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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 278 Cooking

Jared had dated countless girls before, but Debbie had never given a damn about it. This time, however, was different. She didn't want her cousin to get hurt. She rolled up her sleeves, ready to teach Jared a lesson. He freaked out and hid behind Kasie and Kristina. "Tomboy, wait. Listen to me—" "Listen to you? What are you going to say? Have you already made an excuse to break up with Sasha?" Debbie snapped angrily. Kasie and Kristina got out of the way quickly so that Debbie could beat him up. While dodging Debbie's attack, Jared pleaded with a pitiful look on his face, "Tomboy, listen. I really love Sasha. I found— Ow! My arm! Sasha is a lovely girl. I was just too blind to see it. Tomboy, if I really dump her someday, you can beat me up then. But don't you think you are overreacting now?" Debbie was boiling over with rage. She pointed at Jared and yelled, "Sasha is indeed a good girl. She has never dated anyone before. I can't believe she has fallen for a jerk like you. " Unconvinced, Jared retorted in a low voice, "Tomboy, I'm not a jerk. I have dated lots of girls, but they were all after my money. But Sasha is different. Rest assured, I'll cherish her. " "NO WAY!" Debbie yelled at the top of her lungs. "I'm calling Sasha right now and I'm gonna ask her to dump your ass. " She pulled out her phone from her pocket. Jared immediately ran towards her and grabbed her hand. "Tomboy, please don't! I love her, and she loves me. You are not so cruel as to tear us apart, are you?" Debbie grabbed him by the wrist and twisted his arm behind his back. "Ow ow ow!" Jared cried in pain. Then he was pushed unceremoniously onto the floor. Kasie and Kristina held onto each other, feigning terror. Kristina asked Jared playfully, "Dude, you never expected that you would one day get beaten up by Tomboy because of your philandering ways, did you? You must be seized with remorse right now. Now I truly believe that evildoers are bound to be punished in the end for their nasty deeds. " She burst out laughing along with Kasie. Debbie was about to punch Jared in the face when he swore to her sincerely, "Tomboy, I really do regret having dated all those worthless girls. I swear that I will be a caring boyfriend. I'll treat Sasha and our love sincerely this time. " He had already realized his mistakes and had sworn to himself that he would take this relationship seriously. Debbie's fist stopped in midair, as his expression was so convincing. She glared at him for a while, figuring out what to do

Damon saw everything, and instantly realized what was on Carlos' mind. 'He really doesn't want to hurt Debbie. ' He was amazed because Carlos had never been such a caring person before

. "Get some rest. Damon and I have some work to finish. Call the doctor if you need anything," Carlos said calmly. "All right," Megan replied in a low voice. Seeing Carlos and Damon leave, she asked anxiously, "Uncle Carlos, are you afraid that Aunt Debbie will misunderstand our relationship again?"Sighing in defeat, Carlos explained, "Your aunt Debbie has a horrible temper. We should keep our distance for your own good. I'm afraid she will accidentally hurt you again if she loses it. "'For my own good? Accidentally?'Tears welled up in her eyes. 'He made it sound like this is all my fault. 'Carlos' heart softened when he saw her tears. He said, "Megan, all you need to do now is study hard. Don't worry. You'll always be my niece. "'Is he trying to reject me?' Megan thought and nodded obediently. "I understand. Thank you, Uncle Carlos. ""Good. Go to sleep now. " Saying that, he left the ward with Damon. Debbie and her friends stayed at the manor the whole day. In the evening, she turned off the stove and ladled out three bowls of soup for them. "Come here and taste this soup made by the great chef Debbie. Now or never!"Staring at the hot soup, Kasie burst into fake tears. "Tomboy, we've known you for so many years. This is the first time you've cooked for us. "Kristina smelled the soup and praised, "Smells good. "Jared looked at the soup hesitantly. 'It looks nice, but. ' "Are you sure this is edible?" he asked, unconvinced. Debbie had cooked for Carlos before, and it had been a disaster. She patted Jared's head and said menacingly, "Eat it and see if it's hazardous. "Jared's jaw dropped. "Seriously? Tomboy, you will lose your beloved Jared if you keep acting this way. "