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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 103 Did Your Aunt Flo Leave

"I'll ask the store to send fewer clothes next time. Why don't you accept all these clothes for now?" Carlos said indifferently. Debbie nodded obediently. But little did she know that the clothing store would send her even more clothes the next time. And there were already many new clothes in her wardrobe that she hadn't had the chance to wear. One day, Julie came upon Debbie who was about to throw a down coat into the washing machine. She ran hysterically towards her and grabbed the coat from her. She looked shocked beyond belief. "Debbie, this coat is worth more than a hundred thousand dollars and it requires special treatment. We should call the laundry service to take care of it. " Debbie was too shocked to utter a single word. More than a hundred thousand dollars? For a coat? She was dumbfounded by how much money rich people spent on clothes. 'Carlos Huo spends his money left, right and center!' she thought. In the following days, Debbie went to the bar to make money whenever Carlos was working over time and couldn't make it back home in time. She finally had enough money to buy the thing which she had longed for. She went to Shining International Plaza alone one day without being noticed by Carlos and bought the thing. With a pleased smile, she decided to take a stroll around the plaza. Upon seeing a lingerie shop, she remembered something and went in. Twenty minutes later, she walked out of the shop with a small shopping bag in her hand. On her way back to the villa, she received a phone call. "Hi, Colleen. What's up?" "Hi, Debbie. I'm great. Listen, Megan is going to a dinner party tomorrow evening. Do you know who her partner is? So many people already know about it!" "Uh no. " Debbie didn't give a damn about Megan. She just wished the girl would vanish from her and Carlos' life. Sighing in defeat, Colleen said, "I knew it. Debbie, you should pay more attention to her. She has long been telling people that Carlos would be her date. " "What?! Carlos?" Debbie cried in disbelief. Carlos was going to attend a dinner party with Megan? The very thought about Megan clinging on to her husband made Debbie feel uncomfortable. Her stomach flipped. "Most of the upper classes already know that Megan Lan is the favorite girl of the four prominent young men of Y City, especially Carlos' and Wesley's. Many of them even imagined that she would be the future Mrs. Huo or Mrs. Li. I just heard my friends talking about Megan being Carlos' date tomorrow evening. They kept sucking up to her because they think that it's their chance to get closer to Carlos. It made me sick! Debbie, this is not some ordinary party. It might look like it's just another dinner, but it's the women's battlefield," said Colleen seriously. "Battlefield? What do you mean?" Debbie was completely confused. "A battlefield for women to show off their dates! People who attend this party are rich and powerful. If Carlos and Megan go to the party together, then the whole city will believe that she is Mrs. Huo. The reason why I'm telling you this is that I don't want to see Megan play her dirty tricks again. Debbie, you must attend the party with Carlos

You don't need to feel uneasy. So just let it go for now, okay? What you need to pay attention to right now is the dinner party tomorrow evening. Understand?" "Fine!" Debbie pouted her lips

. "All right. I gotta go. Feel free to call me if anything happens. " "Sure. Thank you, Colleen. " "No problem. Bye, Debbie. " That evening, Carlos came back home earlier than usual and led Debbie to the study to teach her advanced mathematics. During the class, she couldn't help but think about the dinner party the next evening. A couple of times, she almost asked him about it, but then bit back her words, saying nothing. Half an hour later, he closed the book and looked her in the eye. "Okay, that's it for today's class. Now, you've been stealing glances at me for so long. Just say it. What do you want?" 'Really? He can read my mind now?' She frowned, a little embarrassed. After some hesitation, she pried, "Are you free tomorrow evening?" "I have to attend a dinner party in the evening. What's the matter?" Carlos pulled her into his arms and inhaled her unique scent. 'So Colleen was right, ' Debbie thought bitterly. "Oh, it's nothing. "Her reaction confused Carlos and he asked, "Are you going somewhere tomorrow evening?""No. It was just an idle question. " She hadn't figured out how to stop Carlos from attending the party with Megan yet. Now that she refused to open up to him, Carlos decided to let it go. He changed the topic by asking, "Did your aunt Flo leave yet?"It had been five days. Debbie was stunned for a while, and then blushed terribly. She immediately stood up from his lap as she could see the desire in his eyes. "It will soon. "'This jerk! He has already asked the same question countless times. A lustful man is really scary!'Carlos touched his forehead with his left hand and complained, "You've been giving me the same answer for many days. " Every time he asked her, she would give him the same answer. He was completely running out of patience. Debbie bit her lips, giggling. As she gazed at his long face, she suddenly had an idea. She went back to her bedroom and sent Colleen a WeChat message. "Colleen, could you please do me a favor? "The next morning, Debbie took a dancing class before she made for the university. It was Carlos' class. As soon as she arrived at the school gates, she saw his car roll in. The car came to a halt. Apparently, the person inside the car had seen Debbie as well. There were many students around, and Debbie didn't want them to gossip about her and Carlos. The moment Emmett opened the door and got out of the car, Debbie ran away from the place. Emmett was left speechless.