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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 154 Carlos' Secret

"Megan's," answered Carlos as he walked towards the bathroom. Debbie's face soured at the answer. She knew it instinctively, but it became more real when he finally confirmed it. As if realizing something wasn't right, he added, "I lent her my phone and she kept complaining that she couldn't remember my PIN. So she changed it to her birthday. I forgot to change it back. " 'Is he trying to explain?' Debbie thought. Carlos turned to look at her and offered, "I'll change all my passwords to your birthday, okay?" He wanted Debbie to blend into every aspect of his life. She was his wife, after all, and often at the forefront of his thoughts. He was a busy man, though, and could only juggle so many things at once. He had to make any number of decisions day in and day out to keep his business running. So sometimes, he'd make a snap decision without necessarily consulting his wife. The man wasn't accustomed to married life. It would take some time getting used to it. She pouted her lips. "Okay. By the way, when is your birthday?" She gave him an embarrassed smile, as she knew it was not appropriate to not know her husband's birthday. He cast a meaningful glance at her before saying, "September 25th, Lunar Calendar. " "What?! We have the same birth month! Mine's September 5th. Oh no! Why didn't you tell me about it earlier? I didn't get you anything for your birthday. " Feeling guilty, Debbie jumped out of bed. Despite the fact that he was naked now, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. Stroking her hair, Carlos smiled, "No, you already got me a present. " Confused, she raised her head to look at him. Although Carlos hated to mention what had happened on the cruiser, he had to explain. "When I asked my men to throw a girl into the ocean, it was my birthday. After boarding the cruiser, the girl gave me a kiss. That was the gift you gave me. " "What? No, no, no. That doesn't count. " She didn't know that day was his birthday, and he didn't know she was his wife back then either. "It was the best gift I ever got," he said unreservedly. He did love her, but it was hard to find the time to remind her. She meant a lot to him, and he was trying to make sure that she was a part of his life. But why was it so hard sometimes? He scooped Debbie up into his arms, and carried her towards the bathroom. "You can't even stay away from me for one second, huh? Why not take a bath together?" "NO! Put me down, old man. I'm not a clean freak. I already had a bath today. Hahaha. That tickles! Don't bite my ear. " Before they had gone out to grab some food, Debbie had already had a bath. She had even used the skin care products he had gotten her so she'd smell nice. He liked it when she did that. And she liked hearing him tell her. Carlos put Debbie down, pressed her against the door frame and kissed her affectionately before letting her go. Throwing herself onto the bed, she unlocked his phone, found the WeChat app and opened it

Capice?" "Does your husband know you're bi?" asked Dixon, along with a Winking Face emoji. Debbie turned to look at the locked bathroom and heard the sound of running water before replying, "Watch your language. My husband

. " Carlos was so possessive of Debbie that he couldn't bear the thought that other men might find her hot. She had begged and cajoled, and promised him things for a long time until he finally agreed to let her go this evening. And she knew how close he was to saying no. Jared was sick of Debbie talking about Carlos. He thought she was showing off. He sent her a voice message saying, "Come on, Tomboy! Give me a break! Quit talking about how obsessive he is. Or I'll tell him you called him a scum. " At the same time, Carlos stepped out of the bathroom. It was too late for Debbie to turn down the volume. Feigning calm, she mentioned Jared and said, "What?! Kristina called her dear boyfriend a scum? How could she say that? Dixon is so nice to her. "Her friends were struck speechless when they heard the voice message. Carlos walked over to Debbie and took away her phone. 'Holy crap! I'm done. What should I do?' Debbie mused. She then saw Kristina send a voice message as well. 'Please don't listen! Please don't listen!' she prayed in her mind. To her disappointment, Carlos clicked the message and it said, "Tomboy, don't drag us into this, okay? Dixon and I are having a great time. You better bribe Jared so that he won't snitch on you. ""Er. D-Dear. " Debbie stammered. But Carlos wasn't buying it. He sighed, his face stoney. The silence was agony, made all the more painful by Carlos' raised eyebrow. "No, no, no! Honey! Honey! Darling. " Debbie put on an unctuous smile. Carlos locked her phone and sat on the bed, emotionless. He looked so cold it caused Debbie to involuntarily shudder. She threw herself into his arms and said playfully, "Honey, please don't be angry. I was mad and drunk because Megan said you were her boyfriend. I was trying to forget. ""Oh, is that all?" he asked. Debbie nodded. Sighing in defeat, he said, "Do you really think I'm such a petty man that I would get angry at you for such trifles?"Debbie nodded, then shook her head immediately. Before they had known they were husband and wife, he had been so mean to her. But ever since they had been together, he was much better and more tolerant. "You're the best husband in the world," she said. Now that he was not angry, she picked up her phone and lay down to play with it. "Debbie Nian," he called out. "What?" Debbie felt strange when he called her by her full name. 'Did I say something wrong?'