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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 280 A Life-Or-Death Situation

Debbie was lost in her complicated thoughts when Zelda dropped by to give her an invitation. "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo was afraid that you might be bored at home and asked me to give you the invitation to a tea party held by the wife of a high-ranking official. " Ignoring what Zelda had said, Debbie grabbed her hand and asked anxiously, "Why is Carlos' phone switched off?" With an embarrassed smile, Zelda answered, "I have no idea either, Mrs. Huo. Maybe his battery is dead. " "Tell me the truth!" Zelda sighed helplessly, "Mrs. Huo, I really have no clue. I'm not Mr. Huo's personal assistant. My answer will be the same even if you ask me another ten times. " Seeing her sincere expression, Debbie gave up. "All right. Thanks. Bye, Zelda," she said in a hushed voice. Zelda bade her goodbye and drove off. Looking at the invitation in her hand, Debbie puckered her mouth. She was in no mood to go to the party. She knew that the guests would be a bunch of gossiping women who would act all elegant and aloof on the surface. Kasie, however, liked to attend these kinds of parties. So Debbie called her and offered, "Hi Kasie. Carlos' assistant, Zelda, just brought me an invitation to a tea party. Would you like to go?" "A tea party? Is it Mrs. Jiang's?" Debbie took a closer look and saw the name on the invitation. "Yep. " "Yeah! I'll go! Why don't you go along with me? Mrs. Jiang is really fond of holding parties, and she hires Michelin star chefs to prepare the food. Come on, foodie! Join me!" Kasie said in a cheerful tone. Debbie was not at all in a good mood because of Carlos' sudden disappearance. She told Kasie in a low voice, "If it weren't for Carlos' injury, I would've already been on a flight to England. I'm in no mood for some stupid tea party. " She hated mingling with those hypocrites. She was afraid that she might end up having a row with some of them. Kasie didn't give up. "Come on. If you stay at home alone, you will get more and more dejected. Just ask Zelda if she can give you an extra invitation. We can attend the party together. If she can't, then you'll have to go alone. " Sighing in defeat, Debbie agreed to accompany her. Zelda soon came back, holding another invitation with Kasie's name on it. That evening, Debbie and Kasie arrived at the tea party together. She gave Kasie one of the invitations

Kasie didn't pay much attention to her because she didn't know the lady. The next thing she knew, the woman grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth and nose with the handkerchief. After wriggling to get out for a while, Kasie passed out

. She didn't know how long she had been unconscious. When she came to, she felt someone throw her onto a bed. She struggled to open her eyes, but there was no lighting in the room. Too sleepy, she closed her eyes again. She wanted to cry out for help, but she had no strength left. And her body felt like it was on fire. Before long, she heard someone open a door. Her head was spinning so fast. She wanted to look who it was, but she didn't even have the strength to open her eyes anymore. After she heard some rustling of clothes, a person pressed against her. She wanted to struggle and yell, but she was too weak to defend herself. There was a sudden loud sound, and she passed out once again. As Debbie was struggling to find Kasie, a girl came running towards her. Debbie recognized her. They had attended a dinner party together some time back. It was at that party that Debbie had splashed wine at Olga and Portia. Olga had tried to spill wine back at Debbie, but the latter had dodged and the wine had spilled all over this girl. She had been a little chubby back then. But now, she was a lot thinner. That girl had been looking for Debbie as well. Upon seeing her, she said anxiously, "I saw a woman take your friend to the lift, and it stopped on the twelfth floor. You better hurry. Something was not right with your friend. "Debbie thanked her and rushed to the lift. When she reached the twelfth floor, she was dumbfounded by all the similar-looking doors. She didn't know which room Kasie was in. 'Kasie, I'm here. You're gonna be okay. Wait for me!' Debbie prayed. She stopped a passing waiter and asked him in a hurry, "Two women came by here not too long ago. Which room are they in?""Sorry, Miss. We value our guests' privacy," the waiter said. Debbie was on the brink of a meltdown. "Tell me! This is a life-or-death situation!""I'm really sorry. " The waiter was frightened, but he insisted that he couldn't disclose the information. Debbie was at her limits. She pinned him against the wall and punched him in the face once. "I won't stop until you tell me their room number," she threatened. Two more punches later, the waiter cried and said, "They are in Room 1206. A man just entered the room. "