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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 267 Confrontation

Debbie put her luggage aside and said sarcastically, "If I had told you that I was coming back, I wouldn't have been able to see this moving scene of your sweet niece crying in your arms and you comforting her with so much care. It would have been a pity. Am I interrupting, Mr. Huo?" Megan stayed in Carlos' arms, staring at Debbie, who had shown up all of a sudden. As if she had entered into some fantasy, she stayed stunned. 'Humph! Is this bitch trying to provoke me?' Debbie thought. Damon intended to intervene before things got worse, but he recalled that his wife had warned him to stay out of their romantic entanglements. So, he said, "My son would have woken up. I have to go home and check on him. Bye. " And just like that, he left the ward. Zelda also sensed the tension in the room. Seeing Damon leave, she said to Carlos, "Mr. Huo, I'll go and make sure your lunch is prepared on time. " And then, there was only Debbie, Carlos, and Megan left in the ward. Megan finally came to her senses and got out of Carlos' embrace quickly and explained anxiously, "Aunt Debbie, you have misunderstood me. I was only worried about Uncle Carlos. " Debbie's eyes were fixed on Carlos all the while. Upon hearing Megan's explanation, she smiled, "I didn't misunderstand anything or anyone. How I envy your close relationship with your uncle Carlos. If only I had such an uncle too. " "Megan, give us a minute," Carlos said in a low voice. Megan got up to leave, but Debbie stopped her in her tracks. "If you leave, who is gonna take care of your uncle Carlos? I have to study, so I'll be leaving now. " "Aunt Debbie. " "Don't you dare call me that!" Debbie bellowed, draining the color from Megan's face. "Debbie!" Carlos shifted his eyes from Megan to his angry wife. The sharpness in his eyes were gone. There was a tender yearning in them. Only they knew how much they had missed each other, how many times they had imagined their reunion. But it was never like this; nothing like this. "Yes, Mr. Huo, what can I do for you?" Debbie looked at him, her eyes full of sarcasm. Carlos waved to her. "Come here. " Debbie grabbed her luggage and made her way to the door instead. "Debbie!" Carlos snarled. She didn't turn around. She shut her eyes, trying to remember how much she had missed Carlos in England. He had been the first thing in her mind when she woke up and the last thing in her thoughts as she fell asleep. Every song she had listened to reminded her of him. She had missed his scent

Huo, you don't look well. What's the matter?" Carlos snapped, "Get out!" Not daring to say anything else, the doctor led his subordinates out of the ward quickly. Again, it was just the two of them

. Carlos opened his eyes and said, "Come here. " His voice was much more tender. Debbie walked over to him slowly. She stood to his left and started unbuttoning his hospital clothes. Carlos grabbed her hand tightly. Debbie gazed at him. "I just want to look at your wound. " "It has been bandaged. There's nothing to look at. Why did you come back without telling me?" Not just her, none of his employees in England had informed him of it. 'It looks like I will have to replace them all. ' Debbie wrenched free of his grasp. "How could I stay there any longer? My husband had almost become someone else's. ""Don't talk nonsense. "Debbie didn't respond. She didn't think she had said anything wrong. Carlos moved aside to make room for her. Then he pulled her onto the bed and said, "Sleep with me. ""I don't need any sleep," she objected. "Yes, you do," he insisted. With Debbie in his arms, and the familiar scent of her around him, Carlos fell asleep soon. Debbie was tired too. But the scene she had witnessed earlier kept her awake. Assured that Carlos was fast asleep, she got out of his arms and left the bed quietly. She wanted a word with Megan. Megan was sitting on the bench outside the ward, playing with her phone. Seeing Debbie, she put her phone away and smiled without saying anything. "I'll take care of him. You can go," Debbie said coldly. Immediately, the expression on Megan's face changed. Before she could say a word, Debbie warned, "Save your crocodile tears for someone else. People might actually think that I'm bullying you. Your masquerade won't work on me. "Even so, Megan pleaded quietly, "Aunt Debbie, I'm really worried about Uncle Carlos. Can you please let me stay here?"Debbie wouldn't buy it. "If you really cared about him, you wouldn't have let him get shot twice because of you. There's nobody else here, it's just you and me. Cut the crap and level with me. How long do you plan on pestering my husband?"