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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 119 Call His Mom

Debbie nodded. "Will mom be disappointed in me?" she asked worried, looking at him with teary eyes. Carlos shook his head and assured her, "No, she won't. Don't worry. Go get changed, all right?" Debbie collected herself and changed into a clean pair of pants after Carlos had left the walk-in closet. In her bedroom, the dressing table had been cleaned up. When Carlos saw it again, he recalled how tidy it had looked even with so many items on it before the boy messed it up. Just that morning, when Debbie was applying the products to her face after freshening up, she had joked, "Now I see the benefits of marrying Carlos Huo. As Mrs. Huo, I can buy whatever I want. I craved these things for years! Now, I have so many of them. Mr. Huo, it seems that I'll have to be a good wife so you won't dump me one day. If you do, no one will be left to buy me expensive beauty products anymore. " After applying them to her skin, she checked them carefully and rearranged them on her table. "They are not even premium brands. Why do you value them so much?" Carlos asked as he watched her go through her routine. He thought about how easy it was to please her. Holding a newly opened face cream, Debbie answered joyfully, "They're not the most expensive, but it was you who bought them for me. To me, that makes them the best. " Carlos couldn't help smiling as he played the scenario back in his mind. He took out his phone and called Emmett. "Buy a few more sets of those beauty products Debbie bought at Shining International Plaza and have them delivered to the villa," he ordered. "Yes, Mr. Huo," he replied dutifully. "Also, ask our best business partner in the beauty category to develop an exclusive line of cosmetics for her as soon as possible," he added. The moment Carlos hung up, Debbie walked out of the closet. He stretched out his hand towards her, and she put her hand in his. The two held each other's hands tightly. As they walked downstairs, Debbie couldn't help but ask, "Did I overreact? He is only a five-year-old boy anyway. " Carlos looked at her and answered, "I know you. I was surprised that you didn't spank him and only demanded an apology. " Debbie was disappointed to hear that. She stopped him from moving forward and asked, "Am I that hot-tempered in your eyes?" Sensing the hint of anger in her tone, Carlos knew that he had better come up with something nice to say. "Bad or good, I love your temper," he told her with a smile. She brightened up at his words. "Hmph, this sounds much better. Never mind. Since he is just a boy, I'll let it go," she declared. Carlos looked at her dotingly and said, "You're such a pushover. " "Mom saw everything. What if she thinks I am too petty and doesn't like me anymore? That is a loss I can't afford," she explained

"Jake's mom was in a meeting when she received Megan's call. Hearing about what her son did, she immediately excused herself, hopped in her car, and drove towards Carlos' villa. Meanwhile, Jake was about to finish eating the pack of snacks he was holding

. One housemaid reminded him when she noticed, "It's bad for your health to eat so many snacks. " She had hardly finished her words before the boy started crying out loud. The adults tried to calm him down, but to no avail. The boy's cries resounded throughout the living room. Debbie felt as if her ears were bleeding. Since Jake's mom hadn't arrived yet, Megan couldn't take him away. As she did not have much experience in taking care of kids, all her attempts to comfort him and quiet him down failed. She could only stand there and watch the housemaids at their likewise futile attempts. The boy was so noisy that even Tabitha, who was the most patient, started to look sullen. Carlos' face twisted with rage. Debbie lowered her head and propped her right hand against her forehead in frustration. Seeing how distressed his wife was getting with the relentless crying, Carlos stood up, grabbed the boy by his clothes and carried him towards the door. Tabitha and Megan ran after him, frightened. "Carlos!" Tabitha called. "Uncle Carlos!" Megan followed. Noticing what was going on, Debbie stood up too. By now, Carlos had already opened the gates of the villa. He put Jake on the snow-coated ground. The boy was still crying, but it didn't affect Carlos at all. The man turned around and closed the gates behind him. Megan wanted to open the gates, but Carlos stopped her. "Don't you dare!" he said as he glared at her. His face was almost purple with anger. Too afraid, Megan turned to Tabitha. "Tabitha. " she pleaded. Tabitha wasn't sure if her son would listen to her, so she looked at Debbie. Meeting Tabitha's eyes, Debbie fell into a daze. 'Is Tabitha telling me to calm Carlos down?' she wondered. As if aware of what she was thinking, Tabitha nodded. Receiving the hint, Debbie took a deep breath and grabbed Carlos' hand. "He's naughty, but it's not our place to discipline him. Isn't his mom on the way? Why don't we leave it to her? Besides, if she sees her son thrown out of the villa and crying in the snow alone, she will feel uncomfortable," she told her husband. Carlos was nonchalant. "I don't give a damn how she will feel. If she sucks at parenting, then she doesn't have the right to blame others for doing the job for her!" Uncomfortable? Mess with his wife again and he would hang her son flogged on a tree. See how she would feel then!