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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 86 Be Good To Yourself

"It's not what you think. There's nothing going on between Emmett and me. The day we met at Shining International Plaza, I only asked him not to tell you who I was. It's so unfair that he's being punished because of me. Can you forgive him and let him come back? Otherwise, this whole thing will weigh me down; I may not be able to lift the spoon at the dining table. " In her usual playful manner, Debbie forgot how important this was for Emmett and trailed off into a joke. Carlos pried her hand off and left her with a terse message as he left for work—"Be attentive in your lessons. " Debbie felt frustrated. 'I begged so hard and he left me hanging? He didn't even say whether he had forgiven Emmett or not. ' After the yoga lesson, Debbie went back to school with the lipsticks. But Carlos' attitude bugged her no end. In the dormitory, Debbie gave out the lipsticks to Kasie and Kristina. Upon receiving those limited edition shades, Kasie held her tightly and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Tomboy, you are a goddess. " Kristina tried a magenta lip gloss. She looked great wearing that color. "Debbie, these lipsticks cost $2, 999 each and you gave me more than one. Why are you being silly? You told us you needed money. Why didn't you sell them online?" Debbie propped her hand against her chin and answered, "I don't want to bother. Besides I don't like this color and you have been talking a lot about how you love it. So I thought it was perfect to give them to you guys. " Meanwhile, Kasie removed the fuchsia shade she had just put on and looked at Debbie mischievously. "Have you and your husband made up?" she asked. Debbie hesitated, not sure how to put it. "Sort of. " She had every reason to be angry, but whenever she saw Carlos, she calmed down without knowing why. "Making up is good, Debbie. You need to give your all to each other, and that can only happen when both of you are at peace. You have our blessing for that. " "I'm a big big girl, in a big big world. " Debbie's ringtone went off, interrupting them, right then. It was Tristan. "Hello, Tristan," she answered cheerily. "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo had some items delivered to you. Ashley Ren, another assistant to Mr. Huo, has arrived at your school parking lot. Afraid that you won't take her call since you don't know her phone number, she asked me to inform you about it in advance. " "Okay, thanks, but what items?" Debbie asked as she stood up from a chair. "You'll know when you see them. Ashley Ren drives the company's vehicle, license plate 5566. " It seemed Tristan was at the airport, as over the phone, Debbie could hear departure and arrival announcements in the background

We'll accompany Debbie when she goes to the SPA, but we don't have to accept the cards. "Kasie echoed, "Debbie, just keep your card. I'll keep you company next time you want to go to the SPA

. I can ask my dad for more pocket money to afford the place on my own. " She used to have some sauna and beauty salon cards, but she couldn't afford a VIP card for the fourth floor of Alkaid Building. Nonetheless, for Debbie, Kasie would ask her dad for some financial support. She assumed that her dad would help her out if she mentioned that Debbie was Carlos' wife. Without saying a word, Ashley Ren only smiled at the girls. "The ball is in your court," she said calmly as she waited for a final decision from Debbie herself. Debbie understood her friends. She felt stumped. After a while, she decided to call Carlos. "Old man," she began on the phone after she had excused herself and gone a little distance from her friends and Ashley Ren. "Hmm? What did you just call me?" Carlos asked in a deep voice that made Debbie blush. "Um. Ashley Ren has brought the cards to me, but I'm afraid we can't take them. My friends and I rarely go to a SPA," she explained. What she said was the truth for her girl friends. They were young, lively ladies, whose skin didn't need much of special care. Besides, Debbie had more than enough on her plate without having unnecessary troubles about her appearance. "A girl is supposed to have an exquisite life. Do I have to tell you that?" According to what Carlos had found out, Debbie had learned to make do with the little she had, ever since her father passed away. Such luxuries as spa treatment were things she had had to cut out completely. And she was doing just fine, untilCarlos came along. Even so, from the handsome monthly allowances he gave her, Debbie only took what was enough to cover her usual expenses. He couldn't stand her being so harsh on herself. It made his heart ache. "This is just a beginning. The title of Mrs. Huo comes with a lot of duties and privileges as well. As my wife, you'll have to learn the ropes. I'd take you to various social activities and to meet friends. So you have to enhance yourself on every level. Alright?""But. ""If you don't like to socialize, I won't force you. But you have to promise me something—be good to yourself. The first step of being good to yourself is to treat yourself to something nice. "Five minutes later, when they hung up the phone, Debbie was convinced. She took the cards and thanked Ashley Ren for the delivery. "I was just doing my job. Bye, Mrs. Huo," Ashley Ren replied.