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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 205 Bring It

'She even used Carlos' unconscious grandpa as a pawn in her game. She would really use everything she could, ' Debbie thought. She took a deep breath and snorted, "You've finally shown your true colors. You declaring war on me? " "War? Don't be stupid. You're not even a worthy opponent. I can make Uncle Carlos spend the night here if I want. Want proof?" Megan asked in a weird, creepy voice. "Huh! Who on earth do you really like? Carlos? Wesley? Curtis? Or Damon?" Debbie asked. "I like them all," Megan answered simply. "You're absolutely the biggest ho I've ever known. Too bad for you, Carlos's married. I'm his wife, and you're just one of many women who want him. " "I warned you, but since you're so stupid, don't cry when things get tough. " Megan laughed like a happy witch over the phone. Debbie had never feared anyone before except Carlos. An 18-year-old was definitely no threat to her. What was she thinking? Besides, Carlos wouldn't cheat on her. He had many opportunities to, and hadn't done so yet. So was Megan just a madwoman chasing a dream she could never have? Or was there something to what she was saying? After all, Carlos' family seemed to like Megan a lot more than they liked Debbie. On the other hand, Carlos had beaten his own family members in defense of Debbie, so maybe this was really woman to woman. "Bring it, Miss Lan!" "Good!" "Can you hand the phone to my husband now?" "Of course, Aunt Debbie!" Magically, Megan's voice was back to the usual sweet one. She was good at sounding bubbly and innocent. Probably the weapon she used well against Carlos, and on the family if anyone called her out on her actions. She walked downstairs and came to the kitchen, where Carlos was cooking for her. "Why did you come downstairs?" he asked when she showed up at the door. With a sad face, Megan raised the phone so that he could see the screen. "Aunt Debbie wants to talk to you. I didn't want to come down. But she said it's urgent. I told her you were cooking, and then she started yelling at me. Uncle Carlos, you should try and calm her down. " Debbie heard everything. 'She's pretending to be soft and innocent again, that evil, manipulative bitch!' she cursed. Seeing that Megan had answered his private call, Carlos was a bit annoyed. "Go wait outside," he said to her. Megan read the annoyance on Carlos' face. She left the kitchen obediently. Left alone, Carlos asked tenderly on the phone, "Why aren't you asleep yet? It's late. " Little did he know how hard Debbie was trying to suppress her anger. Remembering Kasie's advice, she answered gently, "I couldn't sleep. I was worried about you. Did your dad and grandma get mad at you again?" "No

""Holy crap! Mr. Huo is cooking for her?""Yes, she's so weak right now she needs special care, so my husband has to take good care of her," Debbie responded, sounding a little jealous. "The key is to stay calm

. The bitch is trying to trap you, so she can say you were mean to her. Don't fall for it, okay?" Kasie reminded her. "Got it. Carlos said he'd be home soon," Debbie replied. Kasie thought for a while and continued, "When your husband comes back, don't fight with him. The bitch has been around him for five years. She won't just go away all of a sudden. Besides, she's his niece and pretends to be sweet, lovely, and understanding. Maybe Mr. Huo will be taken in by it and even blame you. So be patient. We need a plan to take the bitch down. ""We'll see. I don't want to start a fight, because my husband has been so good to me. He works all day and is tired by now. " It's just that I never ask anything of my husband, and what right does that bitch have to tell him to do this or that? I'm so irritated. " If Megan weren't Carlos' niece, Debbie would have knocked her head off. "She didn't really want noodles. Who would want to eat noodles in the middle of the night? She just wanted to piss you off, okay?" Kasie explained to Debbie and sent her a Face With Rolling Eyes emoji. Debbie was struck speechless. She thought about it and found it seemed Megan was just trying to stir things up between her and Carlos. Debbie decided not to let her get her wish. "I'll just pretend to know nothing. When Carlos comes back, I'll give him a big hug and sleep with him. ""Um, whatever you want, Mrs. Huo," Kasie replied playfully. Carlos was usually on time, and now was no exception. Twenty-eight minutes after their phone call, the door to the bedroom opened. He put his suitcase down and came over to the bed. Debbie threw her phone aside and embraced him excitedly. "Mr. Handsome, I'm so happy you're back!"Seeing her smile, Carlos felt much happier. He looked at the slap mark on her face and asked, "Does it still hurt?""No. Sorry, honey. I wasn't a good daughter-in-law. I put you in a difficult position. "