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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 102 A Poor Virgin

'Yeah, he's hooked!' Debbie was elated, but holding back a smile, she pretended to be angry. "Carlos Huo, how dare you allow another girl to sit on your lap?" Carlos' jaw dropped. 'What a cunning girl! I can't keep up with her varying tactics, ' he thought. Debbie was about to stand when Carlos pulled her waist and said in a serious manner, "I can assure you that I will not allow anyone else to sit on my lap. This place is owned by you and you only. " The seriousness in his eyes stunned her. How would you feel if a handsome and charming man expressed his love for you? You would get excited, of course. Debbie was no exception. Words left her as she was drowned in Carlos' eyes. She could not get herself to look away. After a long time, she finally spoke. "Carlos Huo, I want to make love to you. " His eyes darkened at her words as he held her tighter. "You naughty girl!" She seduced him even when she had her period. When she realized that she had her flow, she sheepishly added, "I don't mean right now, I mean in a week or so. " Carlos, struck with desire, took the cup of milk tea from her hand, placed it on a table, laid her on the couch and pressed his body against her. "Don't, Carlos! Please. " He was about to kiss her on the lips when the door was opened from outside. Debbie turned scarlet. Carlos cast a burning glance at Curtis, who stood in stunned disbelief. "Mr. Lu, why are you back so soon?" Carlos said, his voice was as cold as ice. After saying that, he sat upright and helped Debbie up as if nothing had happened. Leaning against the door frame, Curtis replied, "I got news that you were in my office so I came here to meet you. I didn't expect you to be driven by lust so early in the day. " Carlos' glare immediately shut him up. Embarrassed, Debbie stood up from the couch, picked up her milk tea and apologized to Curtis sincerely. "I'm sorry, Mr. Lu. Please don't get us wrong. I was not feeling well and Carlos came here to send me the milk tea. Er. I'd better go back to class now so you two can talk. " Curtis couldn't believe his ears. A busy CEO left work just to deliver a cup of milk tea for his wife? He shook his head and asked, "Mr. Huo, since when were you so available?" Carlos grabbed Debbie's hand and answered casually, "When my wife wants milk tea, I will give her milk tea, even if I were abroad. " Despite being a gentleman, Curtis wanted to yell at him so badly and dismiss him from his office. Staying in control of his emotions, he instead managed to respond, "Whatever makes you happy. " 'I always took him for a serious man. As it turns out, he tends to be a show-off when he's in love, ' Curtis thought

The villa went ablaze with lights. A dozen people were busy in the living room but immediately stopped what they were doing when they spotted their boss at the gates. "Mr

. Huo," they greeted. Only the servants in the villa also greeted Debbie, "Mrs. Huo. "The others were stunned upon hearing their companions' greeting and immediately looked to see the girl in Carlos' arms. 'When did Mr. Huo get married? How come this news did not reach us?' they thought. "Mrs. Huo," they followed, anyway. Debbie nodded, feeling a bit awkward. After noticing what they were doing, she turned to Carlos and asked in confusion, "Carlos, what—"He put her down, grabbed her hand and led her to a rack where several pieces of clothing were hanging. "Sorry, I forgot to ask them to send your winter clothes here. Check these ones out. Do you like them?" he asked. It completely escaped him that Debbie needed clothes. Usually, his assistant, Zelda, took care of matters like these. It was not until he saw her blood-stained pants that he realized what he overlooked. He swore to himself that he would pay more attention to his wife in the future. 'There are so many racks with at least dozens of pieces of clothing. Are all of these for me?' Debbie wondered in awe. "You bought me so many autumn clothes last time. I haven't even gotten to wear some of them. I don't need new clothes; it's a waste of money and resources," she said. She felt as if she were in a boutique. Carlos didn't respond. While Debbie was skimming through her options, he started pointing at pieces and ordering, "This, this, this. Put them into my wife's wardrobe. ""No, wait! I haven't tried them on yet!" Debbie exclaimed, grabbing one of the pieces. "I don't have a perfect figure so I need to try them on first to make sure they look good on me. "Carlos grabbed her hand to lead her to the second floor. "You won't be able to try all of them on in hours. That's too much trouble. " Then, he turned to one of the servants and ordered, "Put all of them in Debbie's wardrobe. ""How will I know whether they fit if I don't try them on? It's too wasteful," she protested. "I won't get back to it next time," Carlos replied. "What?" Debbie asked, confused.