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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 196 At Arm's Length

Carlos rolled down the car window and cast a sideways glance at a building across the road. "Check that out," he said. Confused, Debbie tried to look where he was looking, only to see the building towering into the clouds with the giant letters "ZL Group. " "So, you can see the cafe from your office?" she asked. He gave her a cold look and said, "The Huo family has eyes everywhere in this city. " Debbie figured out how he knew. It wasn't hard to figure this out. One of James' men had seen Debbie being with another man and told his boss. As a result, James had barged into Carlos' office and demanded his son divorce her. So it was only natural Carlos would be furious. Conversations with his father never went well under the best of circumstances, so with his dad in a confrontational mood only made matters worse. He had enough time to stew walking out of his office, waiting for the elevator, getting into the car, and getting to the cafe across the road. Steam was practically pouring out his ears by the time he got there. On the way home, Carlos said nothing, his face sullen. Knowing that he was in a bad mood, Debbie didn't dare to say a single word either. As the car drove into the Huo family's manor, she couldn't bear it anymore. "Don't you need to work?" she asked. "Work? What for? My wife was about to fuck another man. " His voice was as cold as ice. Sighing with profound resignation, Debbie explained, "Come on, Carlos, listen to me. I know I shouldn't have gone to see Hayden. But I wasn't going to sleep with him. Damn, you're paranoid!" Carlos said nothing, his face still livid. The car came to a halt at the gates to the villa. Carlos got out and walked to the villa without even looking back. Without a word, he just left her there. He wanted her to do the walk of shame. Seeing Carlos' figure receding, Debbie felt her heart break. If they weren't fighting, he would have scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the villa. "Carlos Huo!" she called out. Carlos stopped, turned around and looked at her, still silent. Debbie bit her lower lip and demanded, "Carry me into the house. " Carlos couldn't believe his ears. He was the one that was mad at her, yet she still acted like a little brat instead of apologizing. His reply was simple and sharp. "No!" After saying that, he turned around and entered the villa. How Debbie wished she could stop him and beat him up! 'Fine! You want me to make the first move? No way!' She picked up her phone and texted Carlos saying, "If you don't carry me into the villa, I won't get out of the car!" She had made up her mind that she wouldn't move from this spot unless Carlos came back for her. 'His whole family loves Megan more than me. I guess they'll be happy if I freeze out here

"Megan stole a defiant glance at Debbie, but Carlos didn't notice. Then she held his arm intimately and said, "Uncle Carlos, I want you to come with me. But if you are busy, then I will stay home as well

. "Hayden told Debbie that Valerie wanted Megan to be Carlos' wife, and it looked like he wasn't wrong. Valerie acted like Megan and Carlos were the most natural thing. Worse, she tried to create more opportunities for the two. "Carlos, don't work yourself to death. You should spend more time with Megan. Just play hookey and go to the party with her. "'I thought Valerie and Megan would tell Carlos about my "rude" behavior. But they act as if nothing happened. That's really weird!' Debbie thought to herself. "I have a dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Smith this evening," said Carlos. He pulled his arm away from Megan and was about to walk back out to the car when he saw his wife standing at the entryway. "Come here," he said coldly. Obediently, Debbie came over to Carlos and stood before Megan. "Megan, do you remember what I said before?" she asked. Since Valerie and Megan didn't mention what she had done earlier, Debbie wouldn't bring it up either. Megan was confused, and had no idea what Debbie was talking about. With a tiny smile, Debbie began, "Since you are Carlos' niece, you should keep him at arm's length. You shouldn't hug my husband tight like that. I might get angry. You get it?"Debbie had made up her mind—since they didn't care about her feelings at all, why should she care about theirs? Megan's face paled at Debbie's words. With red eyes, she lowered her head and apologized in a sad voice, "Aunt Debbie, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I'll keep that in mind and stay away from Uncle Carlos. Please don't be mad at me. "She put herself in such a low position anyone would think she was intimidated by Debbie. Valerie banged the table and shouted, "Debbie Nian, this is how you treated Megan in Y City? Bullying her?"'Bullying her?' Debbie couldn't believe her ears. She thought she needed to explain it. She took a deep breath and said calmly, "Don't get me wrong. I know Megan's parents saved my husband's life. I take care of her like Carlos does. But Carlos is a married man. Don't you think she's being too flirty?"