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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 207 Death Barbie Pink

"I hear you. Goodbye, Aunt Miranda. " After bidding farewell to Miranda, Debbie began to think about her parting words. 'Carlos did a good job? They deserved it? Did she mean what she said? Is Miranda really Lewis' mother?' Watching Miranda's receding figure, Debbie couldn't fend off the barrage of doubts from intruding on her thoughts. That night, Carlos picked up Megan from the Huo family's house and drove her to the villa. Megan was going to spend the night with them. Since they were all flying back to Y City tomorrow, it would be more convenient to have her there. When Megan stepped into the villa and spotted Debbie, she ran briskly and gleefully toward her. With an innocent look on her face, she said, "Aunt Debbie. Guess what I bought you?" Debbie smiled sarcastically as she stared at her innocent look. It was exactly the same look as when she met Megan for the first time. Miranda's words came unbidden to her mind—"And be careful of Megan. She's a great actress. " And wasn't that the truth? Megan had managed to hoodwink both Carlos and her, intending to steal Carlos away from her. Back then, her fake innocent expression blinded Debbie's eyes, making her believe that Megan was a pure, sweet girl. It turned out that she was just a hypocritical and cunning woman. Oblivious to Debbie's indifferent attitude, Megan lifted the shopping bag with an international brand logo printed on it. In a more excited voice, she revealed the answer. "Lipsticks! The latest ones! Uncle Carlos and I picked out the colors for you. Come on. Open it and take a look. " 'Uncle Carlos and I. ' Debbie repeated this sentence in her mind. 'Interesting that you'd bring Carlos into it. You always follow him around like a lost puppy dog, ' she thought angrily. She shifted her gaze past Megan to the man walking towards them. 'Wasn't Carlos busy wrapping up his work here before leaving New York? How could he spare any time to go shopping with Megan?' she wondered. Devoid of emotion, Debbie took the shopping bag from Megan and said flatly, "Thanks. " Then, while Carlos and Megan watched, she opened the exquisite, high-class packing box. There were three shades of lipstick inside the box. When she unscrewed the lid of the first one and saw the color, she was overwhelmed by an urge to punch the pair. She couldn't believe her eyes. The first one was Death Barbie Pink! Her lips twitched, totally at a loss for words. Every netizen knew about that shade, and many jokes were told about it. It was supposed to be a hue similar to a Barbie doll's lips. But this shade was completely unsuitable for most Chinese women. All it did was make their faces seem darker and dirtier. Some actresses tried it, but they also failed to pull it off and were roundly mocked. Thus, it came to be known as 'Death Barbie Pink. ' And the second tube of lipstick was blue. This was getting bad! She had lost all her strength to lay a finger on the third lipstick. Instead, she glared at Carlos. The man was obviously confused by her expression. Finally, she mustered the courage to unscrew the lid of the third lipstick

"Megan, you'll get the same allowance for your living expenses every month, as you used to get from my husband. Not one penny less. But if you squander the money again, half of your allowance goes bye-bye!" Megan was frightened by Debbie's threat and quickly hid herself behind Carlos

. Nodding her head, she tried to soothe her aunt's temper. "Yes, yes, Aunt Debbie. Please don't get mad. " 'Don't get mad? How can I not be pissed off by these two?' she thought angrily. Then, Debbie put the three lipsticks back into the box and lifted it, asking, "Now who's going to return this?" Carlos frowned in embarrassment. He had never done a thing like that. It would be ridiculous for a CEO of an international company to return a box of lipsticks and take back eighty thousand dollars. After a pause, he begged, "Honey, please let it go this time!" Debbie's words were believable. He finally realized that it wasn't common for women to put on pink or blue lipstick in daily life. With that epiphany, he was determined to fire the sales manager who had recommended these colors to them. "Fine, I'll let it go if Megan promises to wear this pink lipstick tomorrow, all the way back to Y City. After all, Megan is such a young and beautiful girl. She'll look gorgeous in this color. Honey, what do you think? Am I right?" Debbie asked in a threatening voice as she put a hand on his arm, getting ready to pinch him heavily if he said a no. Getting the hint, Carlos had no choice but to nod and tell the girl behind him, "Megan, your aunt Debbie doesn't like them, so you can keep them. And she's right. Don't waste money anymore. I'll arrange a stylist to come and bring you a dress that matches the lipstick. You'll look stunning in both. " "Uncle Carlos. " Megan called out, feeling wronged. Seeing the grief on Megan's face, Debbie finally felt happier. She held his arm and said blissfully, "Honey, let's go to sleep now!"Carlos nodded and followed her upstairs. Megan seethed with anger as she watched them going away. Undeterred by the defeat, she yelled, "Uncle Carlos, seems like Aunt Debbie doesn't want me here. I'd better leave now and come back tomorrow!"Debbie's head was pounding. 'Why is Megan so annoying? Why all the drama?'Carlos turned around and looked at Megan's red and tearful eyes, his eyebrows furrowed deeply. "You're already here. No need to go anywhere," he said. Megan deliberately caught a glimpse of Debbie and asked in a shaking voice, "So is Aunt Debbie still angry with me?"Debbie clenched her fists. 'Jesus! I can't tolerate this hypocritical bitch one more second!'In an instant, she loosened her grip on Carlos' arm and jumped downstairs, rushing toward Megan. Carlos was taken aback. 'Oh my!' He hastily followed her. Megan screamed seeing Debbie dashing toward her. The latter grabbed her by her collar and threatened furiously, "Dare you pretend to be weak in front of my husband again? Try again! I'll tear you apart!""Uncle Carlos, help! Uncle Carlos. ""Stop it! Carlos won't save you!" Debbie turned to stare at the man who had caught up with her. "Both of us can't stay here. It's either her, or me! Choose!"Carlos tried talking her down in a calm voice, "Let go of her first. "But Debbie didn't loosen her grip. Instead, she shoved her against the wall. "You love my husband, right?"