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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 246 Debbie Gives In

The livid look on Carlos' face scared Colleen stiff. If anything, she knew Carlos well enough not to cross his line. She immediately clutched at Curtis' arm and huddled for cover behind him. With profound resignation, Curtis patted Carlos' shoulder and tried to appease him. "Man, we both know Debbie well. She deliberately chose this club, just to piss you off. Come on! She's just acting like any other woman in a situation like this. As a man, you should try and understand. " Although Debbie was embarrassed at how her scheme plan had been so easily exposed, she still stubbornly refused to admit her fault. Instead, she tried to downplay her mistake with a joke. "Mr. Lu, you took it wrong. I came here because I knew there would be handsome rent boys around. Lately, Carlos has been drab, boring. I wanted to try someone new. Aaargh! Carlos Huo, what are you doing? Let me go!" In the twinkling of an eye, Carlos pounced on Debbie, forcefully pulling her over from behind Colleen's back, his face dark and threatening. The look on his face alone scared the bejesus out of Debbie. 'Dammit! Why did I have to piss him off?' "Help! Help! Mr. Lu, Damon, Wesley. please somebody, help me out. " "Shut the hell up!" Carlos wondered what had come over Debbie. Leaning against the wall, Damon shook his hand and said casually, "For all the trouble you have caused everyone, we'll leave Carlos to deal with you whichever way he sees best. So you two had better sort out your differences without involving any of us. " 'Why would anyone want to have a girlfriend as bold and reckless as Debbie?' he wondered. Looking deeply thoughtful, Wesley spoke his thoughts out. "I can only imagine what it would be like if she had fooled any of us into her mischief. " Adjusting his glasses, Curtis chimed in with a smile, "The disagreements you two are having only prove how deeply you love each other. Colleen and I can only sincerely wish you well after this is over. " Now Debbie realized she was alone in dealing with her own mess, and no one was willing to intervene on her behalf. In desperation, she turned to Emmett. Perhaps he would be her last hope. "Emmett, please, help! If you can, please. " She paused, not knowing what to say next. But Emmett too was careful to not meddle in the private issues of his boss. Pretending not to care about Debbie's request, he turned to Kasie instead and held her close in his arms. "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Lu is right. You and Mr. Huo are just getting to know each other. It's part and parcel of love. The only challenge is that it takes time and lots of patience in how you deal with each other. " By now, Carlos had already dragged Debbie to the door. Not willing to give up, she clung on to the door-frame and yelled, "Why do you leave me in the lurch? You should at least allow me the little courtesy to invite the girls to the manor. Colleen, Kasie, Wesley's girlfriend. why don't you guys come have a drink at my place?" Surprised at the way Debbie had addressed her, Blair smiled sweetly and declined the invitation politely. "Thank you, Debbie

" "Nope," Carlos curtly replied. Not in the mood to argue, Debbie took out her phone, dialed Emmett's number and told him in a hurry, "Emmett, I think your boss has had one too many. He's completely sloshed

. Don't listen to him. You may go back home now. " Emmett, who was on his way to the sex toy shop, answered the call with some hesitation. On hearing Debbie's anxious voice, he put in, "But Mr. Huo told me to. I don't think it would be wise of me to take instructions contrary to what my boss has told me. Besides, what is the harm in trying something different?" This was driving Debbie crazy. "Shut the hell up and listen to what I'm saying! If you want to try, then well and okay, that's up to you and Kasie. But don't lecture me on what I want. "At her suggestion, Emmett looked at Kasie, who was even more excited than him, and answered, "I haven't gotten to second base yet. After we get married, we will give it a try. Mrs. Huo, don't worry. They are not scary at all. " 'What's Carlos thinking of to order for things that he and Debbie couldn't agree on?' he wondered. "I hope my instructions are clear, Emmett," Debbie said when she realized the other end of the line had gone silent for a moment. "Um. how about I just buy some candles?" he offered. 'Candles? What for? This is getting weird!' Debbie thought. "Are you high on something, Emmett? Okay. Whatever you're on, I hope you have gotten me clear. ""Mrs. Huo, I'm Mr. Huo's secretary," Emmett stammered. Judging from the way the party had ended, he knew Carlos was mad, and there was no wisdom in trying to side with Debbie when everyone knew she was the cause of trouble. Meanwhile, Debbie waited, taking time in the hope that Emmett would relent. But just when she wanted to say something, Carlos snatched her phone away. She hadn't even noticed the car stopping at a red light. That was when Carlos took the chance to stretch his hand and take the phone from her. In frustration, Debbie slumped back into her seat and pursed her lips. She was lost for words. Eventually, Carlos stopped the car at the underground parking lot of the hotel. Debbie, however, refused to get out. Carlos got in the back seat, pressed himself against her and looked her in the eye. In a cold voice, he asked, "Hayden Gu, Gregory Song, and now three rent boys. Debbie Nian, are you that horny?""No, I'm not. " She shook her head vigorously. On the contrary, she couldn't even stand Carlos' sexual needs. With a mocking smile, Carlos raised her chin and ordered, "Wipe your lipstick off. "To which Debbie simply waved her hand in dismissal. She knew he was a clean freak and that lipstick alone was enough to turn him off.