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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 218 Call Mrs. Huo For Help

Curtis' concern opened the floodgates for Debbie's tears. Compared to Carlos' cold tone, Curtis' sounded so warm. Debbie embraced Colleen, who was standing next to him and was equally worried. "Finally, someone cares about me. Mr. Lu, Colleen, please take me with you. Can't stay here anymore. My husband loves another woman. He won't let me eat and talks to me coldly all the time," she sobbed. Curtis rarely got mad. But upon hearing what Debbie had said, he turned to Carlos with a sullen face and demanded, "Carlos, is this true? Don't you know she just had a near-fatal experience?" Carlos glanced at Debbie and said, "It's all bullshit and you know it. " Not having the heart to watch his boss make a bigger mistake, Emmett walked to Carlos and reminded him in a whisper, "Mr. Huo, with all due respect, don't say anything you'll regret. " Carlos glared at Emmett. The dutiful secretary's voice trailed off. Assuming the couple were fighting, Colleen rolled her eyes at Carlos. "Debbie, don't cry. Gregory's not busy. So if your husband can't take care of you, I'll call my brother and ask him to come and look after you," she said, trying to comfort Debbie. Recently, Colleen learned her brother had a crush on Debbie—Carlos' wife. She knew that Gregory stood no chance and that it would go nowhere. She felt sorry for her brother. Now that there was an opportunity for Gregory to show how much he cared, Colleen grabbed it for him. And with both her and Curtis around, she believed Carlos wouldn't be tough on her brother. Colleen took out her phone and was about to dial the number, when Carlos observed. "Colleen, you're a bride-to-be. Don't you have a wedding to plan?" His tone was full of warning. Colleen stared at him and put her phone away. After twitching her lips unhappily, she commented, "Debbie just had a serious accident. Why do you have to be so mean? Couldn't this wait until she's well? You're so rude. Honestly, I don't know how Debbie puts up with you. " Then Curtis took the tray out of Emmett's hands and put it beside the bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up a bowl of congee. Gently, he spooned some food out of it and placed it to her mouth. "Here, eat something. We'll get you to another hospital. " "Okay. Thank you, Mr. Lu," Debbie said sweetly. Carlos watched and listened. Just as Debbie was about to take a bite, the proud man who had just been criticized by everyone else in the ward snatched the bowl and spoon away from Curtis and snapped, "She's my wife, Mr. Lu. Now, go away!" Curtis was simply pushed off the bed. Looking at the overbearing man, he shook his head

With one arm around Adriana's waist, Damon moved closer to the bed and said, "Debbie, let me introduce my wife, Adriana Mu, CEO of ZL Group, New Zealand branch. Sweetie, this is Carlos' wife, Debbie Nian, a student from Curtis' university. "Debbie swallowed the food in her mouth and exclaimed, "CEO? Wow! You're a successful woman

. Hi, Adriana. Nice to meet you. "Adriana walked over and shook hands with her. "What successful woman? I only got this position because your husband felt bad for me. But you, you even melted Carlos, the Iceberg. That's impressive. ""No. " Debbie wanted to ridicule Carlos. On second thought, it seemed to be inappropriate on such an occasion, so she said instead, "Me too. I got the title of 'Mrs. Huo' only because Mr. Huo felt sorry for me. "The others hooted, but Carlos' face darkened. He picked up a cookie and put it into Debbie's mouth to shut her up. Damon nodded his head. "Mrs. Huo, you're my heroine. Few people dare to talk about Carlos like that. "Carlos cast Damon a cold look. Damon wrapped his arms around his pregnant wife protectively and took one step back. Pretending to be afraid, he said, "I'm warning you. Don't be a smart-ass. Your wife is here today. " All of Carlos' good friends felt bullied by him all the time. Today, they all wanted to see how weak he was in front of Debbie. It was a sight for sore eyes, and they enjoyed every minute of it. She was the only one who could really mess with him and not get hit for it. Anyone else, well, they knew better. Colleen smiled at Emmett and said, "Emmett, if Carlos gets angry at you guys again, call Debbie. She knows how to calm him down. "Emmett gave Colleen a thumbs-up and whispered, "Works like a charm. " He had tried many times. It never let him down. By word of mouth, "Call Mrs. Huo for help when Mr. Huo is mad," had become a well-known secret in the offices. Debbie, actually, wanted to say, "No use calling me. Call Megan. " But in the end, she swallowed those words and simply smiled awkwardly.