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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 98 Are You Trying To Apologize

"You know the story between me and Hayden!" Debbie said in an affirmative tone. "Yes, I know. Last time, I was invited to a party, and he was there as well. He is now the head of the Gu family and has a partnership with ZL Group. Carlos also met him once," said Curtis. But he didn't mention that when Hayden had come to greet Carlos last time, the latter had ignored him completely. "Uh, got it. Hey, Mr. Lu, can't you just answer my question? My curiosity is killing me! Why are you being so nice to me?" Debbie asked the question again. Curtis shook his head with profound resignation. "Curiosity kills the cat. Fine, I'm telling you why, and please don't ask the same question again. " Debbie sat straight and stared at Curtis with a hopeful expression. "I'm being nice to you because I want you to be happy every day. " Debbie sat still, waiting for his next words. But he shut his mouth, saying no more. Eyes wide, she asked in disbelief, "That's it?" "Yes. What else do you want to hear?" asked Curtis, with one hand propped against his chin and eyes fixed into the distance. Obviously, there was something more. 'Why do I have a feeling he's being cryptic?' Debbie wondered. What she wanted to know was why Curtis was so nice to her. Did he know her parents or something? But apparently he was not going to explain. Debbie gave him a fake smile and waved her hand. "Thank you for your advice, Mr. Lu. I'm leaving now," she said as she stood up to leave. "All right. Get back to class. Also remember to go back home early in the evening. " Debbie rolled her eyes secretly. She was not planning to go back home this evening. Although she felt much better after speaking with Curtis, she hated to see Megan at the villa. Meanwhile, at the ZL Group, the moment Carlos walked in, all employees could feel something was wrong. Gloom was written all over his face. Everyone got out of his way after greeting him, for fear that they might be the target of his tantrum. Even in a meeting with the senior executives, Carlos still kept his long face. Hardly had the director of the Financial Department begun to report his work before Carlos lost his temper and scolded him with a vicious diatribe. Other executives swallowed hard and tried to hold their breaths. As he ranted, everyone began to ponder what they would say to make sure their boss would not be triggered. But once Carlos had started, there was no stopping. Like a rabid dog he railed at everyone indiscriminately. Emmett took a chance to sneak out of the meeting room and called Debbie. "Mrs. Huo, it's me, Emmett. " "I know it's you. I've saved your number. " Debbie was leaning over the desk as she answered the phone

"Are you trying to apologize?" Carlos asked. "No. Bye!" Debbie was about to hang up, but Carlos' next words stopped her

. "Don't you dare hang up!" He suddenly stood up, swept over the executives, whose heads were lowered, and said coldly, "The meeting is done. " Then he left the meeting room, with Emmett's phone still in his hand. After Carlos was gone, the meeting room went into an uproar. Everyone gathered around Emmett, eager to know who was on the phone. "Emmett, who's that miracle worker that made Mr. Huo change his tone so abruptly?" "Man, aren't you just a savior?! If Mr. Huo continued to scold us like that, I would have jumped off the building. " Emmett cleared his voice before saying, "This is Mr. Huo's private life and I have to keep it a secret. Please excuse me, I need to go back to work. " Not until Carlos entered his office did he realize he was using Emmett's phone. "Call me. " After saying that, he hung up. Debbie was left speechless. 'I'm still mad at him! Why would I call him?' While she was still at a loss whether she would call Carlos or not, she got a text message from Emmett saying, "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo lost his temper again! Help!" Having no time to think, Debbie dialed Carlos' number. When the phone was connected, she yelled, "Old man, what's wrong with you? Why so touchy?" With a sneer, Carlos answered, "You know exactly why!"Not knowing how to respond, Debbie remained silent for a moment. 'Is he mad because I made him lose face in front of Megan or something?'After a long pause, Carlos broke the silence. "Do you have something you want to say to me?""Yes, I have. ""Say it. ""I want to sleep in the dorm this evening. ""Not a chance!""Then I'm done. "With a gloomy expression, Carlos said, "I'll pick you up this evening. ""No, please. Don't!" answered a stubborn Debbie. Carlos gnashed his teeth and snarled, "Are you sure?""I gotta go. Bye!"Before he could respond, she hung up. Turning around, he thundered, "Emmett Zhong!"The force in his voice sent chills running down Emmett's spine. 'I thought he was calmed down after talking to his wife. Why is he angry again?"It was the beginning of a long, terrible day for Emmett. But that night, just as she had promised, Debbie slept in the dorm with Kristina. It was almost 1 a. when she finally got off work in the bar. The dorm gates were shut, and she didn't have the doorkeeper's phone. She called Jared who found a person to call the doorkeeper and ask her to open the gates. Early the next morning, when Debbie woke up, she was surprised to find she was cramping. Regular as clockwork, she had always marked her menses. Apparently, the last one month must have been stressful to make her forget something that basic. She sighed to ease the pressure. She was in another dilemma. When she had agreed to leave the dorm and stay with Carlos at the villa, she had moved all her clothes. Now, she didn't have any clean pants with her