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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 52 A Good Kisser

Amused by Jared's reaction, Debbie winked at him and teased, "So now you've realized that you made a big mistake, huh? Can you imagine what Carlos would do to you if he thought you were having an affair with me? I'm really curious to find out. " All of a sudden, Carlos turned around and glared at Debbie. Immediately, she sat up straight and looked forward at the screen. His cold eyes made her feel like she was lying on a bed of nails. 'Oh my God! Why is he looking at me like that? His gaze is sharp enough to see right through my soul, ' she thought. It was not until then that she realized Carlos came to teach in the university for her. He made sure that Debbie had to attend all of his classes and he was even strict enough to give her trouble if she tried to cut classes. Just as she had expected, Debbie was asked to go to Carlos' office when the class came to an end. She gave Jared her books and told him, "Go buy some firecrackers when you have time. " "Firecrackers? What for?" Jared was confused. "When Carlos quits teaching, I'll set off firecrackers to celebrate the glorious moment. " Jared stood there without a word, unable to comprehend what Debbie was trying to accomplish. In truth, he felt pity for Carlos, because he was the one who'd have to spend the rest of his life with a bad girl like Debbie. In Carlos' office Carlos walked in and placed Debbie's phone on the desk, the screen of which was now locked. "Unlock your phone!" he demanded coldly. An idea popped up in her head just as Debbie reached out her hand to grab her phone. However, he quickly grabbed her hand and threatened, "If you don't unlock it, I'll unlock you this evening. " 'Unlock me? What does he mean by that? It must be one of his dirty jokes again!' Feeling embarrassed, Debbie forced a fake smile and said, "All right. " In the blink of an eye, just as Carlos released her hand, she grabbed her phone and dashed towards the door. A cold voice from behind pulled her to a halt. "Look at your phone first. Then you may decide whether you want to run away or not. " 'What? Look at my phone?' Without further delay, Debbie unlocked her phone and looked over the messages between her and Hayden. Much to her surprise, somehow the conversation had continued even after her phone had been confiscated by Carlos. The last message she had read from Hayden said, "I'll be in Y City at 3 p. I can help you make up for the missed lessons. You still haven't forgotten about me, right?" Unfortunately, Carlos had taken her phone away before she could send a reply. However, now she was looking at a reply on her phone screen that said— "My husband can help me make up for missed lessons. " To which Hayden had replied, "Deb, you must be kidding me, right? Are you still mad at me? To be honest, no ordinary man would have the audacity to date a girl like you. " Debbie was spitting fire when she saw this. She took a deep breath and continued reading. The last message sent from her phone was, "My husband is not an ordinary man. " Hayden hadn't replied to that message. Perhaps he believed that she had married some other man. 'Carlos wrote these messages himself? When did he do it? How did I not see him?' When she looked at the time logs of the messages, Debbie was surprised to find that Carlos had sent the messages while he was still lecturing to them in class. Debbie remained calm. In fact, she was surprised by her own ability to stay calm in such a moment. If it were in the past, she would have already broken his bones. But the truth was, she was no match for him in martial arts

Damon Han was shocked and dazed by what Carlos had to say about his wife. It wasn't until Carlos kicked him in the leg that he came back to his senses. "A girl who is seven years younger than you? Don't rob the cradle, Carlos

. She is too young for you. I've never heard you mention any women before. This was the first time we've ever talked about women, and you're telling me that she is seven years younger than you? And she's so willful and unruly. Are you sure you want me to teach you how to court her?"Carlos cast a freezing glance at his old friend and said, "Cut the crap!""Fine!" Damon Han, the infamous playboy, had lots of experience with women, and perhaps that was why Carlos sought his advice. He sat straight and said to Carlos in a serious tone, "Women love money, and you happen to have lots of it. Why don't you just use your money?"Carlos had supported Debbie for three years. But now she had been asking for a divorce instead of asking for money. Furthermore, she even wanted to pay back all the money that she owed him in the past three years. Last time, when Debbie ran out of money, she asked her friend for help instead of going to her rich husband. Even after Carlos had given her his bank card, she refused him without hesitation. Only when he threatened her did she agree to take his card. That was just the kind of person Debbie was. Suffice it to say, money wouldn't work for Carlos. "She doesn't want my money," he answered in a cold voice. Damon Han shook his head in disbelief. He never thought such a girl could exist—a girl who could refuse Carlos Huo and his boundless wealth. "Win her over with your body! You are a handsome man with a great body," Damon Han suggested. The number of women who wanted to marry Carlos could fill the whole Pacific Ocean. Despite his unwillingness, Carlos decided to tell the truth. "She has no interest in me. "The truth was, Carlos had tried to seduce her with his handsome face and strong body before. But to his disappointment, she had turned him down. The fact that she didn't have any feelings for him was a hard pill to swallow, but he had come to terms with the truth. Damon Han choked and almost spit out the wine in his mouth. With a mischievous gleam in his eyes, he said, "I'm starting to like her. Let me give it a try. ""She's my wife!" Carlos cast him a murderous glance. "What? She's from the Nian family?" Damon Han thought to himself, 'The girl is from the Nian family? Jared's good friend is also from the Nian family. Could they be the same person? What did Jared say her name is?' "Is your wife Debbie Nian?" Damon Han probed. Carlos looked at him and nodded. "What a coincidence! Your wife is my brother's best friend. Hahaha! I can imagine how you feel now. " Damon Han and Jared shared the same father but had different mothers. Perhaps being a womanizer and being good with women ran in the family.