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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 227 Anything Rash

Megan remained emotionless even after hearing Debbie's praise. "I'm ready," she said flatly. They went out together. Megan's bodyguards followed close behind them and got in another car. It wasn't until Megan opened Debbie's car door that she was shocked to see the other two guys sitting there. After a pause, she climbed into the back seat without a word. Kasie shot her a cold glance and moved over, and then looked back down at her phone. That showed Megan the proper amount of contempt and disdain Kasie was going for. Jared was in the driver's seat, and he turned around to glare at Megan. "Well, you do have the guts to come along. You think Mr. Huo will back you up so Tomboy won't do anything to you?" he remarked with sarcasm. Debbie settled down in the passenger seat. After fastening her seat belt, she grabbed Jared's head and made him look at the road ahead. "Let's go!" she ordered. "Hey! Watch the hair!" Jared protested. If it were someone else other than Debbie, who dared to lay a finger on his new hairdo, he would've kicked the guy away. Or at least he would've given him a good punch to remind him. It wasn't easy to manage the new hairdo. He had spent more than an hour making it look just right before he went out today. He anxiously looked at his reflection in the rear-view mirror and carefully smoothed the tousled hair, making sure he looked as handsome as usual. After two minutes, the flamboyant guy still hadn't started the car. Impatient, Kasie kicked the back of the driver's seat and yelled, "Are you going on a date? Quit messing with your hair. You already have a tons of pretty girls around you. Let's get going!" Jared finally started the engine. He complained, "But it's you guys—not my Mrs. Right. I'm not looking for a friend or a girlfriend. I'm looking for a wife. " "A wife?" Debbie mocked. "You? The eternal bachelor? Dream on," she said, as she played on her phone. Jared sighed helplessly. "Come on Tomboy. Have some respect. " On the other hand, Megan showed no interest in their bantering and secretly texted Carlos. "Uncle Carlos, are you free now?" She waited awhile, but there was no reply. Megan assumed that Carlos was busy with his work at the moment, so she texted him again. "Aunt Debbie is taking me somewhere. She wanted to have a talk. But she's bringing a couple friends alone. Uncle Carlos, I'm scared. " In no time, Carlos flat out called her. Seeing the caller ID on her phone screen, Megan instantly silenced the ringer. She didn't answer the call. Shortly, Debbie's phone rang. Confused, she shot a glance at Megan, who was just sitting quietly with her phone in her lap. The screen was off, so she wasn't playing with it

'This was how Debbie almost lost her life, ' she thought. 'Does she have a similar fate in mind for me?' She was hoping to rely on Carlos, but she wasn't sure he'd be able to find Debbie, or get here in time if something drastic happened. She tried to compose herself

. "You wanted to talk, so talk now. " But Debbie remained silent. "Why did you bring me here? It's so cold outside," Megan said, hoping to break the awkward silence. Debbie grabbed her by her wrist, dragging her closer to the riverbank. Megan's legs were trembling. "What are you doing? If Carlos and Wesley hear about this. "When Carlos was mentioned, Debbie chuckled. "Carlos will love me like he always has. Only this time, you won't be in the way. "Flustered, Megan quickly looked around, hoping to find anyone to turn to for help. But there was nobody else except the four of them. She didn't even see her bodyguards. She inhaled sharply and shouted to the three surrounding her, "This is a crime!"Debbie found a block of stone and sat on it. Squinting at Megan, she said casually, "I know my husband cares for you, but don't forget, he cares for me more. Do you think my husband would lock me up if I killed you? Worst case scenario, I still have someone else to save me like Mr. Lu, Hayden Gu. "Of course, Debbie just brought up these two names to brag. She didn't really think that Curtis and Hayden would get themselves in trouble for her sake, had she been locked up in jail. But Megan didn't know that, and it was possible they might be able to pull some strings and get her out. Of course, she might lose Carlos in the deal, and she wasn't willing to bank on that. Megan got even more frightened, her face now white as a sheet. "Just calm down!" she said in a shaky voice. "Calm down?" Debbie snorted. She stood up, drew closer to her and looked into her eyes as she whispered with resentment, "When I fell into the river with my car, I was really calm. You know why? Because I felt despair. I was ready to give up and quietly waited for my last breath!"Overwhelmed by the great fear, Megan slowly stepped backward with each word Debbie said. "Why did I bring you here? I want you to feel the same way I did. Megan, do you want to have a talk with death?"Debbie said as she backed her to the edge of the river where there was no guardrail. A one-meter tall warning sign was visible on one side with the words: DANGER! DEEP WATER! Megan tightly clutched a branch of a small tree, her heart pounding. Taking a deep breath, she apologized. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Please, I didn't want you to get into an accident. " 'No. I don't want to die now. ' she exclaimed in her mind. "You're sorry?" Suddenly, Debbie heard a car squeal to a halt behind her. Somebody came. If her guess was right, it should be Carlos who had come to save Megan. And she was certain of her guess when she saw Megan shed crocodile tears again. Debbie had threatened her for a bit now, but she didn't even shed a tear. Now, as soon as her Prince Charming came, she began to cry. The next second, a familiar voice came to Debbie's ears, "Debbie, get over here now!"