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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 212 A Matter Of Trust

Carlos took Debbie's chin between his thumb and forefinger, forcing her to look him in the eye. "You still have the guts to yell at me after I caught you making out with Hayden! Make egg tarts for him? If I hadn't come back, he would have already fucked you. Huh?" Smack! The sound of a slap reverberated in the car. Startled, Emmett almost lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. He didn't think his boss would slap Debbie, so the person who got hit was. Maybe Carlos had really spoiled Debbie. She slapped him, and she was not afraid of what he might do next. Sometimes, she really acted like a little brat. Still not willing to make a concession, she went on, "You thought I wouldn't hit you, didn't you? Don't you forget what you did the other night—you were at the manor cooking noodles for Megan in the freaking middle of the night. If I hadn't called and asked you to come back, you would have banged her that night. Am I right, Mr. President?" She said his title acidly, indicating that she did not approve, and was mocking him. Although his face didn't swell, somehow she still felt uncomfortable after she slapped him. She wished she could stroke his face, but she was too proud to do so. Besides, that would be conceding to him, and she wanted him to know how mad she was. Carlos' gaze was so cold, so piercing that Debbie thought she would be dead if eyes could kill. "Why are you looking at me like that? I'm telling the truth. Don't say things like that. I won't take it lying down. " Her voice trailed off. He pulled her into his arms rudely. Caught off guard, Debbie was shocked and yelled, "What are you doing? Let. ugh. me. go!" Carlos pressed a button, and the interior screen rose. Then he lowered his head and bit her lips savagely. At this point, he was beyond reason. Not a savage, but a thoughtless, brutal animal. She was his woman, and needed to be taught a lesson. The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital owned by ZL Group. Two minutes passed, and the two people got out of the car. Debbie's lips were red and swollen, while there was a tooth mark on Carlos'. 'Wow! They must have really gone at it, ' thought Emmett. Carlos took Debbie to the obstetrics and gynecology department. Upon seeing the sign, she thought he took her here because he cared for her, and her heart softened. She regretted slapping him. 'He does care for me. He just has a short fuse, huh?' she thought to herself happily. Two older doctors stood up and came over to greet Carlos. Carlos, however, dragged Debbie to his side and said coldly, "There's something wrong with her period. " The doctors immediately got his point. Debbie blushed, and stammered, "It's not a big deal. It's probably because I always stay up late

I need another test. If it turns out I haven't been taking the pills, I'll sue you!" Carlos cast a glance at her and said, "I said, there's no need for that. Let's go home

. " "No! I'm not going home. I need another test! They can't just lie about me like that. " Debbie had seen disappointment in Carlos' eyes when the doctor said she had been taking birth control pills. She wanted to clear her name. Carlos, however, turned around and left. Debbie overtook him and said anxiously, "Carlos, I only took the pill once. Trust me. " "Trust you?" Carlos stopped. "I wanted to trust you. But someone saw you taking the pill. " Debbie couldn't believe her ears. "Really? Who? Where did I take the pill? East City Villa? I just took it once!" Carlos reached out his hand and stroked her face while asking, "It's been years. But you still can't forget him, right?"Her gut feeling told her that he was referring to Hayden. "God, you just won't let that go. I broke up with Hayden years ago, and I—"Withdrawing his hand, Carlos interrupted her. "I didn't even say who I was referring to, but. " Disappointment was written all over his face. Debbie was at a loss for words. Carlos left the hospital, but Debbie didn't. She insisted on having another test. They got the results quickly. When Debbie saw the papers, Carlos had just been gone for half an hour. The doctor pointed to a graph and said, "Mrs. Huo, this index suggests that you've been taking birth control pills a lot. Not once, not twice. How could you not know about it?" Obviously, he didn't believe what Debbie said. 'A lot?'Debbie was dumbstruck. She sat on the bench in the corridor for a long time, papers in her hands. She really couldn't figure it out. 'Is there a possibility that the food I ate had some of the same ingredients?' she thought. She went to the doctor and asked him about that. The doctor said, "Even if some shady vendors powered the pills and sprinkled them onto vegetables and fruits to make them grow faster and you happened to have eaten them, the index still wouldn't be that high. We can only conclude you have been taking the pills frequently. "When a sad and dejected Debbie walked out of the hospital, Emmett was waiting for her. Upon seeing her, he trotted towards her and asked, "Mrs. Huo, are you alright?"Instead of answering his question, she asked, "Where's Carlos?"With an embarrassed smile, Emmett stammered, "Mr. Huo. had something he had to deal with. He asked me to drive you back home. "