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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 26 Brother

When Gregory knew that Debbie had applied to the Economics and Management School, he felt thrilled. He couldn't contain his excitement. The thought of going to the same school and being in the same class with her again made his day. During their freshmen and sophomore years, they hadn't been in the same class. Luckily, the Gods heard and granted his plea; they became classmates again. Suddenly, a memory flashed into his mind. Despite being one of the terrible students, with terrible grades, Debbie remained excellent in his eyes. She may be a bad student, but for him, she was admirable in all other things. Thinking about this, he had always thought that she was too good for him, and he had never been confident enough to strike a conversation with her. He thought he was incapable and lacking in many ways. Even then, the same thought lingered in his mind. With this, he decided to keep his admiration to himself until he became successful enough to finally confess. These thoughts played in his mind as he occasionally glanced at her sleeping face. Half an hour later, they arrived at East City Villa. The taxi was hailed by the guards at the entrance and Gregory didn't know what to do. They didn't let them through until they saw Debbie who was sleeping in the back seat. Frantic, he said, "Debbie, wake up. Which way should we go?" Reaching out to her, he tried to wake her up by shaking her shoulders. "Debbie?" he continued. Drunk, Debbie couldn't utter a single word, nor hear anything he just said. After a long while, with not a single response from her, Gregory told the taxi driver to wait. Opening the door and pulling her out of the taxi, he carried her and walked towards the villa she lived in. His eyes continuously wandered, as he was in awe of what he was seeing. The night was getting late and the sky became darker. The night complemented the extravagance each villa gave off. It was perfectly clear what kind of people lived in the area, he thought, people who were far different from him. Knowing this, he lowered his head to look at Debbie. 'Many people worked so hard in their whole lives but couldn't afford such villas. Yet, she lives here? Who exactly is she?" he wondered. Even then, she had been surrounded by rumors in school. However, he had never believed in any of them. Rumors such as Debbie was a mistress, that she was a lesbian, none of these he chose to believe. For him, they were nothing but nonsense. Clouded with these thoughts, he didn't notice that they had already reached their destination. As they reached her villa's porch, he tried to carry her near the door. Even before he could reach the doorbell, a limo came into a halt with flashing signals. Immediately, a distinguished-looking man in a white shirt got out of the car from the back seat, casting him cold looks. 'Who is this arrogant man?' he thought, furrowing his brows. 'Does he know Debbie? What is his relationship with her?' More questions popped into Gregory's head. Without taking a second glance, the man continued to head towards the villa. Gregory examined him up and down, trying to figure out who he was. The man looked familiar, he thought, but his face didn't ring a bell. His alluring posture gave him a feeling that he was someone he shouldn't associate with. On the other hand, the man walked straight towards the villa. As he was about to get in, Gregory called out hastily, "Hello, mister. " Puzzled, Carlos turned his head and looked into the young man's eyes, not uttering a single word. "Good evening, mister. I know this might sound forwards, but what is your relationship with Debbie?" he asked, gathering all his courage. Thinking that he could be her brother, he asked politely. Little did he know his real relationship with Debbie. Carlos' eyes widened when he heard her name. It was only until then did he notice that the girl wrapped in his arms was his wife, Debbie. Stunned from the stated she was in, "What happened to her?" he asked as he walked his way towards Gregory and Debbie. As Carlos moved towards them, immediately, Gregory felt the intimidating and arrogant aura pressing towards him. It was an aura that only older, mature men possessed. The way he walked looked even prominent for Gregory. 'He seems concerned for her, ' he thought. 'I must be right. He must be Debbie's brother. ' Carlos reached out his hand to pull her towards him

The light in his eyes dimmed and the scene where he had kissed her came flooding back in his head. Back then, he had hesitated to sleep with her because they had no relationship. Now that she was his wife, it was only natural for them to spend the night together

. With this thought, he lowered his head and pressed his lips on hers. The courage he had tried so hard to stop himself from doing such a thing was no longer there. He could only think of how tempting the girl beside him was; he couldn't control his desire for her. As she wriggled and moaned from his every touch, it made him more aroused. He got more and more excited, but then she suddenly stopped and became quiet. Lifting his head, he opened his eyes to look into hers, and to his disappointment, she was already fast asleep. Frustrated, he let out a deep sigh. He was still feeling hot and his face was burning up. 'How could she just fall asleep in that state?' he thought. After a while, his face turned livid. 'This bloody woman must have done it purposely, ' he continued. Time passed, and it was Saturday the next day. Morning came, and luckily, there was no school. Knowing this, Debbie didn't leave her bed until noon and waited for the alarm to set off. As the alarm rang, she slowly woke up and turned it off. Feeling lightheaded, she rubbed her throbbing temples. Suddenly, her phone rang. She fumbled in her bag to look for it and finally found her phone after a while. "Hello?" she answered. Without looking at the caller ID, she continued, "Hello? Who's this please?"It was Jared. "Tomboy, were you still asleep? It's 12 o'clock already," he said. Since Debbie was never in a good mood the moment she woke up, he started to wonder if he should hang up. "12 o'clock? Oh, it's still so early," she replied. "Then, I should go back to sleep. " Even then, she wasn't sober yet. Her voice sounded coarse. Jared felt speechless at her words. "Tomboy, it's noon, okay?" he reminded her. 'Noon?' She looked outside. The sun was shining high in the sky. 'Fine. But, what does it have to do with me?' she thought. The beaming light from the sun blinded her eyes. Suddenly, memories of last night hit her. Recalling how drunk she had been last night, she wondered how she had managed to come home safe and sound. "How did I get home last night?" she asked over the phone. The diverse possibilities of the answer to that question almost woke her up from her dizziness. She looked around swiftly to make sure she was in her own room. When she got a positive answer from the familiar furnishings, she could only let out a sigh of relief. "Gregory sent you home. Don't you remember?" Jared replied. "I remember him saying that he ran into your brother and handed you over to him," he continued. "Tomboy, since when do you have a brother? How come I didn't know that?" Jared asked in an intrigued tone. 'Brother? What brother?' she thought. 'I, myself, don't even know that I have one, ' she continued, lost in the words she had just heard. Suddenly, a wild guess popped into her mind. 'Wait. Could it be Carlos?' Her mind started playing pictures of what could've happened. 'Could it really be him? Did Gregory meet him?' she continued frantically. Thinking of the huge possibility, Debbie sat up on the bed. 'Did Carlos know that I was drunk? Did that scumbag take advantage of me?'In an instant, she lifted the covers and looked at herself. "Oh, thank God!" she exclaimed when she found that she was still wearing yesterday's clothes. Things from the night before were only a blur in her head. "Tomboy?" Jared asked. "Yoohoo! Debbie? Why aren't you talking? Are you there?" Worried, he looked over the phone and saw that the call was still connected. 'How come she is not answering? Could it be that she fell asleep again?' Jared continued to wonder, not knowing the facts from last night.