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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 273 Divorce Mr. Huo If Possible

'Lonely? Not at all! Carlos would rape me every night if he could, ' Debbie thought as she listened to the woman's words. In a flash, images of Carlos ever demanding more sex flooded her mind. Not that she didn't enjoy it entirely. If anything, it was a thrill whenever she was into it. Having a man with the insatiable sex drive was the real deal. It was only a bother on the few occasions when they couldn't agree. And although they had been having unnecessary disagreements lately, sometimes, she still fantasized about him. But today, she wasn't going to act obvious, so she feigned a sad face and lied through her teeth, "Yes, I'm so lonely every night. In fact, I'm even ready to charge it to the game, if bad comes to worse. For the better part, we've lived true to our nominal couple status. Never has been about sex, nor have we ever been so deeply involved emotionally. Somehow, I suspect, I'd have divorced him long ago, were it not for his wealth! That's how dismal the reality looks between Carlos and I, as we speak!" That was quite a show Debbie was putting on. Even Megan, the gang leader of all hypocritical bitches, wouldn't have had a thing on Debbie's act tonight. Blown away by how her scheme panned out, Debbie didn't even notice a waiter serving her a glass of water. The waiter panicked when he overheard the sleazy details about Mr. and Mrs. Huo. Ashamed of looking like a snitch, he quietly, carefully placed the glass on the table, and fled away, back to his station downstairs. "Oh, sorry. I bet, being you would suck the life out of me," the pregnant woman sitting opposite Debbie said sympathetically. Stretching her right hand to stroke Debbie's, which was resting on the table between them, she comforted, "Mrs. Huo, you're still young. You have a long life ahead of you. Personally, I suggest you should divorce Mr. Huo if possible!" 'This lady really thinks I want a divorce?' Debbie grinned and shot to her feet. She had achieved her goal. There was no need for her to pretend anymore. The pregnant woman was surprised by Debbie's impulsiveness, but Debbie did even worse. The woman had ordered a glass of fruit juice, but she had barely touched it as she spoke to Debbie. In one fell swoop, Debbie grabbed the glass of juice and doused the woman's face. The woman could only stare in disbelief. But Debbie coldly taunted, "So you think you're a better match to Carlos than me? Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wished you could lose some of that ugly flab?" Now aware that she had been fooled, the pregnant woman yelled, "Oh, such miserable, bitter loser. You came here to pick a fight with me over Carlos, and you had to beat around the bush, thinking you'd fool me?" Debbie raised an eyebrow. "Go on. Bitch around all you want. But you better learn not to meddle in other people's affairs. In fact, I'm not lonely. Not at all! I may need to get him some more women to satisfy his needs. But since I love him so much, I won't do that! Even if he wants to sleep around with other women, it won't be a fat and ugly woman like you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Carlos is my husband, just in case you're forgetting. No matter how many flings he may want, when he comes home, I'm firmly in charge of things

Maybe, just to put on a bold face, she retorted, "What if I told you that I'm special in Lewis' heart?" Debbie didn't want to waste her time anymore. 'Fine then! Keep on living in your fantasies!' Without uttering one more word, she grabbed the photos on the table and left the cafe. At the hospital, before entering Carlos' ward, Debbie paced up and down in the corridor, wondering how she should face him

. After several minutes of hesitation, she took a deep breath and pushed open the door to the ward. Not giving Carlos a chance to scold her, Debbie forestalled him and pretended to be angry. "Carlos Huo! See what you have done?" Then, she threw the photos in front of him. Carlos took a glance at the photos and shifted his gaze to the angry woman. "What did I do?" he asked honestly. "Look at the photos yourself! Now you know why I left the hospital without paying attention to you. I went to take these sleazy photos of you! The woman in these photos claims to have your baby, and these pics are her solid evidences. Now, explain yourself!" By that confrontational tone, Debbie was looking to avoid giving an explanation as to why she had left the ward in a huff earlier this afternoon. Emotionless, Carlos took up the photos and casually studied them. In a calm voice, he said, "You already knew you'd misunderstood me, so you are trying to explain to me why you got pissed off earlier, right?""What?" Debbie acted surprised by his question. "Haven't you found out the truth yourself? Didn't you punish the woman already? These photos were deliberately taken in some angles. And the baby's father is Lewis. But you knew you and I still have a bone to chew?" In fact, soon after Debbie left the cafe, someone had already reported everything to Carlos. Debbie was shocked. 'How. how did he get to know this?' she wondered. Unwilling to concede, she ignored his assertion and carried on, "No. Anyway, if you hadn't taken her to the banquet, how would such things have happened?""Honey, you wronged me. It was just an arrangement by the host and I only did it without any serious intentions. It was kind of trying not to be a party-pooper. A matter of etiquette, or something like that. You know me well. I've never been unfaithful to you, right?" When Debbie didn't answer, he continued, "You tricked the woman into telling you the truth, and then you smacked her. Now, you're purposely throwing a tantrum, afraid I might get even with you. Am I right?"Debbie was lost for words. 'Oh! My excuses have been so easily uncovered. ' After a while, she finally found her voice again. "You had someone stalk me?"Carlos tore up the photos into pieces and threw them to the trash can. "My wife was dressed so nicely before going out. Of course I had to have someone stalk you and report everything to me. What if you had gone to meet a man? Did I get it wrong?"He must have seen through her. Feeling both angry and embarrassed, Debbie flew her fist towards Carlos' chest, but he quickly caught it and pulled her into his arms in the process. He whispered in her ear gently, "Honey, I'm glad that you trust me. "Debbie blushed red. She said with a pout, "Who said I trusted you? You have so many women around you every day. Be honest, did you see something that you shouldn't see when you were with that woman?" She wanted to ask him if he had touched that woman or done anything intimate with her. But she didn't dare to ask him bluntly, so she beat around the bush to raise her question. "What do you think?" Carlos answered her with a question.