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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 202 Carlos’ Rage

It was midnight, but Debbie still hadn't heard from Carlos. Before long, she drifted off. In the dead of the night, someone opened the door to her bedroom silently. That someone walked in stealthily and glanced around the room. The fragrance in the air filled his nose. He sniffed greedily. In her sleep, Debbie felt that mysterious figure slip into her bed. Assuming that it was her husband, she didn't open her eyes and held him tightly. "Honey, finally, you're back," she muttered. Without a word, the man tried to kiss her lips, but Debbie happened to slide down a little, so he kissed her hair instead. She opened her eyes a little and found the room was completely dark. Unable to see anything, she closed her eyes again and snuggled into the man's arms. "Mr. Handsome, did you just take a shower? You smell good. Is that new cologne?" The scent was a bit strong. The man didn't answer. He turned over and threw himself on top of her. Sensing what he was about to do, Debbie woke up. "No, Mr. Handsome, I'm good. I'm still sore from last time. " 'Wait. Something's wrong, ' Debbie realized. 'This doesn't feel right. The weight and scent are both wrong!' Debbie's eyes snapped open. She reached for the lamp on the nightstand, fumbling with the switch. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw the man's face. Angry, she pushed him off of her forcefully, and the man was dumped unceremoniously onto the lushly carpeted floor. "Ow! Dammit! What's wrong?" he howled. Debbie straightened her pajamas quickly. Usually, she slept naked. But tonight, she had been so sleepy that she had dozed off in pajamas. Lucky for her, otherwise he would have felt something he had no right to. This man was no Carlos. Indeed, he could never match up to that powerful, handsome presence. Instead, this guy would forever be in Carlos' shadow, no matter where Carlos was at the time. She jumped off the bed and grabbed Lewis' ear furiously. "How dare you sneak into my room!" "Ouch! Easy, easy! Carlos is always busy

" With a hideous face, Valerie berated, "You married well this time! God, what a whore! Even though your father and I don't approve of your marriage, you still take her side!" No one else said anything. Some were too scared to speak, others were too angry, like Miranda. She looked at Lewis with a livid expression on her face, as if she wanted to beat him to death right now

. If looks could kill, Lewis would have been a smoldering corpse. Carlos walked towards Lewis, stood in front of him, and then without a word, sent him flying to the wall with a heavy kick. The beaten man screamed painfully. The others gaped at the sight. Worried about Lewis, Valerie panicked. "What are you doing? Why hit Lewis? It's your wife who did this!" Not responding, Carlos grabbed Lewis by the collar and gave him two heavy blows to the face. The disgusting man's squeals pierced the air. And blood covered his whole front side, red, wet, sticky; all gushing from his broken nose and ruined lips. Both Frasier and James walked over to Carlos to calm him down. "Carlos, chill. " Carlos brushed them aside, took off his coat, and threw it to Debbie, who had been stunned into a trance by his sudden outburst. She caught his coat reflexively. Lewis fell onto the floor, but Carlos lifted him up and punched him again. Now Carlos' fists were covered with the pathetic loser's blood. Some of it flecked onto Carlos' clothing as well. He appeared to pay no mind to that fact. Everyone panicked. Since he couldn't stop Carlos, James suddenly stalked towards Debbie and slapped her hard across the face. Focused on Carlos, Debbie didn't see the slap coming. Her cheek was burning. Her ear rang. Everyone froze at the sound of the heavy smack. Even Valerie hadn't expected James to hit a woman. Realizing that it was Debbie who had been hit, Carlos balled his hands into fists. The red slap mark he saw felt like it was on his own face. His eyes flamed as if they would catch on fire any minute. James had never seen his son this angry. He was afraid and regretted slapping Debbie immediately, but he summoned up his courage and managed to argue, "Your slutty wife cheated on you with your cousin! She's no daughter-in-law of mine! She's a femme fatale and should be kicked out of this house!"As soon as the middle-aged man finished his sentence, Carlos dashed towards him, raised his fist and smashed it against his face while the others screamed in shock. "Carlos! He's your father!" In tears, Tabitha blocked the second blow by standing in front of James. Carlos looked at James as if there were decades of hatred between them. He pulled Tabitha away and swung his fist again. Dizzy, James slumped onto the floor and had difficulty getting up. Wade and his other two sons tried to stop Carlos but failed. Because Carlos was far different than the man he had been seconds earlier. How do you stop a force of nature?