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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 175 A Young And Beautiful Businesswoman

After Hayden, several key guests made their speeches as well, including Olga. It was not until then that Debbie knew Olga was the general manager of her family business despite her young age. Besides, her short resume as presented read like someone who was already carving out a name for herself in business. As Debbie followed the proceedings, her heart beat faster, her mind pondering on what she was going to say on the podium. Before long, it was her turn. "The last person I'm going to introduce is Miss Debbie Nian, the legal representative and largest shareholder of Orchid Private Club, legal representative of Angel's Love Foundation, and the CEO of Decar Cosmetics. Let's welcome Miss Debbie Nian. " To calm her nerves down, Debbie took a deep breath and let go of Sasha's hand, who had been encouraging her all this time. With confidence, she then strode on the red carpet, ignoring all the heads turning around her and hushed whispers across the auditorium. "She looks so young. How old is she? For her tender age, the titles are a little too many. Must be through some powerful influence, somewhere. " "I thought the legal representative and the largest shareholder of Orchid Private Club was Brooks Huo. Since when did this little known girl take them over?" "I've never heard of her before. What's her real background?" "I guess she must be some powerful man's mistress. " "Stop your speculations! She's related to Mr. Huo," said a man in a raspy, deep voice. He had had dinner with Carlos and Debbie before, and he knew she was Mrs. Huo. Through it all, Debbie remained calm. Although she correctly guessed what people were saying in hushed tones, she reminded herself to focus on the task at hand and not be carried away by sideshows. Gracefully, she made her way to the podium, keeping as calm as possible. She must pay attention to her demeanor; after all, she represented Carlos. Once she got the microphone from the host, she took a deep breath and began her speech with a deliberately slow, emphatic speed of delivery. The audience fell silent, eager to know what she would bring to the table. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Debbie Nian. I deem it a great honor for me to come here and be part of this auspicious occasion. First and foremost, I must acknowledge that I'm relatively new in the industry, and as such, I would appreciate your guidance. " In all, her words were modest and sincere. Most importantly, she was a pretty lady with brains. The party began to warm up. A CEO of some company joked, "Miss Nian, you are such a young and beautiful businesswoman. In all honesty, you'll have the world at your feet. We are willing to guide you in any aspect in the future. Miss Nian, I hope you may give me a VIP card for Orchid Private Club. " Most people took his words for a light moment. With a sweet smile, Debbie replied playfully, "Everyone here is a big shot in Y City. My humble club will be honored by your presence. I promise that you'll all get a VIP card for the club

He clenched his fists and asked in a cold voice, "Deb, the assistant gave you all this, huh? If you need this, I can give you more. "Hayden had no idea how Emmett managed to make Debbie the largest shareholder of Orchid Private Club. All the same, he had to admit that the man was really nice to her

. Debbie was confused. 'The assistant? Who? Ah, I get it. He must be referring to Emmett. ' "Although I major in Economics and Management, I don't like business," she said. The only reason she ended up at the Economics and Management School was that Carlos had arranged for it, through Philip. So as not to disappoint Carlos, she had agreed to switch from her preferred course without complaining. After all, she lived in dependence on him. Looking Debbie in the eye, Hayden said in a sad voice, "Deb, what can I do to make you come back to me?""Mr. Gu, I cut your sister's hair, yet you don't mind and even confess your love to me. Are you not afraid that your beloved sister will be mad at you?" Debbie asked as her eyes darted around, looking for Sasha. Hayden knew the conflict between Portia and Debbie; his mother had snitched on Debbie to him as soon as he got back home from a business trip. "Portia is a willful girl. And you didn't hurt her. I don't think it's a big deal," said Hayden, making it sound easy. But staring at him, Debbie said word for word, "Mr. Gu, I cut your beloved sister's cherished hair. "Hayden was amused by her seriousness. "Deb, I've known you for many years. I know what kind of girl you are. You never stirred up trouble. She must have offended you. " When Debbie was still with Hayden, she had been really nice to Portia. But neither Hayden nor Portia had treasured Debbie back then. Debbie cast a meaningful glance at him. 'Since when has he trusted me so much?' But she had to repeat what she had said before. "I'm sorry, but it's too late. "Adamantly, he said, "I don't care. I will wait for you. "Remembering what Blanche had told her, Debbie was a little angry at Hayden's words. "I will never go back to you. Your fiancee is a poor girl. Does she know her fiance loves someone else?" she taunted. Hayden was excited at her words, thinking she was jealous. "Do you mind that? Deb, trust me. I won't get engaged to her. Really! I only love you. "