental note to think before opening her mouth. Right now, she wandered around in the garage, searching for a cheap car, but it seemed that the Porsche Cayman was the cheapest one among them. She got the keys to the car from a locker and sped away from the manor in the Porsche. When she reached the Shining International Plaza, her friends were already waiting for her. She was the last one to arrive. Jared placed his phone close to her face and complained, "Look what time it is! I got out of bed so we could go shopping, and I end up waiting for half an hour. My ass is frozen!" Dixon cast him a sidelong look and was ruthless in exposing his lie. "Actually, I and Kristina have been waiting that long. You just got here. You've been here maybe five minutes tops. " Embarrassed, Jared took his phone back and wrapped his arm around Dixon's neck. "I'm your friend. How could you do that to me? I'll kill you. " Debbie always had a good time when she was with her friends. "Hey, big guy, don't bully Doctor," she laughed. "Right. You won't lay a hand on Tomboy, so you bully my boyfriend instead. Cut it out, Jared!" Kristina pulled Dixon out of Jared's grip and massaged his neck. The rest of the group giggled. It took a long time for Kasie to decide what to buy for her boyfriend. Then they walked into a clothing shop. While the girls were trying on some clothes, the boys played games on their phones as they waited. The nice thing was that the chairs had charger cords that were compatible with their phones. So they were able to maintain a charge while playing some of the more intensive games. The chairs were comfortable as well. When the picture revealing Carlos' marriage was exposed to the public, Debbie accidentally set the fashion trend. Once again, Carlos' influence shocked her. Since she was wearing a white sweater and casual shoes in the pic that was posted on his Weibo page, both the shoes and the sweater had become a trend. Later, in the shop, while Debbie and Kristina were picking out clothes for Kasie, some women specifically told the shop assistants to fetch them some white clothes. She thought it was actually wild. Usually, people were seen mixing fashions both modern and ancient, but still this trend surprised her some. It wasn't odd at all to ask for white clothes. What surprised Debbie was some of the conversations revolving around the clothing. "I'm not sure if Mr. Huo has a thing for white sweaters, but I'm sure he doesn't hate them. So if I wear something like that, maybe he'll think I'm hot," one of those women said with a dreamy smile. "Mrs. Huo and I have similar figures. If I wear my hair in a bun and put on a white sweater and a pair of casual shoes like she was wearing, people might think I'm her

If they were carrying beverages, they would have done a spit take. With so many colors adorning his head, Jared was definitely the most dramatic person in the mall. Everyone was looking at him

. He liked being the center of attention, and today was no exception. In fact, that was why he dyed his hair that way. Disdainfully, Dixon stepped away from him as soon as they walked out of the shop. However, as if oblivious to the stunned look in his friends' eyes, Jared stalked towards the girls, gloating, and made sheep's eyes at them while stroking his eye-catching, colorful hair. "Hey, ladies, how do you like my new hairdo? Dank, huh? You want me, don't you? The struggle is real. "With his height, he stood out among people whenever he was in the streets. He dwarfed most of the population, and you could usually pick him out of a crowd. Jared was rightfully proud of this fact. Now, with eight lines in eight different colors crisscrossing on his head, he was like a bizarre, huge walking magnet, attracting attention everywhere he went. You could find every primary color in his hair: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and white. Every color but one—black. Debbie's mouth twitched. "I think you'll break the Internet with that!"Kasie rolled her widened eyes. "Jared, I don't think you need a barber. You need a shrink. "Kristina pulled Dixon close to her and demanded, "Stay away from my boyfriend. You're a bad influence. If you stay outside long enough, a unicorn will come along looking for their rainbow. "Jared looked at them and countered, "You kids don't get it. This is art! Besides, it'll be Spring Festival soon. I want to have a festive hairdo. And my old man will be happy to see it. When Pappy's happy, I get tons of cash for my allowance. Then the $10, 000 I spent on it will be worth it. "Kristina's eyes almost popped out. "$10, 000? For a haircut? That's nuts!" Jared pointed at Debbie. "Ask her husband why everything in the Shining International Plaza is so damn expensive. A haircut alone costs hundreds. But apparently it's the going rate, since the cutting is done by A-list stylists. " He grinned. Debbie reminded him, "Slow down, pretty boy. You made yourself so colorful. Sure your dad won't mistake you for fireworks and set you off over New Year?"The others roared in laughter. Jared was a little worried when he heard what Debbie had said. "Debbie, can you come home with me later?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Why? Do you want me and your dad to set you off together?"Jared scolded, "Knock it off! If you go home with me, my dad will go easy on me for your husband's sake. "